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Dj Midas - The Portal (2022)

It is Wednesday, Freeform time! And today we are happy to introduce this new mix by Dj Midas. You've come across his name a few times on this website over the years, but unfortunately, it doesn't happen that often. But when it does, it's a big mix. Very big! And today is no exception. You woke up this morning with nothing on your mind, but I'm now planting some Freeform music in your skull. And you are going to be happy that I did it. Who can live a day without listening to one of the most underrated music genres? How is it physically possible that people walk on this Earth and NOT listen to Freeform?

You tell me! But before we start this whole debate, it's time to talk about the music. The music in question is Freeform, and it a style of music I really appreciate. It can literally lift me up, if I'm down. It can take me into the stratosphere whenever I am raving. In short, it's heavenly music. Made by angels. Made for angels. And I cannot express what it does to me. It gives me funny feelings in my belly, or it could be that I'm hungry at the time.

All jokes aside, I'm in love with the music. It ticks all the boxes for me. It's so energetic, so uplifting, and so powerful. And also, Trancey. And Dj Midas' mix contains the finest Freeform record, so I had to jump on it immediately. Also, my love for Freeform has been ignited by one of FinRG's bosses and his mix a few weeks ago, hence why I need my daily Freeform fix!

  1. DJ Neon feat Elizabet - Endless Form

  2. Hedonistik Ritual - Dangerous

  3. Carbon Based - Tuonela (Solution Remix)

  4. Tamerax - The Darkness

  5. Risa - Meteorite

  6. Stoker - Sick & Tired

  7. Transcend & Hedonistik Ritual - Organism

  8. Substanced - Wave After Wave

  9. A.B vs Finnbarr - Kameleon (Respray)

  10. B2BK - Colours

  11. Greg Peaks & Alchemiist - In Your Stride

  12. Hedonistik Ritual - Subconscious Controller

  13. Greg Peaks & Alchemiist - Power Plant

  14. Hyphen - Quantum Entanglement

  15. Alchemiist - Vermin

  16. Substanced - F.E.A.R. (A.B's Hiding Under Your Stairs Remix)

OK, OK. Let's address the funny bit here, as you can see in the tracklist. What the fuck is the remix title of the last track? That's just hilarious! Silly, but funny. Come on, that's MEME material! Someone, please make a meme out of this, with A.B actually hiding under your stairs?

The mix itself is great. A lot of excellent tunes, but leave that to Midas, to turn it into an excellent mix. It's an hour and ten minutes of pure pleasure, and the tracks are obviously by the greatest artists from the scene. The only wish I've got is to hear more mixes like this one. Santa Claus, if you are watching/listening, can you make it happen? More Freeform please?

Too many great songs to choose from, but 'Endless Form' and 'Wave After Wave' are certainly the two biggest records in this mix.

A solid mix by Dj Midas. Midas, if you are reading this, and I'm not saying you are Santa Claus, but can you make it happen? More mixes like this one please? Please please pretty please?

DJ: Midas

Genre/Style: Freeform, Hard Trance, Trancecore

Mix Info: Dj Midas - The Portal

Length Mix: 01:10;05

Tracks: 16 (sixteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

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