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Korsakoff - The Sound Of (2006)

Back in 2006 I was one of the thousands of youngsters who purchased this wonderful album. DJ Korsakoff's first debut album, containing records made by her and Catscan. That's a thing I never knew until a few years ago. It did have a specific sound that you could link to Catscan, but I never have done. I always thought it was her music. Especially when I bought this album. I never read stuff, so that's my luck, eh?

She quickly grabbed the attention of the raving culture, and also the media. She appeared in a male magazine, I forgot what the name was, but I was a member of that too. Gosh, what was the name of it? It was a bit sleazy, looking at the magazine with 2019 goggles on, but at the time it was hot as hell. I was already in love with her music when I heard 'My Empty Bottle' and 'Stardom', but the magazine just added the mystery surrounding her DJ character.

She was named the Queen of Hardcore very quickly, and to this day she is booked all over the world, and playing at the biggest events. From a pretty face to a permanent figure in the Hardcore scene. She might have done a lot for the Hardcore scene, and the female DJs and producers, but sorry Korsakoff, Lady Dana will always be my Queen.

Well, let's focus on the album. The album was great. I really liked it. Unusual, to say the least. It did not sound like a proper Hardcore album, even though you would expect it to be. But it had certain records, which weren't Hardcore at all! According to Discogs the album has got Hardcore, Hardstyle, Electro, and Hard Trance as styles on it. It was (and still is) an album you might love, or you might hate. Listening to it 13 years after its release, it does become clear who had a huge influence in the project, and which side I am on.

The tracklist, if you haven't Googled it already, or Discoged it.

01. Korsakoff - The Sound Of

02. Korsakoff - No Noctophobia

03. Korsakoff - Still Wasted

04. Korsakoff - City Patrol

05. Korsakoff - Best Friends (R Not 4Ever)

06. Korsakoff - Audioholic

07. Korsakoff - Powerrave

08. Korsakoff - Stardom (Thunderdome 2004 Anthem) (Mix 2)

09. Korsakoff - No Compassion

10. Korsakoff - Freedom Of Speed (Accelerate)

11. Korsakoff - My Empty Bottle

12. Korsakoff - Tokyodome Experience (Start The Fight)

13. Korsakoff - Pendeho (Simple Mix)

14. Korsakoff - -L = C2 (Trip Mix)

I forgot all these anthems, and I completely forgot about this album, until earlier today! I went through my collection, and found it by accident/mistake. It's amongst the thousands of folder I've got. But I was curious enough to open the folder, and listen to them all! What a collection of weird and forgotten records.

Yes, we all know 'My Empty Bottle', 'No Noctophobia', 'Still Wasted', but the ones I really like are the forgotten anthems, like 'Stardom', 'Tokyodome Experience', and the title song 'The Sound Of'? Who still plays these anthems? I think that they are underrated, and should be played at events nowadays. Not the standard Korsakoff stuff, but also the 'underground' sound that was created, and can clearly be heard on this album.

It is full of surprises, and the main focus is Hardcore. But this albums has so much more. But would you appreciate this diverse album? Do you want Electro, Hardstyle, and Hard Trance, all jam packed on one album? I found it interesting, and really dig the album.

Not the last record though. That's really not the highlight of this album. And 'Pendeho' is also not my favourite'. They have experimented with different sounds and styles, and sometimes it has worked, and for these two records it didn't. A sad ending to a good album.

I'm on an Oldskool vibe right now, and really enjoying Korsakoff's album. Can't believe that it was released 13 years ago. I was 22 years old when this bad boy came out, still at college! And now I'm still a loser and reminisce to the good ol' days. And back in 2006, this album rocked.

It has stood the test of time. Worth checking out, if you can find a copy somewhere.

DJ: Korsakoff

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Hardstyle, Electro, Hard Trance

CD Info: Korsakoff - The Sound Of

Length CD: 01:13.68

Tracks: 14 (fourteen)

Label: Digidance

Product Number: DIGI 178-2

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