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Pat B - Oude Liefde Roest Niet (Oldschool Mix) (2019)

If you think of Jumpstyle, you think of Pat B. This living legend has been pushing the new and old sound forward since he emerged onto the scene, and his mixes are always listened to by thousands of fanatics, including yours truly. Huge fan of Jumpstyle (or is it called Tek?), and have always found it disappointing that it was made fun off, when it really didn't deserve to be mocked. I did purchase a lot of Jumpstyle albums over the years, and when it died down, I still kept on listening to it. Thankfully, even in 2019, it's still going strong.

Now I have to say that this mix was made for an event which took place a few months ago. Pat B obviously played there, but I wasn't really interested in this event. Also, I am a few months too late: only found this mix yesterday. Anyway, I was looking for a Jumpstyle mix, filled with classic anthems, and came across this one: one of the most played Jumpstyle records on Soundcloud. 32k plays so far. But what is in this mix? Well, the classics. And not just the classics, but also re-edits, remixes, and just plain silly mashups. Everything Jumpstyle related is in here.

Why wait? Do you like Jumpstyle? If the answer is yes, you need to check out this mix.

Ps. the tracklist isn't really complete: if you do know the missing bits and bobs, please notify me, and I'll add them to the list.

01. FlashPat - Hit My Stereo Hard

02. Vorwerk - Cambodia (Hard Mix)

03. FlashPat - Infinity Vittel

04. FlashPat - Sweet Gravity

05. FlashPat - Phunkee Marissa

06. Francois & Pat B - Illegale

07. Francois & Pat B - Mix The Master

08. Dark E - Bombadrop From The Darkside

09. ID - Bang Bang Cyberphonic

10. FlashPat - 4 Seconds Countdown To The Harddancer

11. Lethal MG - The 303 King_pn

12. Pat B - Cold As Ice

13. Pat B - Return Of Oasis

14. Pat B & Nowaxx - Army Of Hardcore

15. G-Swatt - Gonna Be Da Bea

16. Pat B - 2004

17. Coone - The Return (Ruthless Edit)

18. Pat B - Ain't No Party (2015 Remix)

19. Lethal MG - Derb (Remix)

20. Pat B - Hit My Chapter 1 On The Floor

21. Pat B - Those Days

22. Pat B - Sandstorm

23. Lethal MG - Message Her At The Bootleg Parade

24. The Prodigy - Out Of Space vs You Eternal (Lethal MG Personal Mashup)

25. Pat B - Never Alone In Space Wide

26. K-Maze - The First Rebirth

27. FlashPat - Better (R&B Mashup)

28. FlashPat - Love Popcorn In My Nose

29. FlashPat - Kick This Frozen Flame

30. Pat B - Live Stories Part 1

31. Francois & Pat B - iPussy

32. The Prophet - H3y Twisted World (Pat B & Miss Puss Mash Up)

33. Cherrymoon Traxx - Acid Dream (The Prophet Remix)

34. Ruthless & Dave S - Save The Day

35. ID - Hardcore Vibes Deeper Inside

36. ID - Pullover Back In Time Mashup

37. ID - Fuck The Macarena

See! This lights up the Jumpstyle spark in your soul. Full of those classics, and full of exclusive mashups. Some really awesome, some a tad weird (name one person who really liked 'Fuck The Macarena', probably the worst record ever made, next to the Macarena lol). But Pat had fun during his livestream, and so did I, on my way from work today. Jumpstyle all the way!

Even though certain records are mashups, I'm still feeling the happy vibes coming through my speakers. But let me tell you one thing: I do love the Tek sound. And it's a sound I do miss. This brings me to the best record in this mix.

Pat B's own record '2004' takes me back to the wonderful years of Tek and Jump. This kind of music really spoke to me. Not a lot of bullshit, not a lot of vocals, just pure beats, bass and melodies. That's why I adore this mix, and especially this record. It captures the scene from around 2004 beautifully, and deserves a spot on the top 100 Best Jumpstyle records of all time. Sadly it's been played too short in this mix, but you can look for the longer version on Soundcloud.

Pat B is Jumpstyle, and we love him for that. Thanks to people like Pat for keeping Jumpstyle alive. Combining the early 00s with the present day, and what do you get? A fucking epic mix.

Just listen to this bad boy, and think of the good ol' days, when TMF had silly programmes, focussed on how to do the Jump dance, and Patrick Jumping, literally jumping everywhere. What a shite period. Music wise it was good. Media side of it wasn't. But, as most would say, at least we've got the music still.

DJ: Pat B

Genre/Style: Jumpstyle

Mix Info: Oude Liefde Roest Niet (Oldschool Mix)

Length Mix: 01:00:31

Tracks: 37 (thirty-seven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 138 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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