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Rave-O-Lution Mixtape #004 - Fer-D (2020)

It is the 28th of December, and we are now in the period between Christmas and NYE, when all the Christmas radio stations disappear slowly. Now that's a good and bad thing at the same time: our household has been listening to Christmas music since April. So to catch a break from it, is extremely pleasant. But what to play instead of Christmas music? Maybe Hardcore music fits the bill? Well, yeah. And I think I have found the perfect mix for all you rave nutters out there.

I thought at first that this mix series was the one presented by UK Hardcore DJ Jakka-B, who's got a similar named show. But this isn't. This is a Dutch mix series with the same name, And with their fourth instalment they asked DJ Fer-D to make a mix. A mix so good, and vinyl only. And it should only contain early Hardcore anthems. Whats not to like?

You all know that this Crazy Dutchman loves his Hardcore, and is no stranger to the early 90s stuff, but today's mix contains so many unheard of anthems, it might have given me a secret erection! How can it be that after so many years I do hear new tracks, which shouldn't be new in the first place?

Of course I wouldn't mind a set filled with dancefloor smashers, but to hear these obscure underground anthems does make me smile too. And maybe even rave harder? Come on, can you sit still with tracks like these (see tracklist underneath)? You can't.

I've not heard of DJ For-D before, but this mix has certainly raised my interest in him. This is a dope ass mix!

  1. Future Viper - Paranoid Beauty

  2. Nightraver - If You're Smart

  3. Chosen Few - Tranceparant

  4. Cyclopede - Bad Motherfucker

  5. Queens Boro Crew - Criminal Minded

  6. Wedlock - Ganjaman

  7. Predator - 1-2-3-4 !!!

  8. Drokz - Aids

  9. F. Sales - Monological Destruction

  10. Choose - Light Removal

  11. Cybernators - No Out Of Here..

  12. Chosen Few - I Show Trickz

  13. Dark Destination - Pom Pom

  14. Unknown Artist - MJ's Childs Play (Chosen Few Remix)

  15. DJ Dano - Fuckem All (Driveby Mix)

  16. Lenny Dee - Forgotten Moments (Original Mix)

  17. Bruyaa & Ozonic - Peace To Eazy

  18. Bunkor Beats - Mental Atmosphere

  19. Omar Santana - Step The Fuck Back (Lenny's Demonic Dee Mix)

  20. Dutch Verg - Hyper 2000

  21. Federation Against Mellow - R U On Drugs?

  22. DJ Jordens vs Flamman & Abraxas - Sarin

It is nice to hear and see these classic anthems again. Most of them we all have forgotten about. And that's a shame. They were, and still are, fucking epic anthems! Come on, you know I am not lying! You don't see most of these records in other mixes, right? Only when people start digging deep in their music collection will they find these hidden gems.

Fer-D has gained a new follower. I am a huge fan of this mix. It's really an ace mix with shit tons of excellent Hardcore anthems. Some sound familiar, and some have got this distinctive sound to it, I cannot place them where I've heard them, but I do recognise them. For example the Nightraver's 'If You're Smart'. I do hear the 'So' record in this one, but I've never heard this one before.

A fantastic mix. So many cool anthems. This takes me back to the early years of the 90s. It's like I've jumped onto a time machine, and now I'm back in my bedroom, hearing these tracks for the first time, and sadly being too young to go out raving.

Some are wicked, and a few aren't. Not a fan of the Michael Jackson's influenced track. But which one did tickle my senses the most? Dutch Verg with 'Hyper 2000'. I think, and I might be completely wrong, I've heard this for the first time on a Lady Dana mix CD. Could be wrong of course.

Or what about Chosen Few's Tranceparant? Yes, the other Chosen Few track we all know gets played over and over, but this one is slightly better! Name Of The DJ? Nah, give me 'Tranceparant' instead!

Anyway, don't let me yapping on and on be a nuisance. Jump on this mix right now, and let this vinyl only mix dominate the end of 2020.

DJ: Fer-D

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore

Mix Info: Rave-O-Lution Mixtape #004

Length Mix: 00:59:23

Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 151.6 MB

File Type; m4a

Release Year: 2020

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

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