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Hardcore Breakz 7 - 14-04-23

It has been a beautiful day. I have been off, and I needed a short break. The weather was amazing, and the sun was beaming on my skin throughout the day. It's been a wonderful day, and I wanted to end it on a high note. A good break, ending it with some Hardcore Breakz. And you have guessed it, we've landed back on Craig Scott's Soundcloud page. His page isn't just filled with Hardcore Breakbeat music: it's got so much more to offer, but for me the Breakbeat music keeps on pushing me back to his page. I just fell in love with the first instalment, and now the seventh instalment is here, about to blow your mind.

I do love Breakbeat music, I do love it a lot. Slightly underrated, in my honest opinion. And Craig keeps the pressure on it all, making sure that the fans get what they are asking for. Yes, I've only written a review of the first mix in this series, but trust me: that first one was worth it. My sweet Lord, the opening tracks were mind-blowing! Still to this day is it my favourite Breakbeat mix. And of course have I checked out the other mixes too: just go to my favourites, and they are stored there.

I am a Hardcore Breaks sl*t. I cannot resist, listening to it, especially when it's done by someone who lives, breathes, and is as much into Breakbeat as yours truly (=me). Craig's Soundcloud channel is certainly one you need to follow, and bookmark, because there's a plethora of brilliant mixes on it. And with his latest mix, he made sure that this addict has got his fix again. An hour of pure pleasure, to end a wicked day with. Amazing.

  1. Polo Lilli - I Won't Let You Go

  2. Lucas - City Lights

  3. E Zee Possee - Everything Starts With An E (Disaffected Mix)

  4. Prism BRK - Area 8

  5. Dexta & Crypicz - Together (Danny Scrilla Mix)

  6. Beagle - Original Control

  7. D Vibe - Power Within

  8. MKII - Tango

  9. Sub Fusion - Psychotic Bleeps

  10. Amaretto - Untitled 1

  11. New Decade - Be Ambient

  12. DJ Seduction - Unstoppable

  13. Z-Neo - The Presence Of Evil

  14. Rebel MC - Get Ready

  15. Polo Lilli - Loneliness

  16. Nolige & Decepter - Junglism

  17. Warrior One - Fyah (Bojcot Mix)

  18. Benton & Bluetoof - Set Pace

  19. Shy FX - Light Up

Fucking hell, he's done it again! Another hour of pure orgasms. And I could not wish for another mix to fill its place. This series is such a wonderful one, one you need to follow. And of course not just freaking follow, but also listen to. An underrated series on his channel, and on Soundcloud in general. Absolutely worth diving into, and loosing yourself in the moment.

You know a mix is going to be good, when throughout the first few minutes your mouth drops wide open, and you are sitting there, in awe, of what is happening to you. Your mind goes completely blank, and the only thing you are absorbing, is the music. And the tunes selected by Craig Scott are all blinding records. I love it, the darker, the better they become. Make a tune so damn nasty that it will only be played in the underground scene, the better it just is. And he's put a few in here so nasty, it blew my mind and my car speakers at the same time.

Where can I send the invoice to, Craig, for replacement of my car speakers? You destroyed them, so I think it's justifiable for you to reimburse me. Yeah, I should not have played it at near max volume, but it's your fault in the end.

The best hits are the last few. 'Junglism', 'Fyah', and 'Set Pace'. My God, these were idiotically great!

Another epic mix by Craig Scott. Only appraisal for what he's done so far. 7 mixes, and more to come. If they are as interesting as this one, I know for a fact that the mixes which will be released in the near future, will be as good, or even better than the two I've reviewed, and the 7 I've listened to.

Brilliant way to end a day with. Or to start your day with. Do whatever, but do it in style. And let Craig take you on a journey!

DJ: Craig Scott

Genre/Style: Hardcore Breakbeat, Hardcore Rave Breaks, Rave Breaks

Mix Info: Hardcore Breakz 7 - 14-04-2023

Length Mix: 00:58:32

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023


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