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Severe - Mix - Volume 2 (2021)

I've been quiet lately, and that's all for a good reason. I had to focus on my work life, making sure I close everything before my two weeks off. Which start this Tuesday. Like everyone in the UK we've got a nice long bank holiday ahead. So hopefully I will write a few reviews in the next few days, to get us all get through these three long but amazing days off. Truth be told, I think today's mix is going to be a good one. A powerful, strong, and very hard mix by Severe. Ever heard of Uptempo Hardcore anyone?

I am still a newly, not familiar with the style. But it has gained a lot of followers in a short period of time. To me it just sounds like Terror Light, right? It is definitely hard as nails, but not as fast and rough as Terror or Speedcore. But whatever you might call it, it has a cult following, and it's not for those who appreciate anything slow and mellow. This is only for the hardest motherfuckers out there. And Severe's mix is just filed with records that will blow your mind.

I don't know how I stumbled across this mix, but I am happy that I did so. I think it's because I really liked DRS and Irradiate's latest record? Mysterious algorithm happening on Soundcloud, right? But I really appreciate and love this song 'Warriors', and thank God it's in this mix. But that's the only thing so far I know. I know sadly nothing about Severe, but what I do know is that he likes his music to be hard, Hence why they call it Uptempo, right?

So let me show you which songs he used for this mix. Be ready for madness:

  1. Masked Wolf - Astronaut (Chaotic Hostility Bootleg)

  2. The Dope Doctor & Chaotic Hostility - Metal Kingz

  3. The Dope Doctor - When I Rhyme

  4. Chaotic Brotherz - My Clique

  5. Chaotic Brotherz - Act A Fool

  6. MBK & R3T3P - Heart Attack

  7. The Cardinals - Favourite Game (Chaotic Hostility Remix)

  8. The Dark Horror - MDFK I'm Here

  9. Meduza - Piece Of Heart (The Dope Doctor Remix)

  10. DRS vs Repix feat Madsin - Underground Music (Chaotic Hostility Remix)

  11. DRS vs Repix - Kingz (MBK Remix)

  12. MBK & Yunke - Venemo (Yunke Edit)

  13. MBK - Not Gonna Die Today (MBK 2021 Edit)

  14. DRS & Irridiate feat MC Tha Watcher - Warriors

  15. DRS & Insanity feat MC Ravage - Sacrifice

  16. MBK - Mental Disorder

  17. R3T3P & Hell Division - God Of War

As mentioned fore, I'm not an expert in Uptempo music. Still a fairly newbie to this, but I have to say that I know most of these artists. And of course I know 'Warriors', which is a very big anthem, released on Masters Of Hardcore.

Severe's mix is a very entertaining one. I did the garden earlier today, and when you are doing a very obtuse and annoying task, you need something that gets you going through the task. This set was a very good one: the garden looks sharp and sexy, and only took me an hour to do so. Happy bunny!

The mix is very good. The BPMs do fly through your speakers, and will blow your brain. Into smithereens, that's what your brain will be in a few minutes. Just put the volume up to the max, and enjoy it!

Sometimes it does get a tad cheesy, but still, the music is rough and raw, and you wouldn't give a single shit.

Best record in this mix? 'Warriors', without a shadow of a doubt. Big fucking anthem!

DJ: Severe

Genre/Style: Uptempo Hardcore

Mix Info: Severe - Mix - Volume 2

Length Mix: 00:40:26

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Severe - Soundcloud Channel

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