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F is For... (2022)

Freeform. Free-fucking-Form! Hell yeah. What a way to start your weekend with. It's been a while since I last heard anything from DJ Midas, and I think that the last thing I've actually heard was his Anjuna mix from a few years ago? I could be talking out of my ass, but who knows? Who actually cares, in that perspective? If you are reading this thinking to yourself 'what the actual fuck is he on about?', even I don't have a clue. What I'm trying to say is that DJ Midas is back with a new mix, and it's been a while.

And as he's been in the scene for a few years, he knows exactly what the listener wants to hear. The classics, yes, that's right. And if you are thinking of classic Freeform, you automatically go to one label, the majestic label called Nu Energy. The label that made things happen for Freeform. It became a stable force, the label that was there at the right time. It took the scene to the next level, by releasing wicked anthems. A shame that it stopped existing, but it had to be this way.

It is funny in a way that for weeks/months I find no Freeform mixes on Soundcloud, and all of a sudden there are a few in one/two weeks? The Summer must bring out the Freeform desire in many?

Well, without further ado, let me show you the tracklist. If you are a fan of Nu Energy or Freeform in general since day one, you will know each and every song Midas used for his mix. It's a big one, this mix. Trust me!

  1. Johnny Go Go - Violet Skies

  2. Energy - Ravers Revenge

  3. Rez - Rez Out (Raved Up Mix)

  4. Energy - Take Me Up (Energy & Sharkey Mix)

  5. Vinal & Dan Devotion - Say It Again

  6. Mark Ashley & K-Complex - Frenetic

  7. Lost Soul - Euphoric Energy

  8. A.M.S. - Dreamer

  9. K-Complex & DJ Vinal - Adromeda

  10. Kevin Energy - Roll With This (Fast As Fuck Mix)

  11. Energy & Blackout - 7 Deadly Strings

  12. Safe 'N Sound - Got That Rush

  13. K-Complex & A.M.S. - Echelon (Freeform Edit)

  14. Energy - In Deep Trouble

  15. Kevin Energy - Waves Of Desire (Mark Ashley & K-Complex Remix)

  16. Kevin Energy - Vertigo

  17. Asa & S1 - Trance Overload

  18. Kevin Energy & Chris C - Forward To The Past (Kevin Energy Freeform Edit)

  19. Safe 'N Sound vs Cynista - Chemical Warfare

  20. A.M.S. - Drop The Beat

  21. Andy Vinal, Devotion & K-Complex - World Of Illusion

  22. Matt Style & Andy Vinal - Loosing Control (Freeform Edit)

  23. Kevin Energy - Terravising (Tazz & Sharkey Remix)

  24. Slippery Disco - Drift

There are so many reoccurring names in this list, like Kevin Energy, K-Complex, and more. But there's a good reason for that... because they dominated the Freeform scene at its peak. And that could be the reason why Midas selected a lot of their tracks, or simply because the tracks are awesome.

This has been nearly 2 hours of Freeform fun, carefully selected and mixed by Midas. I started listening to this at 6am this Monday morning, and I've been in a state of euphoria ever since. The tracks are really solid, and even though I'm still getting used to the really early Freeform (which used to be called Trancecore), I'm getting used to it. Maybe even secretly falling in love with it?

Even to this day Freeform is underrated and it deserves a bigger stage, but what can we do? We can only hope it's picked up via streaming services, and they book these artists on major events. It certainly deserves a platform for the world to witness what we all have been witnessing for many years.

A really ace mix by Midas. It has certainly made my Monday morning! Thank you Midas! More of these mixes, please?

Best record? 'World Of Illusion' by Andy Vinal, Devotion and K-Complex.

DJ: Midas

Genre/Style; Freeform, Trancecore

Mix Info: F is For...

Length Mix: 01:50:39

Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 253 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 319kbps

Release Year: 2022

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