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Rob IYF - Warped Science Promo Mix (2019)

Am I thick? How come I did not know of this label? What have I been doing all these years? It just baffled me that I only found out that Al Storm and Euphony had another label, one I had never heard of. And how did I find it out? Well, due to Rob IYF's mix on Soundcloud and Hardcore Underground's e-mail, in which they talk about their latest releases,including the whole back catalogue of this label. 147 records for £75.

Is that a bargain? Well, yes. That's 51p per record! Don't know if you can get music this cheap anyway nowadays. But for only a few pennies per record you can get 147 records all from this UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore label, run by Euphony and Al Storm. I seriously had no idea that this label even excisted! What do you think I am, a walking Wikipedia?

Obviously you will find a lot of Al Storm records, Euphony's records are on there as well, but also records by artists such as Bishop, Fracus, Weaver, Fasteve, Dave Castellano, Nu Foundation, and much more. So what's Rob's involvement into this? Well, he made a promo mix,obviously not using 147 records in this 53 minute long mix (that would be suicidal), but just enough records to get everyone excited for this release. A good promo mix, with a lot of exclusive stuff (or is it exclusive because I've not heard this before?)

What the fuck have I been doing in my life to have missed this?

01. Al Storm & Orbit1 feat Lisa Abbott - Falling Through (Al Storm Mix)

02. Fracus & Orbit1 feat Lisa Abbott - Always Stay With Me

03. Impact & Weaver feat Lisa Abbott - Breakaway

04. Bishop - Into Orbit (Robbie-S Remix)

05. Bishop & Outburst - Cut That Bass

06. Al Storm & Euphony feat Danielle - Breathe (HTID 2 Mix)

07. Nu Foundation - Taking My Time (Remix)

08. Euphony - Space Invader (Warped Science Mix)

09. Al Storm feat Ali - Swept Away

10. Jonny G, Fatsteve & Dave Castellano - Lets Turn It Up!

11. Impact & Resist - All I Want (Original)

12. Al Storm feat Ali - Rain

13. Al Storm feat Vicky Fee - Shoot Me Down

14. Orbit1 - My Heart (Inverse & Orbit1 2008 Remix)

15. Al Storm & Euphony - Edge Of The World (The Blind)

16. Weaver & Andy L - The Sun Is Shining (Ultravibes Mix)

17. Al Storm - Dropping Bombz

18. Angel Eyes - Twilight (Fallon, Al Storm & DJ Burn Remix)

19. Audioscape - Hidden Agenda

20. Orbit1 & Sunrize - Don't U Know 2008

21. Orbit1 - Close To The Edge

22. Nu Foundation - Liberation

23. Al Storm, Euphony & Weaver - Eyes Don't Hide (Ultravibes Remix)

24. Fracus & Mozz - Hold On To Me (Fracus Remix)

This brought a tear to my eye. So much UK Hardcore in one mix. This is the reason why I started reviewing: UK Hardcore. My love and passion and dedication for the scene, and the appreciation it deserves, globally. Sadly I think more reviews are needed, but I've got plenty of time. But with mixes like this one, it will definately go towards the right direction.

Warped Science, I've locked that name in my head now forever. And after hearing Rob IYF's mix, I will never let it go. What a fucking epic mix! This is proper UK Hardcore, just the way we all like it. I know a few people out there complain about the present day scene and how different the music is: to those haters, check out this massive release! This is really something to look forward to. And to those complaining about the money: you spend money on useless stuff anyway, why not NOT do that this month, and spend it on quality?

I should be a salesperson.

Anyway, Rob's mix is really interesting. His selection is awesome. Have not checked the actual package (147 records) but what he has selected is truly dope. I've not heard one bad record, they are ALL solid records. Especially 'Breathe'. What a slammer that is, completely forgot about that one, and the vocals are just weakening my knees. Such a sweet voice.

Well, what else is there to say? Check out this mix RIGHT NOW.


Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Warped Science Promo Mix

Length Mix: 00:53:22

Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: 538 MB

File Type: .wav

Bitspeed: 1411kbps

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