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Fracus & Darwin - Classic Hardcore Underground Mix (#HUTenYears) (2016)

Hardcore Underground. Who doesn't know this label? If you are unaware of this label and you do not have a clue of who's behind it, do question yourself: are you a true Hardcore raver? Or a wannabe? Many labels have been presenting UK Hardcore over the nearly three decades, but only HU has stood the test of time. Well, at least for the last 13 years. Many labels have come and gone, but HU is still going strong. Maybe even stronger than ever?

It's obviously a big label. Without a shadow of a doubt, they have given the Hardcore masses everything they were craving for. And on the label they've released a lot of tunes, from the likes of Brisk, Michael Mansion, Skinny, Chwhynny, Entity, Cube::Hard, Nu Foundation, and of course the two biggest superstars: Fracus and Darwin. Of these two legends you will find a lot of tunes in this mix. But what the most distinctive thing of this mix is: you will feel euphoric from the first to the last second. This showcase mix is true to the core: Hardcore for everyone. And boy, they do deliver! So many great memories, so many great anthems. Some underrated, but all so beautiful. And well composed!

Let me show you the tracklist. It will make you happy and sad at the same time: just thinking about these tunes and how 'old' they are, makes you feel old. The oldest I found was from 2006. That's 13 years ago! My God, where has the time gone to?

01. Fracus & Darwin feat Lisa Abbott - Falling Out Of Love

02. DJ DFX & Darwin - At Last

03. Fracus & Darwin - Landed

04. Michael Mansion - Let Me In (Darwin's Hemstock Remix)

05. Fracus & Darwin - Turn Back Time

06. Cube::Hard - In The Moment

07. Brisk & Darwin - Never Been Away

08. Michael Mansion - Places We Go Through (Fracus Remix)

09. Fracus - Module

10. Skinny & Darwin - I Can't Get You

11. Entity & Darwin - I Know Where I Stand

12. Michael Mansion - Under My Window (Fracus & Darwin Remix)

13. Entity & Darwin - Fast Forward

14. Fracus - Flux

15. Nu Foundation - In Your Head (Rave Mix)

16. Nu Foundation - Wizzy (Darwin Remix)

17. Nu Foundation - Lay Me Down

18. Fracus & Darwin feat Kyla - Freedom

19. Chwhynny & Darwin - Nothing There (Reese Remix)

20. Darwin - Music For The Masses

21. Fracus & Darwin feat Cat Knight - Love Obsession (SMD Remix)

22. Fracus & Darwin feat Ant J - You Are My Oxygen

23. Entity - Did You See It

24. Fracus & Darwin - Start Again

25. Fracus & Darwin feat Becca Hossany - Hypnotic

26. Fracus & Darwin vs CLSM feat Indie-Go Blue - Chime

27. Fracus & Darwin - No Disguise

28. Darwin - Coral Beach

29. Fracus & Darwin - Come Home

30. Michael Mansion - Be Ur Guide (Fracus & Darwin Remix)

31. Fracus & Entity - Far Away

32. Fracus & Darwin feat Becca Hossany - Got The Rhythm

33. Fracus & Darwin - The Good Inside

34. Fracus - All Night

35. Darwin feat Pearl Blue - Don't Be Lonely (Fracus & Darwin Remix)

36. Fracus & Darwin - Free From Form (Update)

37. Fracus & Darwin vs Strife II - Heartfelt

38. Fracus & Darwin - Roar

39. Wasted Penguinz - Bitterness (Fracus & Darwin Remix)

This is a well deserved decade for HU, and this showcase mix is something they should be proud of: not only have they had releases from the finest artists, but also they've been keeping their heads high for the last 13 years. Can you believe that? How many labels can you name within a minute which have been around for the last 10 years? And go! (ps. you can't)

They seemed to have captured the Hardcore vibe since the early days, and have kept it alive and kicking. This melodic and euphoric sound is so unique, and has tried to die over the years, but labels such as HU kept it alive. And I do not know many other labels that do stay true to the roots of Hardcore/UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore. Hence why I really like and adore this mix!

This brings a smile on my face, and also a tear. They do know how to make each and every track a successful one, and oh so beautiful. It's been a wicked decade for HU, and they will have many awesome years ahead of them.

I can only give this mix a 5 out of 5. It's that good! No complaints. The whole mix is solid. Nothing wrong with them. Not one record I dislike. I truly think that in 50 years time HU will still be around and pushing Hardcore forward. And so it shall be!

DJs: Fracus & Darwin

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore

Mix Info: Classic Hardcore Underground Mix (#HUTenYears)

Length Mix: 01:28:25

Tracks: 39 (thirty-nine)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 202 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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