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Holland Is Hardcore 3 (2018)

Jason S, also known as the megamix master, has released the third instalment of his succesful ‘Holland Is Hardcore’ mix series. Only a month ago he released his ‘Thunderdome Chapter 1 – 10 Megamix’, and before that the previous ‘Holland Is Hardcore’ mix was back in 2016. And it got a very good score from TCD. It was something unique: his unique mixing style and the records selected made it very tasty. A very interesting concept, and now the new instalment will blow you away.

If you want to know what happened with the second instalment: check him out on Mixcloud. Not only will you find the second one (which is pre-millennium Dutch Hardcore) but also other mixes, like a dedication mix for Neophyte, and much more. It’s a raver’s paradise, that’s for sure.

For many years he has been perfecting his unique mixing style, and it has led up to this: the appreciation he deserves. Don’t know much about Jason S himself, but he gets my respect. And not just because he mixes Dutch Hardcore records (with Dutch lyrics/vocals), but because he makes the mixes sound so relaxed, so smooth.

The previous mix was just my cup of tea: Thunderdome records from the first to the tenth CD, all together. But now he’s back with the Dutch-ness of Hardcore. You might not like it, seeing as it’s all in Dutch, and we (the Dutch) have a weird vocabulary, quite different to the rest of the world, so you will probably not understand the lyrics, but you should focus on the music. And the music is good. So good, we will breek de tent af (break the tent of). Well, it goes for the wind for Jason (het gaat voor de wind voor Jason).

01. Jason S – Intro: Leren Miksen Les 3 02. Je Broer – Me Gabber (DJ Paul Elstak & BeatKrusher Remix)  03. Outblast & Catscan – Stampgevaar 04. JeBroer feat Stepherd, Skinto & Jayh – Banaan (Re-Style Remix)  05. D-Fence – Koekoek Jonghuh! 06. DJ JDA – Voel Je Die Bass (N-Vitral Quick Edit)  07. D-Fence – BIEM! 08. D-Fence – Krakaka (Tieurm Remix)  09. Dyprax – Zultkoppen Koorts 10. Nosferatu feat Alee, LXCPR & Diesel – LOS! (SSZD Kingsday Anthem 2017)  11. Neophyte & D-Fence with Tim & Alee – Rammen 12. Kasparov & Amada feat Diesel – Ik Wil Stampen 13. The BeatKrusher feat Alee – Lekker Knetter 14. Kasparov, System Shock & Revolver feat Zwaargewicht – Poeder In Je Neusgat 15. Tieum & D-Fence – Beter He 16. The BeatKrusher – Helemaal De Weg Kwijt 17. Neophyte & Furyan feat Tim Beumers – Wie De Fok? 18. D-Fence & Angernoizer – Breek De Tent Af 19. N-Vitral feat Aux Raus – Getverherrie 20. D-Fence – B.A.M. 21. Popeye De Zeeman – Het Stalken Moet Stoppen 22. System Overload vs Da Mouth Of Madness – Sloopkick 23. Minus Militia – Gas D’r Op (Militant Edit)  24. SRB – More Dutchcore 25. Tieum & Angernoizer – Alles Is Heftig 26. SRB – Doedelzakorkest 27. Euromasters – He Scheids! Schop ‘M Voor Z’n Klote (Remix)  28. SRB – Doe Rustig 29. SRB & The Vizitor – Kut Track 30. Angernoizer – Luid En Duidelijk

This, as you can rightly see, is a proper Dutch tracklist. Not often do I write track titles in Dutch, but today the focus is on Dutch Hardcore, and it’s making me go absolutely loopy. I’ve played this mix over and over after work (on my way home from work), and it still makes me smile: being Dutch and listening to Dutch Hardcore in London. What a weird combination, isn’t it?

There are simply too many wicked records in here. Like every track made by D-Fence (who literally owns the Dutch Hardcore sound at the moment), and a few records like ‘Poeder In Je Neusgat’, ‘Gas D’r Op’, ‘Wie De Fok?’ and more. During the 90s the Dutch Hardcore sound (cq. Dutch lyrics in Hardcore tracks) didn’t make me move whatsoever. I found them boring and not as sensual as the records with English lyrics. But now, in 2018, I’m digging the Dutch sound like never before. It’s my connection with my homeland, my place of birth.

Jason’s mix is interesting. He starts off with his wicked intro (isn’t that MC Drokz screaming?), and the beats, bass, and lyric come flying at you for the next hour and 11 minutes. He carefully mixes them all together, and at no point does it become dull or annoying.

Which record makes me want to ‘hakkûh’ the most? ‘BIEM!’. Why? Because it’s a well produced record with a basic thought: making the ravers stomp the shit out of everything. I’ve got no urge to sit down and relax whenever I hear this record.

Another succesful mix by Jason S. You must check him out on Mixcloud: it’s indeed a raver’s paradise!

DJ: Jason S Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Uptempo Mix Info: Holland Is Hardcore 3 Length Mix: 01:11:25 Tracks: 30 (thirty) Download/Listen (via Mixcloud): LISTEN HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Jason S – Mixcloud Page

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