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ATTLAS - Out Here Together (2020)

How to end 2020? In style! I did not see this mix being published 11 days ago, but ATTLAS did give us a treat at the end of a weird year. But not only this treat has been amazing, his two albums too, which were released in 2020: 'Out Here With You', and 'Lavender God'. Now you might be wondering what this new mix is all about, seeing as it's got a very similar name to his latest album? Well, in short, it's a promo mix of his latest album, with the usual great additional bits and bobs here and there, which gives this mix the added bonus of being heavenly.

ATTLAS used more fancier words than me, but I'm trying to explain myself while listening to this mix at the same time, and it's difficult. How can you express emotions, when you've got the emotional range of a potato? What I do know is that ATTLAS has given us a wonderful album, and this mix is yet supreme. I would call this a follow up mix to his 'STORYLINE' mix series. It isn't part of it, but secretly it is. It has all the ingredients of a STORYLINE mix.

Anyway, this is a 50 minute long mix, with all the tracks from his album. Don't get too confused: the album isn't called 'Out Here Together', that's only the name of this mix. The album you need to get, is called 'Out Here With You'. But before you do, you want to get a taster of what's on the album, right?

Here's the tracklist. Enjoy.

  1. ATTLAS - Out There With You

  2. ATTLAS - Ponds

  3. ATTLAS - Polar Concept

  4. ATTLAS - When We Were The Same

  5. ATTLAS - Uour

  6. ATTLAS - In A Cloud

  7. ATTLAS - Mgt

  8. ATTLAS - Seabreeze

Wow. If you haven't checked the album out already, you might need to check this mix prior to buying the album. Seriously, another impressive mix by ATTLAS. He never, and I do mean never, disappoints. He is always at the right place, at the right time. Whenever you need his music, he's there. And sometimes he does please you with a new mix, like this one. And of course, after hearing this, you want to check out the album. You should, you definitely should.

ATTLAS has had a brilliant year. And during this year he has uploaded a lot of new music, and a few sets, including two livestreams which I have devoured multiple times in a row. And now I can add this masterpiece of a mix to the good things which I have encountered in 2020.

This mix is just too blooming good. All 8 records are just astonishing, but 'When We Were The Same' remains the best. Next level stuff. 'Out There With You' is also good, 10 minutes long, but you won't see time as a concept: time flies by, and after 10 minutes you don't even realise that you have just in paradise for 10 minutes.

I've got nothing else to add. Just a superb mix. And the album? Well, I'm going to get that right now! And so should you!


Genre/Style: Progressive House

Mix Info: Out Here Together

Length Mix: 00:51:17

Tracks: 8 (eight)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2020

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: ATTLAS - Soundcloud Page

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