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Contagious To The Core Volume Three (2019)

Contagious Records, you know the label, right? The label that keeps on pushing Powerstomp forward (and other styles too, but mainly Powerstomp related music). They have got a new album out, called 'Contagious To The Core Volume Three'. Seeing as I've reviewed the previous two albums, it would have been a shame if this album would have NOT been reviewed by me. Hence why DJ Riko, mastermind behind the label, messaged me, and told me about his latest project. And his project is again very big!

As usual, Riko, being the man behind the label, decided to give the fans what they are waiting for: more music. New music. And as I said before in other reviews, Powerstomp isn't that big as it used to be, but Riko keeps on pushing it forward. And with this latest album he has had a few producers providing him with excellent music, artists such as Joey Riot, Bezza, Dubz, Violate, It-Man, himself, and many others. This is an excellent platform for producers who haven't been recognised for their skills. They do get the opportunity to showcase what they are capable of, to the scene.

So, on this 1 disc album, you get 17 DJ friendly records. All UK Hardcore sounding records. Carefully selected by Riko. And there are some dancefloor friendly records too, so if you are a DJ and want to get the crowd to loose themselves, why not talk to Riko and get a copy of this?

Anyway, this is the tracklist, if you are interested:

01. Violate - I Need A Doctor

02. Riko vs Laurence CC - Back 2 Tha Old Skool

03. Dubz - Crunk

04. KujinFu - Just Like You

05. Bezza - I Got A Donk

06. KujinFu & Arnie - RLY WNT ME (KujinFu VIP Mix)

07. UltieM & Desire - The Rush

08. Riko, Monster & Sketch - Monstah

09. EzKiLL - Jumper

10. Roosy K - King Of My Castle

11. Defekt feat M'IA - Get Through

12. Joey Riot & Dudweiser - We Don't Need You

13. Ganar feat Topkat - Love Of My Life

14. It-Man - This Is My Confession

15. Riko vs KY-L & Grovesy - You Cut Me Up

16. M3-O - Drowning In Silence

17. Kyte WytchWood feat Victoria - Crash & Burn (Jonny El Remix)

I don't seem to find a lot of UK Hardcore music lately, so to hear yet another wicked album by Riko is a bonus. Especially when it's filled with music I've not heard before. All exclusive records I've not come across before. And also the artists are mostly unknown. Which makes this interesting.

Of course you would expect me to do proper research before writing a review, but seeing as I'm the Crazy Dutchman and not the 'on point' Dutchman, I do not know when this album will be released. Let me check the world wide web for more information. It's out now! So now you can get the album digitlally for £15 or a physical copy for £17. Who doesn't want that, eh?

The album starts with vocals from a bit hit (forgot who used it first), and the flow continues. The vibes is continuous, and makes me a happy Dutchman. Some records are sadly a bit too short: I feel like it might have been slightly better if another chorus was added in, but it's not a bad album though. But maybe add a piano section in the middle of certain records, and it would have gripped me from the start.

The best record is Riko's own, which he made with KY-L and Grovesy: 'You Cut Me Up'. A bit of the oldschool sound and vibe. Really like that.

A good album. Another brilliant album to put on his portfolio. Worth checking out though. Go to RIko's website and order one right now!

Artist: Various Artists

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Powerstomp

CD Info: Contagious To The Core Volume Three

CDs: 1 (one)

Length CD: 01:12:43

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Label: Contagious Records

Product Number: ----

More Information: DJ Riko - Official Website

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