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DJ Haston - Scott Brown Tribute (1995 - 2005) (2020)

It's Friday, another week finalised. It's time for the weekend ladies and gentlemen, time to let our guard down and chill. And I think I have found the perfect mix for you all. A Scott Brown mix, who doesn't appreciate that? I think the majority of UK Hardcore fanatics think that he's the biggest superstar in the scene anyway. Some might think it's Darren Styles, or Gammer, or whoever you have got in mind, but we all have to thank Scott Brown for bringing the Hardcore to us since the early 90s. Don't know when the others started, but Scott is probably the oldest DJ in the scene?

All jokes aside, we all know how much of an impact he has had, and it's safe to say that he has got the most appreciation mixes on Soundcloud, period. And the mix you are about to listen to, is one of them. I think it's also a competition mix entry, which DJ Haston finished as runner-up. Didn't even know there was a competition. But hey ho, I am not a DJ, I am a blogger, so maybe that's why I missed it.

This mix already gets a lot of love and appreciation from the listeners. And for all the right reasons. DJ Haston picked tracks from 1995 up until 2005, and crammed them into a fine mix. A very fine mix. And it does contain some of the obscure anthems: I am a Scott Brown fan, but there were tracks in this mix I had never even heard of! So I was in for a surprise.

Check out this tracklist. Feast on this bad boy.

  1. Sub Source - The Hardcore Anthem

  2. Sub Source - Hardcore Euphoria

  3. Scott Brown - Systematic

  4. Scott Brown - Live Your Life

  5. Q-Tex - E-Creation (1995 Version)

  6. Bass x - Hardcore Disco Part 2

  7. Lords Of Hardcore - Work That Sukka

  8. Technosis - Genorate (Scott Brown Mix)

  9. Ultimate Buzz - Check Da Bass (Scott Brown Mix)

  10. Scott Brown & DJ Dell - Inferno

  11. Scott Brown - Excitation (Album Mix)

  12. Scott Brown - Trance Sect (Album Mix)

  13. Scott Brown - Dum Dooby Dum

  14. Mr Brown - Pump Up The Bass

  15. Scott Brown - I Don't Need Nobody

  16. Scott Brown - Healing Mind

  17. Scott Brown - Check It Out

  18. Scott Brown - Hardcore Vibes

  19. Scott Brown - Techno Revolution

  20. Hardcore Authority - Definition Of A Bad Boy

  21. Scott Brown & Cat Knight - All About You

  22. Plus System - Prince Of Darkness

  23. Plus System - Do It Like We Do

  24. Scott Brown & DMO - Fade Away

  25. Scott Brown - The Stranger

  26. Interstate - Hardcore Hustler

  27. Scott Brown - Life Or Death

Wow. This is something special. And it's got everything you need to get you through yet another weekend stuck at home. Not for long, hopefully we can get back into the raving festival season again. But please, stay safe, and rave safe!

For now we have to make do with whatever is available online. And DJ Haston's mix is really a good one. Nicely mixed together, and also a nice build up to the rougher and tougher ending. This mix really contains big anthems, and a few unknown underground anthems. It's weird to think that Scott had so many aliases, I can't even remember half of them! But credit to Haston for having a nice and diverse mix.

Obviously, being a Scott fan, the mix appeals to me. And I'm the worst critic, to be fair. Sorry Scott, but you have made a few 'meh' records too. Not a fan of 'Hardcore Vibes' (Dune's version is still better), and 'Do It Like We Do'. That record just pisses me off, the original song has got to be the worst song out there, ever. But this is only 2 records out of 27 records Haston picked, so don't worry, I'm not burning down this mix completely.

I still really enjoyed this mix. A few tiny mixing errors, but they were tiny. Still a very good mix. Check it out right now, and let it lead your weekend!

DJ: Haston

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Scott Brown Tribute (1995 - 2005)

Length Mix: 01:02:14

Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: DJ Haston - Soundcloud Page

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