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Hard Beats Collective Presents 'Bonfire Beats' Mixed By DJ Solution & Greg Peaks (2012)

Funny story: I wasn't even looking for Freeform music, but I was listening to an Ibiza Trance classics mix earlier, and one of the tracks was 'Fiji'. Now I do know 1000% that this was turned into a Freeform record, but to find it that easily, that's a task and a half. So I started looking for the track, and went onto Discogs, Soundcloud, and after NOT finding what I was looking for, I stumbled upon this old mix by Solution and Greg Peaks from 2012, Was this the year they organised the event in London, at the Lightbox? Whenever it was, I was there, and this was the kind of the music played. And it was fucking glorious!

Why is this now nearly 10 years old, yet it feels like the tunes used in this mix are only a few years old, not a freaking decade? I remember the event like it was yesterday, and I do remember the music from around 2012. I devoured the music like it was nothing! The music was so freaking epic, and even 10 years later it's still quality music. Would I prefer the Freeform music from 2012 or 2022? Oh, that's a difficult question, but hand on heart, 2012 would win.

Solution and Greg Peaks do not require an introduction: they are household names in the Freeform scene, and when they made this back in 2012, they obviously used their combined talent, knowledge, and Freeform expertise to fabricate this mix. And the tracklist does reflect exactly that: the finest Freeform tracks money could buy (back in 2012).

  1. Evanescence - My Immortal (Endemic Remix)

  2. Grimsoul - Pyromaniac Firefighter

  3. Rik Arkitech - Fulla Culture

  4. A.B & Laith - MindBender

  5. Greg Peaks - Better Than You

  6. Torpex & pHate - Panic

  7. Ephexis - Fracture (Hyped Remix)

  8. Douglas - Ice Cream

  9. Rik Arkitech - Truly One

  10. A.B & Solution - Inception

  11. Transcend - Artificial

  12. Douglas & Remane - Disorder (A.B's London Techno Remix)

  13. Ephexis - Alien Sonic

  14. A.B - Stay With Me (Greg Peaks' Funked In The Sun Remix)

  15. Rik Arkitech - When Tears Fall

  16. Nick 235 & Rhona - Stand Alone

  17. Transcend - Domination

  18. Lost Soul - Twisted Dream

  19. Substanced - Ghost Of The Future

Do you remember these songs? Can you believe it, these are 10-ish years old! I cannot understand where the time has gone to. And how come it's been 10 years since I went to ILHB?

Before I become too emotional and start talking nonsense, let's talk about this specific mix. If you are reading this and are thinking 'ILHB are back with a new event', nope. You are 10 years too late. This mix is just to reminisce what were are currently missing. The Freeform from the early 10s. Both Solution and Greg Peaks did their best to make this mix, and I'm enjoying it today, nearly 10 years later. It still packs a punch.

There are so many big tracks in here. Too many to mention. But one things for sure: A.B dominated fucking everything! Oh my God, his productions are seriously insane. But I have to disappoint him: it's not one of his tracks which is my favourite. It's Rik Arkitech's one. And if you know I went to ILHB's event, you will know immediately which track it is, if you've seen the promo video?

No? 'Truly One'. Come on. That's a big beast of a track.

A fantastic mix. A true throwback mix for those Freeform fans out there. This mix should get more plays, more than it already has. More = better = more Freeform fans!

Ps. what happened to HBC? Can't find them anywhere anymore?

DJs: Solution & Greg Peaks

Genre/Style: Freeform

Mix Info: Hard Beats Collective Presents 'Bonfire Beats' Mixed By DJ Solution & Greg Peaks

Length Mix: 01:00:19

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Download/Listen (via Youtube): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2012

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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