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We've Still Got The Stamina [Records] (2019)

Stamina Records. The all mighty Stamina Records. Such an important factor in the Freeform scene. If you think of Freeform, you are probably thinking of this label at the same time. Or, seeing as it's near Christmas, you are thinking of basting the turkey and the video that went online a few years ago. You know what I'm talking about. It was kind of sexy though. Anyway, you will always think of this label. It's the most powerful label in the Freeform scene, and we all know it. Presenting to us the finest Freeform and known for delivering only the highest quality music. And I'm a fan, if you haven't guessed it already.

A.B is the man behind this label, and what he does, only he does best. But this dedication mix hasn't been made by A.B, but by TCD's regular M@rt!n-J. The man who makes dedication/appreciation mixes on a weekly basis. He's made several Freeform mixes before, and they were focussed on this label too, and 4 days ago he uploaded this brand spanking new mix, with records that were released on Stamina Records' 'Summer Slammers Vol. 6'. If you haven't guessed it yet, it's already out (the Summer has already finished). This release contained 12 awesome records, which you can find in M@rt!n-J's mix.

It's worth checking out. A nice straight forward mix. Freefrom from the first to the last second. And boy, there are some excellent tunes in here! You will probably need tissues once you've seen the tracklist, and you need a whole lot more once you click the player underneath this mix!

01. Substanced - Evanescent

02. Transcend - Exploration

03. Eufeion & K-Wire - The Hunt

04. Gercore - Legacy

05. Digital Commandos - Still Dreaming

06. Kounta Kulture - Valhalla

07. Douglas feat Dark Angel - The All Seeing Eye

08. A.B, Ales & Dani Delirio - Arkesus (Random But Raw Remix)

09. DJ Neon - Tribute

10. Transcend - Neural

11. Cube::Hard & Douglas - Codex

12. Transcend - Reality

This mix is just sexy from the first to the last second. You are all aware of my ongoing love for Freeform since the mid 2000s. For me it's just so damn sexy, and so exclusive. It's a scene that deserves to be more, and without a shadow of a doubt has got the finest producers out there, some even better than the biggest producers known to man kind. But that's just my opinion.

If you are reading this, that means you love Freeform. Or you just clicked the link because it contained the word 'Free'. Well, that's not a lie, this mix is free to download, and I do hope you appreciate it as much as I do. Freeform is just so damn good. Heavenly music, and from time to time even better than Trance music. Oh snap, did I just really say that? Yes, the EDM Trance sound has never been my favourite kind of music. Freeform 24/7, 362 days of the year (I'll give Xmas music some credit too though, and I know the missus will be extremely angry if I don't play Xmas music).

M@rt!n-J's mix is as tight as you can expect it to be. He used a lot of flanger effects, which to me weren't necessary though, but hey, he's having fun behind his decks. Is flanger the correct one I'm describing? Well, he's having fun.

It was difficult to pick one amazing record, but if I had to, it was going to be the greatest record of all time, 'Codex'. Yes, Transcend, Kounta Kulture, Gercore, Substanced, and more, have made excellent tunes, but 'Codex' just remains a masterpiece by Cube::Hard and Douglas. Fuck me, the build up is something you don't hear (and feel) that often.

I'm loving this mix, M@rt!n-J. You've done it again!

DJ: M@rt!n-J

Genre/Style: Freeform

Mix Info: We've Still Got The Stamina [Records]

Length Mix: 00:56:22

Tracks: 12 (twelve)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 123 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 306kbps

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