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Thumpa - Celebrating 25 Years Of Mokum Records (2018)

Thumpa has returned! Not that he really left, but he has returned on Soundcloud with a slamming mix we were all hoping for! Thumpa has been known for his love of everything Hardcore related, and the majority of fans might know him from his Freeform enthusiasm, but the last couple of years he has moved toward the Dutch Hardcore/Gabber sound, and especially the early sound. The sound from the 90s. And that's exactly the kind of Hardcore I like. Can you see why I am happy to find another Thumpa mix?

This time he has come back with a brand spanking new mix, dedicated to one of the best labels of the 90s: Mokum Records. If you are a raver/gabber, you are definately aware of this label and what it has achieved during the 90s. It was an important label, which released some serious dancefloor anthems like 'Name Of The DJ', 'I Wanna Be A Hippy', 'Headsex', 'The Point', and many more. The good thing about a mix like this one is the fact that it shows me that there were more records on this label, some I have not heard in nearly 2 decades, or never before.

Thumpa's mix contains 42 brilliant records. And it's a 2 hour and 10 minute long mix. So you get everything you want on this boring Wednesday. Worth checking this mix out, yeah?

01. Chosen Few - Freedom

02. Chosen Few - Tranceparant

03. Haardcore - Ore Slope

04. Technohead - The Passion (Mokum Mix)

05. Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - I Control Your Body

06. Chosen Few & DJ Pila - The Break

07. Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - Power Dominion

08. Tellurian - Guyver (The Outside Agency Remix)

09. Annihilator - Realm Of Darkness

10. Vitamin - The Point

11. Chosen Few - Danica

12. Party Animals - Used & Abused (Amnesia Mix)

13. Tellurian - Squash The Floor

14. Formek - Prison For Your Mind

15. Technohead - Headsex

16. Tellurian - Straight To Hell

17. Titanium Steel - Slapback

18. The Outside Agency - We Move As One

19. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ

20. Search & Destroy - Don't Need Nobody

21. Search & Destroy - Deep In The Underground

22. Chosen Few - All You Motherf*ckers

23. The Outside Agency - Hardcore Headz

24. Chosen Few - Bring The Beat Back

25. The Twins Artcore & Walter One - F*cking Artcore

26. Chosen Few - Party!

27. The Outside Agency - Brainwaves

28. Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - Brainwaves

29. Tellurian - Don't Stop

30. Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy (Original Mix)

31. Narcanosis - You Are Magnificent

32. Byron - Taken By The Dark Power

33. Party Animals - Buddha Shop

34. Ceasefire - Who's Afraid Of Noise?

35. Wicked XXX - True Born Junglist

36. Walter One - Speedjack

37. Maniac Of Noize - Mokummania

38. DJ Dano & Liza N Eliaz - Manic Cure

39. Haardcore - Toxic

40. Party Animals - E.H.B.O.

41. DJ Dano & Liza N Eliaz - Gimme A Break

42. Aggroman - You're Wild Man

Tracklist and a half, eh? Thumpa doesn't do things half half, he does it properly. And by the looks of it,he purchased the whole back catalogue! And when I say whole back catalogue, I do mean it. He's missed out on a few records, so you'll probably see another mix coming soon, dedicated to Mokum. And for once that's a mix I'm truly looking out for impatiently.

As I said before, Mokum has produced some slammers over the years, and is still alive and kicking. But for me the 90s sound they released is simply the best. The sound is so unique and refreshing. But to be honest, no matter where you went, everywhere in the Netherlands Hardcore sounded good. Be it from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or Rotjeknor. But Mokum has left a mark on our precious history. With banging tunes. And that is an understatement.

I would have gone for the Technohead tunes, especially 'Headsex', but after seeing 'Who's Afraid Of Noise?' by Ceasefire, that just instantly became my favourite record in this mix. God, haven't heard it for at least a decade! Don't know which CD it was on, but I played that record over and over.

Thumpa, you've made yet another astonishing mix. The people at Mokum should be proud, and as a fellow Dutchman I am proud. For an British person to make a Mokum mix really good, interesting, and intoxicating!

DJ: Thumpa

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Thumpa - Celebrating 25 Years Of Mokum Records

Length Mix: 02:09:29

Tracks: 42 (fourty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Bitspeed: unknown

More Information: Thumpa - Soundcloud Page

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