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Hairoshi - Discorium Session Mix 3 (2022)

Not many people will have the same set up at home as we do. We are currently working from home, and we are both sitting next to each other, desk to desk. And as much as we love each other, I would drive her mad if I were to listen to my harder styles. She would slap me in the face with her keyboard, like James McAvoy from that film. So our Monday started with someone slow and mellow, compared to the standard music I listen to. And it's been some kind of a blessing, if truth be told.

I found this mix on Soundcloud by accident, and saved it. It looked interesting, but I've not heard of the artist before or any of the artists in this mix, but I thought I'd save it, for special occasions. Today was such a day. Me and the wife needed something to get us going, and this mix was going to be the right one for the right moment. Again, happy wife is happy life. And she hasn't got the urge (yet) to lift her keyboard up and smack me in the face, so that's a bonus!

I wasn't ready for this mix. I wasn't. I was OK in the morning before I started listening to this. And then this mix happened. My God, I feel so lighter now, so much mellow and relaxed. This mix has got everything for me right now, and I feel in a state of euphoria. It isn't that mellow that you will fall asleep, but you will certainly lower your heartbeat dramatically, and the world around you might not even be relevant... you seem to forget everything and everyone.

Mellow and spaced out. It's like being on a trip. Very cool mix! But now for the tracks used in this mix...

  1. Tommy Glasses - Memories (Extended Mix)

  2. Jafunk - Dazed

  3. Ben Macklin & Le Flex - Glow (Keep A Secret)

  4. PRETTY YOUNG feat Juliander - Summer Nights

  5. Satin Jackets feat Panama - Move On

  6. OHYEAH & Dynamique - Addicted (FINAL DJS Remix)

  7. DAUL feat Charli Taft - In Touch

  8. Tep No - Higher Than This (La Felix Remix)

  9. Le Flex - Feels Like Ooh (Original Mix)

  10. Gold Fields feat KLP - Make Me Feel

  11. Dani feat The Undercover Dream Lovers - Zimmer

  12. Slowz feat Mystery Skulls - In This Moment Forever

  13. Poolside - Harvest Moon (Roosevelt Remix)

  14. Casino Gold - Turn The Lights Out

  15. Tame Impala - Is It True (FINAL DJS Remix)

  16. SG Lewis - Something About Your Love

  17. Tobtok - Savanna (Cesare Remix)

  18. David Bay - Vertigo (Ocean Remix)

  19. Selah Sue - Pills (Roosevelt Remix)

  20. Calvin Harries & Daft Punk - Something About Potion (It's The Kue Bootleg)

  21. Austin Millz & Aluna - Gold

  22. Bondax feat SHELLS - Faded (Never Dull Extended Remix)

  23. Cloak Dagger - Fall With You

  24. Elektromekanik & Happy Gutenburg - Cote D'Azur (Extended Mix)

  25. Caius feat Neigh - Tomorrow (Poolside Edit)

  26. Domestic Technology - Riviera Maya

  27. Darius feat Darianna Everett - CHERIE

  28. Maratta - Real

I was going to say that this is a nice looking tracklist, but only 2 names are known to me. I'm a noob in this scene. But that doesn't mean I cannot appreciate the music. And that, appreciating the music, I've certainly done today.

This mix has been a blessing for both me and the wife. We've been working together and not being disturbed by it at all. We've been sitting here doing our work, and actually both liked it a lot. Not familiar with the name behind this mix (Hairoshi), but he/she made a very good mix.

Got nothing negative to mention. It's been an amazing journey, and I feel enlightened now. I'm sitting here, chilled as f***, enjoying the music again. This mix has been on repeat since 8am, and life is just great. Smiling from ear to ear. Thanks Hairoshi for this gorgeous mix.

Go and check it out. Worth your time!

Best track? The first one. Amazing vocals, amazing track....

DJ: Hairoshi

Genre/Style: Nu Disco, House, Indie Dance, Electro Pop

Mix Info: Hairoshi - Discorium Session Mix 3

Length Mix: 01:45:00

Tracks: 28 (twenty-eight)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 240 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2022

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