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  • Hardcore 100 Best Of The Best (1997)

    I know many will hate me and be very judgmental, but I simply do not give a toss. To me this is the greatest Hardcore album ever. Why, you might ask? Good question, and I will happily answer it. Thunderdome has been a good compilation, and has given us excellent tunes, but truth be told, some of the albums were a bit shit. With this compilation, also by ID&T, they literally delivered a CD containing only the best of the best! 100 tracks on 4 albums. Did they had to compromise to make this album? Well, yes, but we'll talk about that later. This is actually one of the first CDs I've played until I couldn't anymore. So many scratches on each CD, it became painful to listen to it (most records would just skip). The power of Hardcore music can be felt throughout this wonderful album. This brings back so many good memories, and ID&T did splash out on this album. No shite records, only those records that demolished speakers all over the world. If you are too young and do not understand what gabber means and what the 'oldskool' sound is, you need to get this album. This is a must-have for ALL Hardcore lovers. Yes, support the present day scene too, but never forget the roots. Never forget where it all started, and who were the pioneers of this majestic scene. So many have come and gone, and only a handful have stayed. Commemorate those heroes, who might have decided to quit and do something else. Or sadly passed away. We honour those with a fabulous album! Check out the tracklist, it's the best one you will EVER see. And I do mean it. CD 1: 01. Disreaction - Jiiieehaaa 02. Nasty Django - Hardcore Muthafucka 03. Bertocucci Feranzano - XTC Love (Original Mix) 04. Neophyte vs Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker 05. DJ Paul - Play My Game 06. Baba Nation - Jesus Words 07. DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski - Young Birds (Original Mix) 08. Joe Inferno - Hysteria 09. DJ Darkraver & DJ Vince - Intelligent Hardcore 10. Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth 11. Rotterdam Terror Corps - The Horror 12. Darrien Kelly & Scott Brown - Geleihoofd 13. Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To Da Bone 14. Vanugenth The 5th - Here We Go Again 15. DJ Francois & Jeremy - Guns, Smoke & Fire 16. The Prophet - All Right Now Here We Go 17. Tellurian - Guyver 18. Mauriccio Braccagni - Mosquito 19. French Connection - French Connection 20. The Nightraver - So 21. Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy 22. DJ Delirium & Guitar Rob - The Way That We Rocked It (Live In NYC Shortcut) 23. Juggernaut - Don't Fuck With A Ruffneck 24. DJ Lancinhouse meets Stunned Guys - We Are The Dynacore 25. Bodylotion - Happy Is Voor Hobo's CD 2: 01. Chosen Few - The Name Of The DJ 02. Predator - Mind Of A Lunatic 03. Party Animals - Used & Abused (Amnesia Mix) 04. Human Resource - Fuck Them 05. Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa (DJ Cerla's 172 BPM Rave Mix) 06. Juggernaut - The World Of The LSD User 07. Tellurian - Bloody Fucking Hardcore 08. DJ Distortion & MC R.A.W. vs Bass-D & King Matthew - Raveworld 09. The Prophet - Big Boys Don't Cry (Original Mix) 10. DJ Delirium & DJ Buzz Fuzz - Immortality 11. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim - Go Get Busy (Hardcore Edit) 12. Neophyte - Execute 13. Private Productions - Looped 14. Bounty Hunter - Demilitarized Zone 15. Ricci & MC Hair - Sgam Sgam 16. Da Beatblower - Fuck Your 'S Off (Stunned Guys Mix) 17. Crowd Control - Tranzformer (Frankfurt Mix) 18. Dr. Macabre - Poltergeist 19. Thunderball - Bonzai Channel One 20. DJ Rob & MC Joe - The Beat Is Flown 21. Mauricio Braccagni - Bass Solution 22. Duo Penotti - Addicted II Raves (Buzz Fuzz Mix) 23. Naked Steal - Vive La France 24. Miss Groovy - Jungle Sickness 25. Neophyte - Last Recall CD 3: 01. Inferno Bros - Slaves To The Raves (PCP Mix) 02. Tony Salmonelli - Hey!! (Buzzy's Raggamix) 03. DJ Hooligan - B.O.T.T.R.O.P. 04. DJ Isaac - Bad Dreams 05. 6-Pack - Drunken Piece Of Shit (Mix 1) 06. Robert Armani - Hit Hard 07. Yves De Ruyter - Rave City 08. Wasting Program - Bring That Shit Back 09. Vitamin - Muffin' In Mokum 10. Technohead - Number One Contender 11. Smash - Korrekte Atmosphere 12. DJ Sim - Cartoons In Progress (Original Mix) 13. Wayward - Hardcore Hijacked Me 14. Lenny Dee & The Darkraver - To Da Rhythm 15. Technohead - Stay Down With The Hardcore 16. Buzz Fuzz - Frequencies 17. DJ Lancinhouse meets The Stunned Guys - Fuckin' Sweat 18. DJ Rob - DJ Rob's 20 Seconds 19. Rotterdam Terror Corps - Hardcore Slam 20. Pino D'Ambini feat Beasty Boys - Do It Again (Hektic) 21. DJ Nation - Pump It (Straight Mix) 22. 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It (Original Mix) 23. Paradox - My DJ Cutz 24. Rotterdam Terror Corps - You're Dealing With 25. DJ Gizmo - End Of The Beginning CD 4: 01. Marshall Masters - Stereo Murder 02. Bodylotion - Make You Dance 03. Kuadra - La Onda (La Onda De Einstein Mix) 04. Wedlock - I'm The Fuck You Man 05. The Prophet - Dominatin' 06. Prezioso - Raise Your Power (Hardcore Version) 07. Final Analysis - El Punto Final (Power Mix) 08. Rave Creator & The Mover - Atmos-Fear 09. DJ Dano - Welcome To The Thunderdome 10. Too Fast For Mellow - We Gonna Get This Place 11. MC Raw - We Who Are Opressed (Rob Gee, Repete & Damon Wild Mix) 12. Rexanthony - For You Marlene (New Deutschland Version) 13. Technohead - The Passion (#3) 14. Hardsequencer - Brain Crash 15. Rave Creator - A New Mind (Cold Rush Phuture Mix) 16. Knightvision - Who Is It 17. The Prophet - Dream Theme 18. Turbulance 'N Terrorist - Six Million Ways To Die 19. Manga Corps - The Hunter 20. DJ Rob - Boy's Interface (Uh....Mix) 21. Vitamin - The Point 22. Tellurian - Squash The Floor 23. Square Dimension - Brand New Dance (Buzz Fuzz '95 Remix) 24. DJ Buzz Fuzz - Drop The Pressure 25. Rob Gee - Ecstacy You Got What I Need Now, didn't I tell you that this had everything you wanted? Seeing a tracklist like this one brings a tear to my eye. This is my childhood in a nutshell. No joke, I raved to each and every tune until my feet were covered in blisters. Someone on Discogs commented, saying that this compilation did nothing for him, because you could find all these records on the Thunderdome collection already. He has got a point, fair and square, but I don't want to sive through 20 albums to find all these wicked records: they are all on one. This was way before they started to milk the concept of 100 records on 4 CDs, or 'best of' compilations. You cannot argue with me about the tunes! These are Hardcore classics, and some are cemented in our minds forever. Be it Hardcore from Holland, Belgium, Germany, The US, The UK, or anywhere else, Hardcore was up and coming, and stood the test of time. Even in 2019 the raves are still visited, and 'oldskool' parties are hip,and hot. The music has never left us, and has haunted us. Does that mean this compilation is the best? Well, yes and no. As I mentioned before, they had to compromise. Some records are short edits of the original, and some are only highlighting the best sections of a record. Taking for example the climatic moments out of it, or only playing the climactic bits. And the mixing wasn't smooth either. This was in a way disappointing, but hey, it was the late 90s, and we were still expanding our knowledge. But even with the negative bits and bobs the compilation still offers me a lot. And has the most memories of them all. Yes, sure, Thunderdome cannot be beaten, but this comes really close, and can be considered to be sometimes even better than the mighty Thunderdome CDs. Be honest, there were shitloads of shite records on them. This 'Best Of' has only got the finest. No joking about, no fucking about, just pure Hardcore. Hell yeah. Artist: Various Artists Genre/Style: Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber, Techno, Hard Trance, Acid CD Info: Hardcore 100 - Best Of The Best (1997) CDs: 4 (four) Length CDs: 04:58:42 Tracks: 100 (hundred) Label: Arcade/ID&T Product Number: 9902325 More Information: ---------

  • A tribute to Jump [1] (2023)

    When I think of Jump/Jumpstyle music, I always think of the Millennium years, when it grew out of its comfort zone, and it was everywhere. It was cool initially, but when it grew exponentially, and it was on each radio show, on each TV show, it became a nuisance. And especially when it became a thing of the next generation appreciating it and making fun of, by doing those Jumping videos, that's when I lost my appetite. Cool that you do the dance, but to have tutorials online and on TV, that's when it became too much. And videos of people jumping everywhere, that was just bollocks. But what many people don't know, is that the sound was already alive and kicking in the 90s. Yeah, it sounded slightly different, but it was still there. The mix you are about to listen to, was made by Silvio Aquila, and is dedicated to the Jumpstyle records from mostly the 90s. The underrated side of Jump. Did I appreciate these anthems when they were hot? Not as much as I should have done: I was a full on Hardcore/Gabber fanatic, and anything else did not fit the bill. This was seen as too soft, and too bouncy. Little did I know that it was going to explode, and have people jumping all over the world. The tunes in the mix would lay the foundation for the style that would become popular later on, but sometimes it's nice to go back in time, and appreciate the early stuff. And there's a lot of the early tunes in here, that I wouldn't even classify as early Jump, but they clearly were. Going back in time is sometimes needed, to reiterate how the music came about. It does put my in the mood for some Millennium Jumpstyle though. But let's not go there yet, let's remain in the 90s! Angel Dust - Fanny's Trip (Original Mix) DJ Fred & Arnold T - Pop Hertz Ixxel - Drop That Beat Mory Klein - Kick That Bass Johnny Vicious - Ecstasy (DJ Wout Remix) DJ Fred & Arnold T - Wall Street Da Rick - Roll The Drums (Jumpers Mix) DJ Fred & Arnold T - Delirium Stormtraxx - Vol. 1 The Traxxsters - Luv Cums (DJ Gert Mix) Da Rick - Dirty Hands Funny F - Funky Massiv - Rush Karlos Mendes - Sex-a-phone Dr. Phibes - Acid Story (Andy Bostyn & Bjorn Tijtgat Remix) Da Rick - Rumble DJ Starfighter - Apache The Rippers - F*ck Like A Donkey DJ Looney Tune - The Egg DJ Peter Project - Show Me The Way (Flip Da Hard Mix) Bounce Inc. feat DJ HS - Scratching DJ Frank - Dinner Da Rick - Bill & Monica (Original Slam) DJ Peter - Put Your Hands In The Air (DMF Mix) DJ Springer - Jerry's Theme (Jerry's Party Mix) Pulsation - Jump-a-round (Da Flip Mix 1) People Of Cactus - Traky (People Of Cactus Mix) Funny F - Creator (DJ Gert Mix) DJ Frank - Funkin' Seriious (Da Rick Classic Remix) Da Boy Tommy - Halloween (Trick Or Treat Mix) Diva Nova - Lick It (DJ Looney Tune Mix) Atlantis 6 - Life Is A Mystery (NRGY Remix) DJ Glenn & The Voltage Club - Wake Up For The Toxic Beat DJ Looney Tune - Beatbox This takes me back. Thanks Silvio for this mix. Wasn't ready for it, but now I am jumping up and down in my living room. That could be because of this mix, or the amount of caffeine I have absorbed today. Who knows, but at least I'm enjoying myself. This is indeed a mix that takes me back. I genuinely had no idea that some of these songs were classed as Jump. Yes, they had the bounce factor, but I'd never would assume that they would lay the foundation for Jumpstyle. It's probably because I'm ignorant lol. It happens with all newly formed genres, they start off bumpy, and every so often a silly track is made. There's a few in here, some cringeworthy. Come on, like you would have 'Bill & Monica' on vinyl, or 'Jerry's Theme'? I know of these tracks, because they were everywhere back then, but were they amazing? The opposite. Even now, years after their initial release, do my toes curl. But the general overview of this mix is good. Especially when 'Wake Up For The Toxic Beat' comes in. It always reminds me of Mysteryland 1998 CD, and DJ Promo playing it. Or was it Boris Valeo? It's on the disc as one of the first records, and it's a slammer. A solid mix, and one that will make you bounce up and down! Nice one, Silvio, nice one! DJ: Silvio Aquila Genre/Style: Jump, Jumpstyle Mix Info: A tribute to Jump [1] Length Mix: 01:09:03 Tracks: 34 (thirty-four) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 759 MB File Type: wav Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 1411kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: Silvio Aquila - Soundcloud Channel

  • Supersized Kingsday Festival 2023 | Raw Classics | DJ Thera & Geck-o Present Theracords Special

    If you've never heard of Supersized Kingsday Festival, that's OK, but a little strange, as this event has been created back in 2014, and still going strong. It had editions nearly every year, but obviously not in 2020 due to COVID-19 (Fuck COVID). And the 2021 edition was a livestream instead. But they are back, and the 2023 edition has happened (back in April), and now you can find sets on Soundcloud. One of the sets I found was Thera and Geck-o's set, which was all dedicated to Thera's own label called Theracords, and the focus was on the classics. The raw classics, as you can see from the image above. The line-up for the 2023 edition was insane, here's a taster of what you have missed, in case you didn't go: Brenna Heart, Adaro, Devin Wild, Vertile, D-Sturb, Evil Activities, Mad Dog, Partyraiser, Nosferatu, Lunakorpz, Barber, Act Of Rage, Rebelion, Luna, Regain, Digital Punk, B-Front, Bass-D, Panic, Promo, Ruthless, Zany, Dr. Rude, and the list goes on. Very impressive, but let's not forget the two DJs who composed this set, Thera and Geck-o. They went all out during this set. The classics were played, and the crowd loved it. The recording quality is a bit meh, but that's not really an issue: you can still listen to it, and appreciate it. But you can hear them, pulling out the best records in their collection, And what they mixed together is a bunch of glorious records. And as mentioned before, the crowd loved it: you can hear them scream throughout the set, and even sing along to the songs. That's dedication for you, and appreciation to both DJs/producers. Thankfully Thera uploaded a tracklist onto Facebook, so here it is: Catatonic Overload - Goddamn DJ Thera feat Yuna-X - It's A Fine Day DJ Thera vs Geck-o - Troll Face Delete - The World Is Yours Phrantic - In The Mix DJ Thera - The Paranormal Geck-o & Phrantic - The Hard Way Geck-o - Acid Impressions (DJ Thera Hardertrance Remix) Geck-o - BRING THAT BEAT BACK!!! (Reverse Bass Mix) DJ Thera - Mmhmm Geck-o - How Low Can You Go Deetox - Still Here (Delete Remix) Phrantic & Blackburn - In Your What Catatonic Overload - The Sexual Thrill (GZ 2011 Edit) Geck-o - It's What We Are (Headhunterz Edit) DJ Thera - The Battle Catatonic Overload - Paralyzed Delete & Deetox - Alone The Machine feat Sasha F - Self Esteem Fund (Geck-o Remix) DJ Thera - Twilight Zone 2014 Geck-o - 2-1 DJ Thera vs Geck-o - Do The Happy Face Geck-o - Soul Train (Hardtechno Edit) Matt Restless - And It Goes Geck-o - Smasher (Delete VIP Remix) B-Front & DJ Thera - R.E.M. Coma (Thera Live Mix) DJ Thera vs Geck-o - Give It All Delete - State Of Emergency Geck-o - Tasmanian Devil DJ Thera - Crazier Geck-o - Assquake VIP DJ Thera & Phrantic - Ammunition w/ DJ Thera feat Yuna-X - Starfleet DJ Thera vs Geck-o - Mindblowing Music (Geck-o's Sloopkogel Remix) Delete - Just Do It Irene Moors & De Smurfen - No Limit It's a nice trip down memory lane, that's for sure. Both DJs keep the entertainment level high, and as mentioned before, the crowd loved it. You can clearly hear them throughout this live recording, and they scream out their lungs! And when that happens, you know the DJs are doing a good job, entertaining the listeners. And to be fair, the tracks are all solid. Well, not the last one, but that's just jokes, right? They both brought the heat to the stage, and it sounded like it was on fire. There some tracks in here which are tremendous dancefloor anthems, and at an event such as Supersized, you get what you pay for. Excellent tunes, carefully selected and mixed together by two well know DJs/producers, and you can find a shit ton of their own productions in the mix too. There's a lot of excellent songs in here, but the one that stood out from the rest, was a track made by Phrantic, and it's called 'In The Mix'. Brilliant track, and it's got that nostalgia feeling to it. And the build up is tremendous too. The set is extremely good, and the tone is excellent. Thera and Geck-o keep the crowd dancing, on their feet, and the hour and a half fly by with ease. Brilliant songs, brilliant set. Wish I was there! DJs: Thera & Geck-o Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle Liveset Info: Recorded @ Supersized Kingsday Festival 2023 Length Liveset: 01:28:13 Tracks: 35 (thirty-five) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Officialb2s - Soundcloud Channel

  • Bad Corey - WeebCast Episode 2 [15-Sept-2012]

    I had this mix ready for the weekend, and it would have been the last mix I would have listened to last Friday, but I had enough of work, so I shut everything down, and left everything as it was. This was still pending, awaiting a review today, so I thought I'd jump on it, and give it another go. It's a mix by Bad Corey, which he made back in 2012 (which is 11 years ago, where has the time gone?). And it was a mix made for the short lived podcast/mix series, called Weebcast. I've never heard or seen this name before, but there were plenty of mix series and podcasts around back then, so I might have missed it by accident. Thankfully we've got Soundcloud, eh? The DJ mix for the second instalment of the Weebcast series was made by him, and it contained only J-Core records. Now I might be a bit of a noob, but if anyone is reading this, can you enlighten me? Listening to this mix, I cannot differentiate J-Core with UK Hardcore. They both sound so identical, with some tiny differences. Maybe different vocals or just a slight happier vibe surrounding it, but what is the exact definition of J-Core, and what's the difference between both styles? My question is just for my personal understanding of J-Core. Nothing else. I still like hearing mixes containing these songs, especially from 2012. One of the dopest years for UK Hardcore, and in this mix you can find a few of those gems. A lot of the tracks selected by Bad Corey are unknown to me, but they are so smooth, so smoothening for my ears. I love the way music was 11 years ago, and I miss this defining sound. But which records did he pick for the second instalment of the Weebcast? MOMO_nga - Dream Way Morning Sprite feat ℃iel - Spend My Time (XIO Remix) M-Project - All I Need Your Love (Fracus & Darwin Remix) DJ Noriken - Elektrick Universe P*Light feat yukacco - I'll Be By Your Side Fracus - Flux Minamotoya feat 3L - Lift Up kors k - The Wind Of Gold (Extended) Darwin - Kinetic Blue Minamotoya - Makin' Love Y.K. - Hypnotize (kors k 2012 Remix) Minamotoya - Into The Night (kors k 2012 Remix) kors k - Cycle M-Project - Rise From The Ashes This brings back memories. I've seen the names of these artists before, but I cannot recollect track names/titles. But the sound, that's the first thing you will notice. The sound from the scene from 10+ years ago. That sound is replicated anymore, it has become a thing of the past, when it certainly shouldn't be. Just look at the Fracus and Darwin stuff in this mix. They were on top of the world, and their productions were just top notch. I love the happy vibes that can be felt throughout this mix, and especially when M-Project's song 'All I Need Your Love' comes on. A brilliant song, superbly remixed by Fracus & Darwin. And even Fracus' own record, 'Flux', is an underrated song. Bad Corey has done a good thing. Good Corey's mix is highly contagious, and very cheerful. We need more mixes like this one. Take me back to the 10s, when music was awesome, and I was 11 years younger! Time flies by too damn fast. Fuck it. DJ: Bad Corey Genre/Style: J-Core, Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore Mix Info: Bad Corey - WeebCast Episode 2 [15-Sept-2012] Length Mix: 00:58:16 Tracks: 14 (fourteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 133 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2012 (Original) More Information: Bad Corey - Soundcloud Channel

  • Take #16 - Harrison Ford Fiesta

    Rígur Lárus. He's back, but this time it's not your bog standard mix. Well, are any of his mixes standard? Not really. But for this instalment he's gone all out, and made it a nearly 3 hour long mix, and the actor who received their moment in the spotlight, is Harrison Ford. One my least favourite actors in the whole world. Yes, I've said it, and I'll stand by it. Not really a fan of his work, but that could just be the films that he's in. Indiana Jones was OK when it was released back in the day, but he's getting old, he shouldn't revive those old classic films, just ruins the series. Even the Blade Runner film, found that a tad vague. Enjoyable, but forgettable. And don't get me started on his role in Star Wars. Boy, how I hated Han Solo. The arrogance of the person he portraited. Yes, he's not my favourite actor. But on the other hand, he's been an actor for quite some time now, and he has made people happy, and that's all that matters. He's been an actor for as long as I'm alive. And for that, you have to give him credit. And you might even like a few films that he was/is in. Imagine him driving a Ford Fiesta! You just can't. He's been an actor for so damn long, he must have earned a few pennies here and there. And to be fair, didn't he have a crash a few years ago in a small plane? Yeah, he doesn't ride a simple Ford Fiesta! He's too damn niche to drive that. But in whatever car he drives, he might listen to this mix, or the music used in this mix. Very melodic House/Trance/Techno music, which suits him. He seems to be a very mellow person, whenever I see him in interviews, so this mix could be right up his alley? Who knows? If you do know Harrison, ask him what kind of music he listens to, would be interesting to find out! Nu feat Jo.Ke - Who Loves The Sun (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) Corren Cavini - Steps Away From The Sun (Extended Mix) Armen Miran - Heads MAX MERAKI - No Longer Human (Touch Me) (Extended) AFFKT - Sopasopa Einmusik x Richard Judge - I'll Follow Hidden Empire - Ornament Woo York - Samum Blaktone - The Rise Of Phoenix Marius Drescher - Citadel Nihil Young, Beacon Bloom - A New Kind Veljko Jovic - Illusions (Original Mix) Rauschhaus - Mindtricks (Original Mix) Mollono.Bass & Kuoko - Finally Dancing (Club Version) Sahar - Magenta Hidden Empire, Artche - Hiding (Original Mix) Aera - Future Holds Skatman - Save Me (Tal Fussman Remix) Malanda Jr. - Shock To The Beat (Original Mix) Idoru - Careless (Musumeci Remix) Sahar - Dust (Dominik Marz Remix) Forward Fox - Reflection Third Person feat Ben Haydie - Signs (Dirty Doering Remix) Yotto - Remember Me? (Extended Mix) AIKON - Space Adventure Soul Button - Qabila Cherry (UA) - Valhalla (Original Mix) Jil Tanner - Toxic People (Colin Levis & Baggy Remix) AVTEL - Circle Of Love (Sasha Carassi Remix) Johannes Klingebiel - In The End It Did Not Matter Colyn - Wait For You (Original Mix) Kiko, Popof - Night Sky (Original Mix) Olivier Giacomotto - In The Dark (Original Mix) Thodoris Triantafillou - The Sun The Stars (Original Mix) UNKLE - Instability: Closer Than You Will Ever Be (Fur Coat Remix) Martim Rola & Arodes - Luci (Original Mix) This is an insane tracklist. Not one artist or song known to me. A completely unknown tracklist, you don't see that very often. Rígur Lárus has found the obscure records, and crammed them all together in this nearly 3 hour long mix. 3 hours? That's longer than usual. But it is highly recommendable. The hours do fly by, and the tunes selected by Rigur as solid as a rock. They are as melodic as you wanted it to be, What can I say about this mix? It's smooth, it's sexy, and it's just generically cool. I do love his approach to music, and even with the title of the mixes. And even the artwork is very snazzy, very cool. I am happy that I found one of his mixes a few months ago, and now I can't stop listening to these quirky yet very intoxicating mixes. No generic complaints or nothing negative to mention about this mix. It's yet another successful mix by Rigur. And I really like the concept. It doesn't fit the bill, but being different makes things much more interesting, right? Can't wait to see which actor/actress is going to be on the next mix... has to be quirkier than Harrison Ford and his Fiesta? DJ: Rígur Lárus Genre/Style: Melodic House, Melodic Techno Mix Info: Take #16 - Harrison Ford Fiesta Length Mix: 02:49:20 Tracks: 36 (thirty-six) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 385 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbos Release Year: 2023 More Information: Rígur Lárus - Soundcloud Channel

  • Dark Autumn Mix 2023

    We started today with a mix dedicated to the early Hard Trance anthems, and now we venture into a slightly different sound: the darker Techno/Trance anthems. The tone is slightly darker and edgier, and I like that. We are getting closer to the weekend, and my energy levels are below average, so I need a boost, I need that energy to rush through my system. And after listening to this mix once, I know that this mix will certainly increase my levels, with ease. But before we proceed, can I just point out the eye. The eye. So beautiful and ominous. You cannot take your eyes away from it. Scary, and it kind of looks like she's looking into your soul. Or maybe the eye is looking at you, hoping you are checking out this mix? But let's talk about the mix. The Soundcloud channel FINRG has reposted this mix, as one of their tracks made its way onto the mix, which is made by Vanhis. It it cool to hear and see tracks appearing in otherwise non Freeform mixes. But Decion can make excellent harder Trance/Techno records, so it was an obvious choice to have it on this mix. But it's not the only song that will create some damage. All of these tracks are new to me, and I've not encountered these before, so it's going to be all new, fresh, and exciting! Alex Di Stefano - The Hybrid (Extended Mix) Space 92 - Voyager (Original Mix) Martyno Dowsha - Levitating (Original Mix) edetto - Jack Daniels Ain't Bourbon (Original Mix) Patrick Scuro & Nicholas Julian - Time (Original Mix) Alignment - Close Your Eyes (Original Mix) Alex Di Stefano - Cube (Extended Mix) Mha Iri - Rise Up (Original Mix) Gayax - Reloaded (Extended Mix) Brendan Bartels - Jet Black (Extended Mix) OGravity - Starwalk (Extended Mix) Inoblivion - Anaesthesia (Extended Mix) Nikolauss - Voice Of The Ravens (Extended Mix) Lestrange & Benefice - Ketamine Dream (Original Mix) Holy Priest & Elmefti & Faceless - Fuck This (Original Mix) Alignment - The Sound (Original Mix) Decion - Testament (Original Mix) After hearing this mix for the first time, I knew it was going to be a great mix, filled with big anthems, and it was going to be one I would play repeatedly. Guess what I'm doing now? Correct, listening to it again. I'm sitting here, energy levels back to the right level, and waving my fist in the air. This is exactly what I needed to hear, so thank you Vanhis for this mix. This mix is filled with energy increasing songs by great producers, and I've really enjoyed each song used in this mix. Especially Alex Di Stefano's 'Cube'. What a monster anthem. This proves: you don't need a lot, to get the crowd going. A beautiful,'simplistic' record, but it packs a serious punch. The tracks might be a bit darker than usual, but there's still a euphoric vibe surrounding each on of them , making them easy on the ears. Maybe not so much on your brain, as the beats pound deep into your skull, but your ears will enjoy listening to this. Thanks FINRG for sharing this. It was the hit I definitely needed. Let the weekend begin! DJ: Vanhis Genre/Style: Trance, Techno, Hard Techno, Tech Trance, Dark Techno, Hard Trance Mix Info: Dark Autumn Mix 2023 Length Mix: 01:00:42 Tracks: 17 (seventeen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Vanhis - Soundcloud Channel

  • Twitch DJs & Lockdown Legends Mix (Hard Trance Classics) (2023)

    It's Friday, the weekend is about to happen. And I'm ready for the weekend, doing nothing at all. But we still have a few hours of working to do, so we need something to keep us occupied. And have I found the right mix for you all? A mix filled with Hard Trance classics. Isn't that a lovely thing to hear? It's a bit harder and faster, if you compare it to the standard Trance music, but it's still extremely lovely, and very smoothening. Sometimes I do prefer the harder sounding Trance. Strange, isn't it? But hey ho, let's dive straight into this mix. So I literally found this mix by accident. Someone reposted it, and I jumped right on it. Don't know why, but I think the concept of it being a mix filled with Hard Trance anthems, that's what caught my eye. But I've never heard of the DJ behind this mix, so I went into this mix completely blind. But it was a great experience though, and I've been listening to this over and over. The DJ behind the mix is Rob Kellaghan, but yeah, never seen or heard his name before. And I'm not even on Twitch. Well, I was, during lockdown, but it never appealed to me. Signed up, watched 2 livestreams, and gave it the usual approach: delete the app. But thankfully we've got Soundcloud, on which a lot of these mixes do appear, including the one you are about to listen to. What kind of classic anthems did he use for his mix? Well, these: SHOKK & Nick The Kid - Day Dreams Avatar - Red Planet (Reverb' s Mix) Icebreaker - Too Cold (Aquaplex Mix) Tom Wax, JamX & De Leon - Louder, Softer (Hennes & Cold Mix) Aquaplex - World Of Innocence Dave Joy - Second Chase DJ Wag - Darkness (DJ Wag Original Extended) Flat 6 - It's Too Late Aquaplex - Force In Your Head Embargo - Hysterie (Darkmoon Remix) Flutlicht - Icarus (Original Daedalus Mix) Sioux - Cho (Cosmic Gate Remix) Cosmic Gate - Back To Earth (SHOKK Remix) Odyssey Of Light - The Breath Flutlicht - The Fall Solid Sleep - Heartbeat (Aquaplex Remix) The Green Martian - Harmonic Minor DJ Scot Project - F (Future Is Now) (Original Mix) DJ Discofer - Deep Space (Aquaplex Mix) Junk Project & Aquaplex - Brightness (Solid Sleep Mix) This could have also been called the Aquaplex appreciation mix. There's plenty of Aquaplex songs in this mix, that might indicate that the DJ who made this mix, is a fan. And yeah, Aquaplex made some insane records, that's true. I have to say that, even though I love Hard Trance, I have still a lot to learn, and a lot of records are out there, which I've never heard before. There's a few in this mix that I've not encountered before, but they are now added to my list of excellent Hard Trance anthems. Every day is a new day during which you can learn and appreciate more, right? It's a good mix. It's got the classics you want to hear, and it's a nice length. All seems to be in favour of this mix, and I agree. I really liked the vibe throughout, and the outcome is a very pleasant mix. Best record? 'F (Future Is Now)'. Love me a bit of Scot Project. Maybe I should go back onto Twitch? DJ: Rob Kellaghan Genre/Style: Hard Trance Mix Info: Twitch DJs & Lockdown Legends Mix (Hard Trance Classics) Length Mix: 02:02:32 Tracks: 20 (twenty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 1.20 GB File Type: wav Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 1411kbos Release Year: 2023 More Information: robkellaghan - Soundcloud Channel

  • DROKZ029 Stubborn, Militant & Dedicated (2023)

    Before you get too excited, this is a taster review, so it's not the full album that you can hear. But you can get the latest Drokz album for free! Yes, you have read that right, for free! Not many things in life are for free. Sunshine? Well, yeah, but we can only appreciate it for a few millions years until it explodes. Rain? Yeah, got plenty of that. Dreams? Some are, some are nightmares. But that's all you get for free. This album is one of those free gifts, but you've got to do something, before you can actually get it though. He's going to make you work for it. Drokz brings the heat again with his latest album. And the cover looks ominous. Scary, and he looks very annoyed, angry, but maybe he's just thinking ''what shall I have for dinner tonight?'', and he's just contemplating? Whatever he is doing, he's looking like he rules the world, and he does, in a way. He dominates our speakers, our eardrums, and sometimes our hearts. Drokz is everywhere, and he's the grandad of the scene. His album contains 25 records, and they are for free. The only thing you need to do, is buy some of his merchandise, which you can buy through 100% Hardcore. Click on the link below this review, it will take you to their page, buy some of the nice merch, and if you are one of the first few, he might even sign stuff, and the album will be a freebie. Christmas has come early, eh? The teaser only consists of a few records, but it gives you a glimpse on what you can expect on the album, and you might even have heard a few songs already, be it on other platforms? So here's the full tracklist, but I've marked the records that are on Soundcloud at the moment, on the playlist. Drokz - Our Connection, The Intro ** Drokz - Chaos Drokz - I'm Hardcore, This Is What I'm Living For Poley Tight - Shoot These Pranksters (Drokz Remix) Drokz - Stay Dirty ** Drokz - Murderfest Hellfish & Drokz Here To Destroy Drokz - I Need A Gabber Bass Drokz - I Do What I Want ** Drokz - We Hate You With A Passion ** Drokz - What Is Going On ** Drokz - Interlude ''Gezellig'' ** Drokz - Wake You Up Creatures Of The Occult - No Rights At All Chaotic Hostility & Drokz - Keep Going Creatures Of The Occult - This Is The House Of The Devil Drokz - Accurate Drokz - I Better Be Real Nice For You Drokz - Sun Tzu Says Make Them Move Drokz - The Industry Is Fake Akira, Tripped & Drokz - Terrormusic Drokz - Let Grandpa Be Your Escape Creatures Of The Occult - Start The War Drokz - We Are The Terrorheads Tails & Noizer - Early Rave Mix by Drokz ** = tracks on teaser playlist Again, this is only a teaser playlist, but it still gets me going. I've been listening to these 5 records in a row, and it is creating a lot of happy memories. It is hard though. Not the softest approach, but Drokz never compromises. He always delivers, and is Hardcore through and through. You don't like his way? Hop on the highway, and get the fuck out! Drokz is always outspoken, and sometimes it is interesting to hear his views. And sometimes the songs reflect how he is/was feeling. Is 'What Is Going On' a diss track, focussed on GPF? Or am I imagining it? Drokz always makes the ravers rave harder and faster, and is always a nice welcome at any event, as he brings in experience, the music, and the madness. And with this album he brings it again, but this time you can sit at home, drive in your car, or even be at work, and enjoy his music. I haven't ordered anything yet, but I certainly will. The album looks interesting. The intro is dope as fuck. Not sure about the interlude lol. But the general gist is: just shut up and enjoy what Opa Drokz has to offer. Still going strong, never letting us down! Keep up the good work, Drokz! More of this please! Artist: Drokz Genre/Style: Terror, Hardcore Album Info: DROKZ029 Stubborn, Militant & Dedicated Album Length: unknown Tracks: 25 (twenty-five) Release Year: 2023 Label: own label Product Number: DROKZ029 More Information: 100% Hardcore - Official Webstore

  • Guestmix 09/23 by GLOWKiD

    Only a few weeks ago was I in Greece with the wife, enjoying our well deserved break. Well, everything was OK, besides the weather. When we landed at Thessaloniki airport, the weather was great, but the next few days it had turned nasty. We didn't know, and normally it's all OK. But Greece has always had a special place in my heart. Because of my blogs/reviews, I get the hear music from all around the world, and a few years ago I got into contact with GLOWKiD, this Greek music lover (blogger, vlogger, and radio host). And we share the same love for music, but compared to me, he's more into it. But there's a mutual understanding and feeling about music, which created a bond with my brother from Greece. My friend from Greece has made a guest mix for Radio Punctum, which I've never heard of. But don't forget: I'm not a humanised Wikipedia: there's a lot that I don't know, but at least I'm eager to learn and appreciate the unknown things. This Prague based community radio station asked my friend to make them a guest mix, and you are about to listen to it! And the asked the right person to give them an oldskool/newskool mix. From Jungle to Breaks to Rave to Hardcore, you can it all in here. And obviously he had to add a Prodigy song in the mix, as he's a massive Prodigy fan (but who isn't?). He keeps the flow throughout the mix, and keeps us on our feet, dancing. Don't know how or where he found these records, as I've not seen or heard them before, but they are glorious! Unknown Artist - Untitled HUD - Deeper Love (Aretha's Naughty Remix) Pursuit - Kick Ya Legs In The Air (Damage Inc. Remix) Polo Lilli - Love Will Be There For You LMajor - Hallucin8 DJ B - Tape And Electronics Lucid Distraction - Bring It Back (DJ Bastard's Bringing Back The Remix) Gargoyle - Prizm Bounce LadyRoXoXo - wannafuck (ro's Fast & Hard Mix) Alex Jungle - Are We Better (Piano No.7) Z-Neo - Turn The Heat Up Gaffer - Keep It Moving Kokushimusou - Carbuncle S.S.B. - Stab Technique We Rob Rave & RRRitalin - Remember When (Heineken Song) HASEGAWA-4200 - GWIK pt11 (EASE) Burna - Where's Your Head At Brownson - NUXX The Prodigy - Voodoo People (P-Tay Mashup Bootleg) This is a very interesting tracklist, and when I initially looked at it, it didn't raise any eyebrows. I just stared at it, without any prejudice. Didn't know a single song, but I listened to it anyway, as it's a GLOWKiDmix, and you cannot just let that slide, right? The mix starts in such a cool way, and a typical Greek way. This fashion never wears thin, and remains so damn dope. The Sirtaki? Come on. But not your bog standard version, but a more dance friendlier version, and suitable for this mix. Good introduction, and good way of getting the audience's attention, GLOWKiD! But once the intro is done, the madness arises. The records selected are really amazing, and all unknown records to me. Well, there's a song that samples the worst song I can imagine, Underworld's 'Born Slippy', and there are other samples used that I recognise, but the songs themselves are new. It is a very nice mix. Really enjoyed it. And can't wait to hear more from GLOWKiD. Best track? 'Turn The Heat Up' by Z-Neo. Doing a lot of damage, Z-Neo! Ps. dope image! Really colourful, and it matches the mix, in a bizarre way! DJ: GLOWKiD Genre/Style: Jungle, Breaks, Rave, Oldskool, Hardcore Mix Info: Guestmix 09/23 by GLOWKiD Length Mix: 00:58:49 Tracks: 19 (nineteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Radio Punctum - Soundcloud Channel

  • Bang On! [Mixed By M@rt!n - J] (2023)

    2014! Now that's a blast to the past! 9 Years ago, can't believe the time has flown by this damn quickly. But I remember it like it was yesterday, and I remember being a happy chap, being a full on UK Hardcore fanatic, and trying to persuade my Dutch friends and colleagues to like the music, to no avail. But at least I tried. And to keep me entertained, I purchased many CDs from the UK to be sent to the Netherlands, and my collection was impressive, if I may say so, but what I do know, is that I never owned this album. This one slipped through the cracks. It was a time during which I spent a lot of money on physical albums. I was still stuck in the past, and wanted to have CDs on display. Nothing digital, but physical. Nowadays that's obviously different, as I've got no CD player anywhere (not even in the car), so I had to chuck everything in the bin. But thankfully we've got Soundcloud, so happy for that! With this 'Bang On!' album, two labels came together (Trackmaster Music & Hardcore Rapture) and it contained 2 unmixed discs and one mixed by DJ Kyle WytchWood. The mix you are about to listen to, isn't a like-for-like mix, as that isn't necessary, as Kyle did a mix already, but it's M@rt!n-J's take on the album. The album consist of more songs anyway, but he's selected only 14 of them, and compressed them into an hour long mix. Exceed feat Gem P - Flame In A Raver Cruze - Beatific (D-Core Remix) Kyle WytchWood - I Hear You Calling Cruze - Beat Drop Dan Edge - Away In The Sun 3Star - No Law Billy Jump & Kyle WytchWood feat Nia - Don't Stop Billy Jump - Go Bezerk Audio Warfare feat Kathy Sims - For Eternity Cruze - EpicK DreamZ (Dan Edge Remix) Darts - Ready 2 Bounce! Ganar & Jo Savage feat Deanne - Feel Alive Jekyll - Beginning 2014 WytchWood & Cruze feat Gemma Macleod - Holding On (ABJ & Riche Remix) So many names on this list, that I've not heard of in a while. What happened to these producers/DJs? Are they still doing their thing, and making music? Some names I do still appear every so often, but not as much as they did 10 years ago. Boy, do I miss this sound! I do love the happy sound from the early 2000s until 2015. So many great anthems were made, and the happiness is what captured my attention, and got me hooked to it. M@rt!-n-J has captured the album beautifully, and has made a very nice mix. I've not heard all the other songs on the album, but if this is a taster, it's a good taster, and it leaves a good taste. The tunes are all what I needed to hear, and especially when I heard 'No Law', that's when my head exploded! I do recognise the song, but from which other song? A very solid mix with very good songs. From a decade long gone, eh? DJ: M@rt!-nJ Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore Mix Info: Bang On! [Mixed By M@rt!n - J] Length Mix: 00:59:41 Tracks: 14 (fourteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 136 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: M@rt!n-J - Soundcloud Channel

  • Tracksuits And Horns 3 (2023)

    It is Tuesday, and we aren't a day closer to the weekend. The upcoming weekend looks so far away, and I've got so much stuff to do, I need an energy boost. One that will hit me so hard, it will hit me into next weekend! And I need something new, refreshing, and exciting. And yes, I am about to share with you a new mix by DJ Virus. Well, technically speaking it's a few months old, but you haven't heard it yet, so it's new. It's new, exciting, and very fresh. And it ticks all the boxes in regard to what I need right now: some slamming beats! And if you haven't spotted it yet, it's a Hardcore/Gabber mix with all new tracks, and they all resemble the 90s sound we all love, miss, and adore! And it's by a new generation of artists, most of them I've heard of, but there's still a few new ones I'm finding. And it's extremely interesting to relive the 90s again in the 20s! They are doing some serious damage to dancefloors all over the world, and they should get more credit for their music, because it is dope as fuck! I keep myself in the loop of all new 'oldskool sounding' Hardcore, and it's always refreshing to hear the songs coming up in a mix, and even though they are new, they still pack a punch, as hard as the tracks were back in the 90s. They have that nostalgia feeling, which I fully embrace. I need that new old feeling, if that makes any sense. But what can you find in this mix? Well, these tracks: Ad - Roots Lysa & Italian Terrorist - Complete Wicked XXX - Always Peace (Wicked Triple Love Mix) Bloody Deamon & Ad - Bass Place (2022 Remix ) Immutek - Feed Da Bass Kamikaze - Trip To Atami Ad - The Rave Blaster The First Gabber - Hardcore Power Slugnoid - Old Dream Lysa & Italian Terrorist - Slave Of Modern Empire Biodome & Brutal Force - Repercussions Wicked XXX - Stamina Painbringer, Ferra & Greensequence - Run To Lysa & Italian Terrorist - Kings Wicked XXX - Real Stuff Kamikaze vs Invader - Pump This Party Detachment 1 - Say You Out There The First Gabber - In Your Mind Wicked XXX - Soundwar The Twins Artcore - Deep Inside M Project & Kamikaze - Oldschool Vibe The X-Tern - The Underground Lysa & Italian Terrorist - Hero Detachment 1 - Drop Like You Ad - Oldschool Madness The names (most of them) do sound familiar, but the music is new. Fresh. And very 90s. And I freaking LOVE it. It is amazing to see the passion of those producers, keeping the early sound alive and kicking, and they are doing a tremendous job. But also credit to DJ Virus, for uploading yet another amazing mix. He made yet another interesting mix with a lot of slammers in here. The hour and 19 minutes do fly by, and you are going to enjoy each second of it. And there's a shit ton of excellent records to discover. For me, this was a trip down memory lane. Those familiar chords, those familiar samples, those familiar piano sections... it's got everything you need and more. When 'Drop Like You' kicks in, you can feel it. The nostalgia Happy Hardcore vibe. I'm sitting here, enjoying life, and then that song kicks in. Sweet Lord, it takes me back, and uplifts me. What a banging tune. Bit cheesy, but we love a bit of cheese, right? It's yet another epic mix. Everything DJ Virus does, works. And this is another mix that is just there for me, at the right time. Exactly when I needed it. Thanks DJ Virus! Can't wait for more mixes! DJ: Virus Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, New Early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore Mix Info: Tracksuits And Horns 3 Length Mix: 01:19:28 Tracks: 25 (twenty-five) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 181 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: DJ Virus - Soundcloud Channel

  • Spyro Summer Mix 2023

    The Summer officially ends on the 22nd of September, but we are currently having 2 very nice days, so it might still feel very Summer-ish, we are near its end. But to celebrate the Summer of 2023, and it being amazing for a specific individual called Spyro, he uploaded a mix 9 days ago. And did it get feedback? Well, does a bear shit in the woods? Yes! The feedback has been very generous and positive, for good reasons. Spyro has been everywhere, and his music seems to have taken him places. All for good reasons though. People seem to like Spyro a lot! The last time I did a Spyro review, was back in 2020! Has it been three fucking years? Unbelievable! Can't believe that. But he's been on my radar for a few years now, and his music has been very interesting to listen to. And also his funny videos on Facebook, they always cheer me up. It's a bit more bouncier, happier, and friendlier to listen to. It seems to have found an audience, and it's well deserved. According to the info underneath this mix on Soundcloud, he's been very busy in his studio, making flips, reworks, and remixes. Originals were also made, but we have to wait (thanks Spyro!). But you can get a taster of what's in store, and if you have the chance to see him perform, you should definitely check him out. It's quite energetic music. It might not be your cup of tea, but at least give this mix a go. What's stopping you, eh? Intro Spyro vs Alex Prospect - Bla Bla Bayne Public Domain - Operation Blade (Spyro Dub) Spyro & Moshee - Moshi Moshi Spyro - Mayday Dream Spyro & Stavro - Do It To It David Guetta & Bebe Rexha - I'm Good (Blue) (Spyro & Stavro Mix) Spyro - Hoover Non Stop Spyro - Soothe My Soul Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz - Miss You (Spyro & Stavro Remix) Spyro - Blow Ya Mind 2023 Spyro & Alex Prospect - Up 2 No Good (Spyro 2023 Remix) Jonasu - Black Magic (Spyro & Stavro Remix) Steve Aoki, Ben Nicky, Spyro & Maikki - Like It Like That Spyro, Alex Prospect, Juncoco & Sefo - The Start Of Something Spyro vs Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs Diplo vs TNT - Heads On My Speed Spyro - Rave Techno Warehouse Tool Spyro - Freak 2023 Pinkpantheress - Boys A Liar (Spyro Flip) Spyro & Stavro - Pretty Fly Chase & Status - Baddadan (Spyro 4/4 Flip) Hedex & Eksman - MHITR (Semi-Automatic) (Spyro 4/4 Flip) Bru-C - You & I (Spyro 4/4 Flip) Before we proceed, we have to talk about the elephant in the room. I have got a certain (negative) feeling about one artist and his music, and whatever he makes, is just not my cup of tea. And that artists isn't Spyro, just in case you were thinking that. It's David Guetta. The most overrated producer of all time. People seem to like him, but I avoid his music as much as I can. He is like COVID, unfortunately everywhere and nothing you can do to avoid it. His 'Blue' song is so bad, and it has made its way into this mix. But don't let that be a downer for you. I just wanted to express my hatred towards this producer and his music lol. Oh, and I've never been a fan of 'Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)', but at least it's only the vocals for a few seconds. But it is an interesting mix with a lot of excellent dancefloor fillers. Leave 'Blue' out of it, and I would be dancing the night away. Spyro gets the people moving, and his approach to already existing tracks is interesting to say the least. This bouncier approach is quite infectious, and you have a hard time remaining still. You have to move your body. It's only 47 minutes long, but he keeps you on your toes. Happy to remain on my toes. During the 'Blue' song, I'll happily go to the toilet or to the bar, refilling my lubricants. But when that song ends, I'm back on the dancefloor, moving my body! I don't listen much to this bouncier side of Hard Dance, but it's a nice welcome during the last hottest weekend of the year. And the record that suited me the most, is 'You & I' by Bru-C, flipped by Spyro. You can download this too, but I don't have Spotify. Sorry Spyro. A solid mix. This will make you happy! DJ: Spyro Genre/Style: Hard Dance, UK Hardcore, 4/4 Drum & Bass, Rave, Hardstyle Mix Info: Spyro Summer Mix 2023 Length Mix: 00:47:36 Tracks: 23 (twenty-three) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Spyro - Soundcloud Channel

  • DJ A.K. - 93 - 94 Oldskool Breakbeat Hardcore Mix 22.07.23

    I started this review on the 1st of this month, completely pushed it to the side, as I went on a holiday and could not be f**ked to write anything, but then I got buried in a lot of work. But I kept on playing this mix over and over. You can check my Soundcloud statistics: this mix has had the highest plays of any mix this month for me. And the reason for this? Well, I've been craving Breakbeat Hardcore for quite a while now, and this mix was there, at the right time. And it's got the tracks you all want, need, and deserve to hear! DJ A.K. was behind the decks again, and this time he decided to do a mix, dedicated to the wonderful years of 1993 and 1994, And it's jam packed with Breakbeat Hardcore anthems. My craving also increased due to multiple videos on YouTube, dedicated to this glorious sound. And the most important thing: the music. The music speaks for itself, and has grabbed my attention since day one. Such an underrated yet influential style, it deserves more credit! DJ A.K. is the Soundcloud channel you need to follow. Not only is it the source of excellent music, but it's the page that will give you continuous joy, on multiple levels. I've reviewed quite a few of his mixes, and this Breakbeat one isn't even his latest one: only now have I seen a Happy Hardcore mix on my Soundcloud timeline, so he keeps on making new mixes, and every day could be a day which might make us slightly happier, knowing we are closer to yet another A.K. mix. But let's focus on this Breakbeat Hardcore mix, and the amazing tunes he has picked! D-Force - Original Bad Boy DJ's Unknown Vol 2 - Side A DJ Seduction - On My Own (Slipmatt Remix) DJ Edge - The Remix Question Mark Vol 2 - Side A Harmony & Xtreme - Journey Through Time Naughty Naughty Vol 3 - Side B Green Side Ramos & Supreme - Crowd Control SMD Vol 2 - Side A Future Primitive - We're Flying (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) SMD Vol 2 - Side B Harmony & Xtreme - Love In My Heart Question Mark Vol 3 - Side A Oaysis - Incredible Bass (Slipmatt Remix) DJ Vibes - Obsession (Music's So Wonderful) N-Zo & DJ Invincible - Funky Sensation Naughty Naughty Vol 1 - Side A DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - In Effect (Slipmatt Remix) Ravers Choice - Vol 1 Side X (Loving You Is Easy) DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Ganja Man Sunshine Productions - Above The Clouds (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) DJ Slam - Looking Into The Light Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Six Days DJ Dougal & DJ Vibes - Feel Free Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Take Me Away (Slipmatt Remix) Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix) Luna-C - Piano Progression This mix is monstrously good! This gives me goosebumps, and makes me smile from ear to ear! DJ A.K. has done it yet again, and has given us an hour and a half of pure ecstasy! The tunes were all successful anthems you would hear at each single rave during the early 90s, but not just in the UK, but all over the world. Hell, you would even find them on Happy Hardcore compilations in the Netherlands, hence why I know a few of these records. I knew of these artists not because they were Breakbeat Hardcore ones, but 'Happy Hardcore' artists. Strange world, right? The mix is tight, and the anthems are glorious! It's only been 30 years since these songs were released, but they still sound awesome, and can get a crowd going, loose their freaking minds! If I would hear these at a rave, I would not leave. The cleaners would have to call the police, as I would be stuck to the dancefloor, still in the zone, not wanting to let go. This music is so freaking good, and I might be an old geezer now, but I'm still feeling the music. I feel it rushing through my veins, and it makes my heart beat faster and faster. Not too damn fast. Don't want to be in the back of an ambulance (again)... Absolutely no negative comments. Only positive ones. Spread the love, the happiness, and embrace the importance of Breakbeat Hardcore for modern day music. Where would we be without it? Best record? 'In Effect' by Red Alert & Mike Slammer, remixed by Slipmatt. Timeless masterpiece! No need to have been born in the 70s/80s and have raved during the glorious early 90s. You can still catch up on this awesome music. Just close your eyes, and let yourself go! DJ: A.K. Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore, Jungle, Oldschool, Happy Hardcore Mix Info: DJ A.K. - 93 - 94 Oldskool Breakbeat Hardcore Mix 22.07.23 Length Mix: 01:25:05 Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: DJ A.K. - Soundcloud Channel

  • Leyxa & The Unfamous @ Loudboat 2023

    As you've noticed, I've been very quiet lately. It's because I've been on a holiday to Greece. An unfortunate one, as there was a huge storm present at the time, so we couldn't really appreciate the nice surroundings and hospitality as much as we wanted, but that's something you just have to take on the chin, and live with it. Can't blame the country for the weather. But I needed some well deserved time off, but now I am rejuvenated, and ready to review again! And have I got something special for you all to listen to! A set by Leyxa and the Unfamous at an event called Loudboat. I have never heard of Loudboat before, but the concept seems straight forward: loud music on a boat. Is that the right description? I had a quick look on the event page, and it was held in Quebec! Didn't know there was a Hardcore following there. Truth be told, I've never been there, so I wouldn't know it anyway, with my narrowminded view, eh? But it was a four hour long event on a boat, which sounds cool. And Leyxa and Unfamous did their best to demolish the speakers (and maybe some rubber dingies too) in the short 30 minute time span they had. And in those 30 minutes they play a few excellent tunes, some being mashups or remixes of all time classics. Or even brand spanking new anthems! Now you are curious, right? You want to know what they played? Well, here's the list: Re-Style - Drop That Funky Mashup Marshall Masters - Stereo Murder (D-Tune Refix) Hard Creation - I Will Have That Power (Chaos Project Remix) G-Town Madness & The Viper - Control The Party (Refix) Kasparov - Pessa Pessa Hardcore Hooligan Mashup Neophyte & The Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker (Restrained Remix) Paul Elstak feat Jantine - Demons (Restrained Remix) Tha Playah - Vigilance Neophyte - Braincracking (Nosferatu Remix) Bulletproof & Paul Elstak & Boogshe - We Live Forever Paul Elstak & Radiate - Dropping It (Repix & Radiate 2018 Remix) Furyan - Kokeen (Rayvolt Remix) D-Fence & Miss K8 - Generavers There are some great tracks in this set, and to be fair, most of them I've not even heard. Obviously I know the classics, the originals, And one remix of an all-time classic song has gained my respect, for it doing the original justice, or even being slightly better than the original. I do love the mashups. Some have really exceeded my expectations. Both Unfamous and Leyxa keep the entertainment level high throughout their set. And again, hopefully the weather was good and the boat wasn't rocking, but surely throughout their set they created their own waves. You wouldn't be able to sit still, right? The best record was one I had not heard before, and it was a remix of an all time classic by Neophyte and The Stunned Guys.And yes, it's even better than the original. So damn good. Goosebumps. I'm not a fan of the current Paul Elstak sound. A bit dull, a bit boring to me. 'Dropping It' was a good record, but 'We Live Forever' and 'Demons' is a bit meh. Restrained made 'Demons' slightly more interesting though. All in all, a solid set. 34 minutes of amazing records, and if you were on the boat, you probably made it rocking side to side. I've been listening to this over and over, and I really enjoyed it! DJs: Leyxa & The Unfamous Genre/Style: Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore, Uptempo, Mainstream, Gabber Liveset Info: Recorded @ Loudboat 2023 Length Liveset: 00:34:28 Tracks: 13 (thirteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 348 MB File Type: wav Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 1411kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: The Unfamous - Soundcloud Channel

  • Hard Energy - Dance Anthems Xtreme by Ben JAMMIN (2020)

    Let's finish today with a banging mix I had stored for a few weeks now, but did not do anything with it. Today is the day I am listening to this mix, and it has made me feel slightly younger again. It takes me back at least a decade, or even two! And it's a style of music I do not listen to very often, so when it does appear, it gets overlooked slightly by myself. But not today. Today we are going full on insane on Hard Energy Dance Anthems, taken to the x-treme (and you know shit is about to go down, when it's not written as normal, but more aggressively) I went into this mix, not knowing the DJ or the songs used. And I'm now sitting here, smile from ear to ear, and acknowledging that this mix might contain some bangers, and might put a huge smile on YOUR face. And that's what this website is all about: sharing. Because doing that, you are caring. DJ Ben Jammin made this mix a few years ago, and it gained a few positive responses on Soundcloud. And it is indeed a mix you want to hear. It's filled with mashup anthems, most of them you will know (or maybe all of them, if you are a connoisseur). I'm not always a fan of mashups, because some mashups are just horrible, but when they are done correctly, it could be a treat for your ears. What is it you can expect in this mix? Well, these songs: Camisra vs Sandy B - You Make The Warrior Go Round Southside Spinners - Luvstruck Porn Kings vs Sash feat Stunt - Amour Encore Une Fois Energy 52 vs Love Inc. - Broken Bones In Cafe Del Mar York - On The Beach Klubbheads vs Tiesto - Lethal Bits & Pieces Regener8 - Fin Tribute Mauro Picotto vs Major Players - Come With Me Iguana Olive - Not Alone JX - Son Of A Gun (Garbe & Simon Remix) Peren vs Gala - We Wanna Be Freed From Desire Push vs Modjo - Lady In Universal Nation Push vs Styles & Breeze - Your Shining Legacy Matt Darey - Beautiful Darude vs Candi Staton - You Got The Sandstorm CRW vs 49ers - Move Your Feet And Feel Love Lange - Follow Me Y Traxx - Mysteryland David Forbes vs Public Domain - Blade Blizzard Cosmic Gate vs Jonah - Fire Wire 400 Underworld vs Oasis - Slippy This mix has got some bounce vibes throughout, and it's really pleasant to hear something I do not hear that often. Sometimes you just need to bounce, hard and vigorously. And that's what I'm doing now. It is quirky, and it's jam packed with Hard House/Hard Dance anthems you all know. Well, I knew most of them. But not in this shape/form. I am absolutely NOT an expert on mashups, and this mix contains mashups I've not heard or seen before in my life. So I went into this mix not knowing what to expect, but it's been interesting. A fun journey. An interesting one. Small hints to my past, and the songs I loved growing up. Most of the tracks I can appreciate. I just cannot accept Underworld's song. It might be a mashup, but it is so overrated. I genuinely hate this song with a vengeance. And I'm not a fan of Oasis either, so that ties in well. Oh, I cannot tolerate that record in it's entirety. Makes me feel very unwell. But the rest are fine. It's different, and kind of quirky. I like it. Thanks Ben for this mix. Maybe I could become an expert if I just listen to more of these mixes, who knows? DJ: Ben Jammin Genre/Style: Hard Dance, Hard House, Bounce, House Mix Info: Hard Energy - Dance Anthems Xtreme by Ben JAMMIN Length Mix: 01:00:29 Tracks: 21 (twenty-one) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 138 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2020 More Information: Ben Jammin - Soundcloud Channel

  • Oldskool Hardcore Rave (10/10) - 12-03-22 (The Darkside)

    Today is my birthday, but don't think I feel it is necessary to talk about that too much. It is just my birthday, like any other day. I don't feel any different, it's just one day closer to the inevitable. But until that day happens, I'll just happily review mixes/CDs/etc, and enjoy life in its entirety. And today I am enjoying it more, not just because I am 40 now, but because it's yet another Craig Scott mix, one I had stored for a while, but finally found the time to listen to. And with this mix, we go to the darker side. The darkside of Hardcore music. Not the lighter, happier side. No, we don't go to the Jedi side, we go to the darker side. Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Snoke, etc. The mix contains the darker anthems. If you want to hear other mixes, which might be focussed on the not-so darker side of Hardcore, you are welcome to visit Craig Scott's Soundcloud channel, which is filled with extraordinary mixes. The best mix series he has done, is the Breakbeat Hardcore mix series but we've already discussed that one. Now it's time to talk about this darkside mix, which was uploaded 1 year ago. Funnily enough, before I actually listened to this mix, I thought of Star Wars. And then I heard the intro, and thought 'yes, this is cool'. And then the music started. And it was a journey and a half, to say the least. The mix is 3 hours and 10 minutes long, and it has got 68 tracks (sadly not 69, which would have been nice). During those 3 hours, Craig takes you on a journey, a darker path you weren't ready for. But he gently introduces you to this side of Hardcore, and you'll quickly become accustom to it, and even like it (if you haven't already). Tracklist time! DJ Trace & Ed Rush - Clean Gun Enforcer - Dam Tuff DJ Crystl - Warp Drive FBD Project - Terminate (HWND Remix) Darkside Weapon 1 (Unknown) Wax Doctor & Jack Smooth - Unfriendly International Rude Boyz - Drum Programme Darkside Weapon 2 (Unknown) Rotating Heads - Dark Secrets (Wishdokta Mix) Boogie Times Tribe - The Dark Stranger (Original Unknown Mix) Pascal & Sponge - Raw Basics The Skeleton Krew - Luv To Luv Ya (Remix) DJ Solo - Darkage Dope - When I Was Young Bounty Killaz - Silent Voices Warped Kore - The Power DJ Trace - Never Felt This Way Scott & Keith - Deranged Andy C - Slip n Slide Invisible Man - Twisted Q Project - Champion Sound (Alliance Mix) Tango & Ratty - The Killer Andy C - Something New (Part 2) Elevation - Take Your Mind Human Being - The Box Opened DJ Trace - Lost Entity (London Mix) Top Buzz - Maintain Her Ironik - The Calling FX - The Devil's Work (Boizo Edit) Torchman - Tell Me (Remix) Peshay - Gangster Kev Bird & The Wax Doctor - Dark Matter Mad Dog - Monged Out Out Of Order - Right Guard (Dub Mix) FBD Project - The Core Lewi Cifer - Heat Wots My Code - Dubplate Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows (Boizo Edit) Studio Pressure - Presha III D-Cruze - Want You Now Johnny Jungle - Flammable (Tango Mix) Jack n Phil - Unity (Boizo Edit) Jim Polo & Neil Vass - Underground Feeling Tango - Future Followers (VIP Mix) Matrix - So Ruff Dub Two - Bad Man (Tuffness Mix) Swift & Zinc - 2 Warm Andy C - Bass Constructor Lemon D - Pursuit Thru The Darkness Smith & Brown - Life's Just So DJ Excel - Just When You Thought It Was Safe (Remix) The Untouchables - Don't Be Afraid DJ Hype - Weird Energy MC Lethal - Prince Of Darkness (Nex Mix) DJ Fokus - Chill Out International Rude Boyz - Paragone Drum & Bass - Lowdown & Funky The Anthill Mob - Black Rushin Acen - Close Your Eyes (Unknown Remix) Bizzy B - Twisted Mentazm Potential Bad Boy - Work The Box (Boizo Edit) DJ Trace & Ed Rush - Don Bad Man Nicky Allen - NAD 45 (Welcome To Hell) Skanna - Night Stalker EP Goldie & Rufige Kru - Terminator Red Alert & Mike Slammer - F@ckin Hardcore Cloud 9 - You Got Me Burning Up (Ray Keith Mix) Shades Of Rhythm - Sweet Sensation (Ray Keith Mix) Before you dive into this mix, I would strongly suggest that you clear your diary for the next 3 hours. You will be devoured by this mix and it is certainly an intense mix. You will not be able to focus on doing other things in your life. Be warned. This is as dark as you can get it. The tunes are dark as fuck, and it's got this different vibe to it. You need to appreciate it for you to fully understand the importance of the music, and also the depths these songs take you to. This is a mix so damn good, it will get you moving, and wishing you would hear these anthems at your next rave. But for now, your living room/office/bedroom will suffice. If this darker sounding stuff is too hard for you, don't worry: Craig has got your back. His Soundcloud channel is filled with hours of music, and you'll certainly find mixes suitable for your ears. But if you are like me, and love your music rougher and tougher, you will love it. And I really enjoyed this mix. It's yet another epic mix by Craig Scott, and as it's the tenth in this specific mix series, there's plenty of other mixes for you to check out. But let's celebrate my birthday with a banging oldskool Hardcore mix! Best record? The first one. Sets the scene, the atmosphere. Banging record! DJ: Craig Scott Genre/Style: Oldskool Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore, Jungle, Rave, Drum & Bass Mix Info: Oldskool Hardcore Rave (10/10) - 12-03-22 (The Darkside) Length Mix: 03:09:35 Tracks: 68 (sixty-eight) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2022 More Information: Craig Scott - Soundcloud Channel

  • 100 10 0 ~~ Qualkommando Tribute (2023)

    I am going blind into this mix. The only reason I have picked this one, is because it had a funny coloured picture, and the tag said Terror. And I love myself a bit of Terror every so often. Hell, to even prove it: you can check my Soundcloud history: yesterday I decided to listen to both Tunnel Of Terror CDs in a row. But when it comes to the mix in question, I am not familiar with the artist of the DJ behind this mix, and I certainly wasn't ready for what was about to happen! I have never heard of Qualkommando or 100 10 0. And I wasn't ready for the madness that came at me through my speakers. At first there's an intro section, which seems to be OK, but then the madness starts, and it just doesn't stop there! And, just to let you know, my knowledge of the German language is limited, so I don't know what is being said throughout this set. I can guess, but let's not. I am a fan of the earlier Terror, but can appreciate the newer sounding Terror. It is still brutal, rough, and hard as nails. Most of my friends could not comprehend that this is called music, but they are idiots. It is music, and sometimes it is just glorious. And this mix, as weird as it might be, has got something in it that I like. It's got a certain nostalgia factor, which I was glad to discover. But now the big question: what records are in this mix? As I've not heard of Qualkommando before, the tracklist does nothing for me. Gabbo - Willkommen Bei Den Gabbers IgoA - Ich Höre Was (Qualkommando Remix) IgoA - Zur Rechten Zeit Am Rechten Ort Qualkommando - Bassbox Qualkommando - Die Bestrafung Qualkommando - Genickbruch Qualkommando - Terror Worldwide Qualkommando - Schneekönig Qualkommando - Outbreak Qualkommando - Tollwut Qualkommando - Was'n Los Qualkommando - Folterabend Qualkommando - Killing Me Softly I've had this mix on repeat now, and it still doesn't make any sense to me. The songs themselves, the Germanic bits and bobs here and there, and even the titles of these songs. What the hell does Schneekönig mean, or Genickbruch? I'm not even trying to pronounce them, as it is too difficult, and I don't want to butcher the language. But it is an interesting mix, that's for sure. It's different, quirky, and very intoxicating. Sometimes music doesn't need to make sense, as long as it's interesting to listen to. Expand your knowledge and views on the music you listen to, and listen to stuff you wouldn't normally listen to. It can be fun. This mix is beautiful, yet destroying your eardrums at the same time. Couldn't keep up with the pace, but as long as my arms can and my head, then we are covered. My feet cannot handle the beat anymore, but who cares about them anyway? It's a jolly good listen to. Something different, something extraordinary. And very, very filthy. The best track starts around 42 minutes. If anyone knows the title of that song, that would be appreciated (I know there's a tracklist, but for the life of me, I could not determine which song it is!). It's a solid appreciation mix. That's to say the least lol. Now I need to clean my ears, as they are still bleeding. DJ: 100 10 0 Genre/Style: Terror, Gabba, Gabber, Speedcore Mix Info: 100 10 0 ~~ Qualkommando Tribute Length Mix: 00:50:45 Tracks: 13 (thirteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: 100 10 0 - Soundcloud Channel

  • Classic Trance 50 Volume 2 (2020)

    Hang on a second! Hang on. Right, I might be a bit of a silly bugger, and yeah, I can call myself that. In June I did a review on a mix called 'Classic Trance 50 Volume 1', which was released onto Soundcloud a year ago, but the DJ behind this mix told me that he had a second mix out there, which is recorded in 2021? How does that work? It has seriously baffled my mind! Thought I was going crazy. I might go slightly crazy, but that's another story for another day. For now, let's focus on this older yet more interesting Trance mix, which seems to be ticking all the boxes for me. Both of these mixes were done by DJ Johnny Davison, But it's the second instalment that I am focussing on. There would be no point in focussing on the other mix, as there's already a review on that one (CLICK HERE). The first one was received well, the only downside was the length of the mix. I've got the attention span of a dog/cat, so an hour is max for me, normally. And after an hour, I completely get lost, and listen to something else, or do something else. But not with this mix. Yesterday I got stuck on the M25 for a few hours. A truck caught fire, so they closed down the road between junction 15 and 16, so this led me to be stuck for 5 hours, roughly. I hate it when that happens, but it is to be expected: the M25 is a shit road, but we all know it. The journey itself was long, but it gave me the opportunity to listen to this mix, as I wasn't going anywhere, but only inches forward. The mix is nearly 5 hours long, so you can imagine me sitting there, in traffic, listening to this mix. And I couldn't care less if people could hear my speakers in the door rattling the door. I am stuck. So I have to enjoy it as much as I can. So yeah, this was on full blast, for the whole duration of me being stuck. Max Graham - Does She Know Yet Sander Kleinenberg - My Lexicon Andain - Beautiful Things (Markus Schulz Shadows Of Coldharbour Remix) Yilmaz Altanhan - Eighties Funabashi - Daylight Tilt - The World Doesn't Know Audioholics - External Key Andy Moor - Halcyon Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes (Markus Schulz Remix) Armin van Buuren feat Gabriel & Dresden - Zocalo Gabriel & Dresden - Arcadia (G And D Swing To Chunk) Probspot - Foreplay David West feat Andreas Hermansson - Larry Mountains 54 Tiesto - Walking On Clouds Jonas Steur - Silent Waves Lolo - Why? Ralphie B - Massive Chicane - Autumn Tactics (The Thrillseekers Remix) POS - Gravity Primer - Everlast Above & Beyond presents Oceanlab - Beautiful Together Mirco De Govia - Voller Sterne (Super 8 Remix) 8 Wonders - The Morning After (The Thrillseekers Remix) Plastic Boy - Live Another Life Three Drives - Signs From The Universe Midway - Monkey Forest Armin van Buuren feat Ray Wilson - Yet Another Day (Intro Mix) Dogzilla - Without You Armin van Buuren - Shivers (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Dub Mix) Above & Beyond presents Oceanlab - On A Good Day (Daniel Kandi Remix) Enmass - C.Q. (Seek You) Robert Nickson - Spiral Matti Laamanen - Flakes Andy Moor vs Orkidea - Year Zero (Andy Moors First Light Mix) Pulser - My Religion Mono - Rise First State - Sacred The Thrillseekers feat Gina Dootson - By Your Side (Daniel Skyver Remix) Giuseppe Ottaviani - Through Your Eyes Nu NRG - Connective Marcos - Just For A Day (Marc Van Linden Mix) Giuseppe Ottaviani - Linking People Sean Tyas - Lift Signum - First Strike (Signum Singal 2004 Remake) Active Sight - Out Of Our Live Mo'Hawk - Atlantic Stress Mojado feat Mr Sam - Naranja (Dimitri Andreas Vision Mix) Marco V - Godd DK8 - Murder Was The Bass Igor S - Boomerang (Igor S Mix) For the record: I did not sit in traffic just to listen to this mix. Don't get me wrong. I would do a million other things, but it just happened. And this mix was there at the right time, and it was beautiful to listen to. It made the journey more bearable! Most of the songs that I have heard in this mix are from 2004-2005. And that's exactly the two best years of the noughties, when it comes to Trance music. I do love Trance in general, but I hold the most memories to those two years. And I can even remember the CDs I listened to, almost 20 years ago. And Johnny has used a few of those songs that were on those albums. I even remember where I was! And that's freaky! But not all tracks are from 2004-2005. There's a nice mixture of tracks in here. All dancefloor smashers! It's been 5 hours of pure pleasure, with some serious dancefloor destroying anthems in here. Anthems they don't make anymore. It's nearly 20 years ago since they released these songs, and they are just from a different era. My most favourite decade, if truth be told. It is an awesome mix with seriously insane records. It's been an amazing yet boring journey (being stuck), but it was all worth it. Otherwise I would not have heard Primer - Everlast. What a banging record! Loved it the first time I heard it, and still do to this day! Hopefully there's a third volume, and hopefully it's not messed up when it come to upload dates lol. Imagine, the third instalment, released 3 years before the original one, which was before the second? I'm confusing myself! Note: edit has been made, title mentioned 2021, but mix was 3 years old, so it's 2020 instead. DJ: johnnydavison Genre/Style: Trance, Uplifting Trance, Melodic Trance, Progressive Trance Mix info: Classic Trance 50 Volume 2 Length Mix: 04:45:19 Tracks: 50 (fifty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 653 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2020 More Information: johnnydavison - Soundcloud Channel

  • Holland Is Hardcore 10 - Prie-Millennium Urlie Pouwur - gemiksed door Jason S (2023)

    I am Dutch. If you haven't figured it out by now, it is the truth. Born and raised in a little town called Heerlen, South Limburg. And before you ask, 133 miles away from Amsterdam, for those uninitiated people. Yes, it's not close to Amsterdam, but it is still the Netherlands. And I've got a love/hate relationship with the Dutch language. I grew up speaking Dutch, but I never found it a beautiful language. Especially when it came to music. Songs are better sung in foreign languages, like French, English, or Italian. Dutch songs, and Dutch folklore music never really appealed to me, neither did Dutch Hardcore songs that contained Dutch lyrics/vocals. But things have changed, slightly. Not drastically though. But over the years I started to appreciate certain genres, like Dutch Hip Hop/RnB and Dutch Hardcore, like the songs you will find in this mix. Appreciate, not fully embracing. I still find the majority of songs silly, but at least they bring a smile on your face. It's the silliness factor that is important, right? The mix you are about to listen to, was made by Jason S, the megamix master. He's made so many great mixes over the years, and for a while they could only be found on Mixcloud, but thankfully he's made the transition to Soundcloud, and they come with a clearly visible tracklist. The songs pre date the Millennium era, and are early Hardcore songs. And all have got something in common: silly Dutch songs. Some are just so bad, it's cringe, but still makes me laugh. They will never appear in people's favourite Hardcore tracks of all time, that's for sure. But why not have a laugh? Jason S - Intro: Leren Misken Les 10 Cut The Cake - Helemaal Cut (Club Cut) Eurorave - Power Failure (Energie Mix Soldaat Ed & Soldaat Dave - Voorwaarts, Mars De Gabbers - Rubbish Boom Terrorism - Rammen & Rossen Hairspray i.s.m. De Gabbers - Best Wel Kut (Kut Mix) The Jokers - Rave Mietje The Powdered Nose - Hak Hak Uit Je Dak Ech Heftag! - De Haag Hakke!! (Lenny & Ralphie Dee Remix) Bodylotion - Ik Will Hakke (Marc Acardipane PCP Mix) Vitamin - Alice In Donderland (Liza 'N Eliaz Mix) F ''D.J.'' - Pizza Unsatisfied Evil II - Een Spanned Avontuurtje Neophyte - Wereldstad Vitamin D - Tering! Bilderberg Awairness Project - Botergeil DJ X.D. - Uncle X (Part 1) DJ E-Rick & Tactic - The Clown & The Acrobat De Schiedamse Schutters - Linke Gabbers Hooihouse - Hak Hak R.T.C. feat MC Kansloos - Ik Ben MC Kansloos Unsatisfied Evil II - Moeders Houdt Je Dochter Thuis R. Wagner - Holland Hakke D.J. Semzer - Hakland R. Wagner - Advokaatje Hooihouse - Pien An De Eure (Zure Melk Mix) De Klootzakken - Dominee Dimitri (Trapt Alles In Mekaar) G-Town Madness - Hellscratcher Neophyte - Zagen Just look at this tracklist. Well, if you aren't Dutch, it might look like gibberish to you. And it might even be rubbish to you, but at least it's something different. This mix contains records you will not hear that often, or barely at all. It just made me wonder what the reason was behind each track, why they were made, but truth be told, there must have been a market for it. To me it is similar to the Christmas Hardcore CDs/songs that were released around 1994. Thunderdome did it, Rave The City too, but it died a quick death after that. It was and still is a novelty, a niche market. And it's quite a funny one, if you listen closely to the lyrics, if you understand a bit of the Dutch language. Again, don't take this mix seriously, and don't think it's high quality anthems that have stood the test of time. They unfortunately haven't. And they sound extremely dated. But credit to Jason S for making a wicked mix. It's as impressive as the previous mixes I've heard and seen, and he always provides us with good tunes, and a smile on our faces! So for that, he gets the credit he deserves. There was only one record I liked in the 90s, and it's 'Uncle X (Part 1)' by DJ XD. The others I never paid attention to, but now I am. And I am having a laugh and a giggle. Don't take life seriously, as it doesn't do it either! Live life and laugh! DJ: Jason S Genre/Style; Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Early Hardcore, Original Hardcore Mix Info: Holland Is Hardcore 10 - Prie-Millennium Urlie Pouwur - gemiksed door Jason S Length Mix: 01:09:47 Tracks: 30 (thirty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Release Year: 2023 Bit Rate: unknown More Information: Jason S - Soundcloud Channel

  • Lighters & Horns 3 (2023)

    It is time for Jungle! Yes, I'm starting this Friday morning with some Jungle music. And it's a mix made by DJ Virus, which is always a great thing to hear. He's been a bit quiet for a few months, and I did miss his mixes, but he's back, and he's uploaded a few mixes you should definitely check out. But for now, let's focus on this mix, because it's got a yellow cover on the image above, and I love a bit of yellow. It's a nice and safe colour. And if you squint your eyes, the image could even look slightly like a smiley. Or is that just me and my fucked up eyes? I should listen to Jungle more often, but that's not always the case. I try my best, but seem to fail. Why? Well, it's because there's so MUCH music to discover, and as you can tell, my website loves every kind of music, I am not bound to just one type of music, or genre. I love to discover everything, whenever and wherever. And it seems that Jungle does not appear on my timeline, unless I search for it, or find it by accident, like what happened today. DJ Virus has made a lot of excellent mixes, and each one of them have been received very well by myself, and the listeners on Soundcloud. This mix hasn't got the support yet from his listeners, but they will arrive soon, hopefully after they read this review. His mixes and his Soundcloud channel deserve more credit for the awesome mixes he uploads, so let's all go to DJ Virus' Soundcloud channel and check everything out! But for now, let our focus go to the tracklist. Decibella - Be True Kos - Almost There (House Crew Remix) Flatliner - Celestial Voices (Blame Shadow Remix) Unknown Artists - 4am (Version 2) Eternal Bass - Deep Sensation (Jimi B Remix) Shodan - Take Me Back To 93 Justice & Necrotype - Sky High Coco Bryce - Kissed It Up Harmony - Caulk Blame - Lift Off Gold Soundz - Can't Stop How I Feel Janaway - Shadow Raver Killer Whale - Rock The Boat (Haze Remix) New Decade - Reversion (Peshay Remix) Blame - Music Takes Me Higher (Remix) Kid Lib - Don't Wait Myor - Ill Behaviour 007B Sempra - Heaven Blame - Back In The Jungle (Remix) Eternal Bass - Way Of The Future (FFF Remix) I have been listening to this since 5:30am, and it's been a blessing. The tunes are killer anthems, and the flow is extremely nice. Am I presuming correctly that these are all new-ish tunes? I've checked a few, and their release dates were in the 20s, so hopefully I am correct. But the flow is nice, and the tunes are solid. I'm sitting here, head bopping, feet stomping, and have my arms raised in the air. My neighbours must be thinking I'm a complete loon, but so what? I'm having the time of my life, and these tunes are what currently move my body. I am so happy to have found this mix. It's a great one, and it starts off with a blinding record. Which is coincidentally my favourite of this mix, because it sets the tone! And I love the tone! Another epic mix by DJ Virus! More of these please! More Jungle. Can never have too much Jungle! DJ: Virus Genre/Style: Jungle, Breakbeat Mix Info: Lighters & Horns 3 Length Mix: 01:20:37 Tracks: 20 (twenty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: DJ Virus - Soundcloud Channel

  • Happy Hardcore Legends (Dougal & Gammer Tribute Mix) (2022)

    Oh, I love myself a bit of Dougal and Gammer. This legendary duo has made some excellent tunes during the golden years of UK Hardcore music, and they are still seen as absolute classics, and they go down well on the dancefloors and raves all over the UK to this day. If Discogs is correct, they started as a duo back in 2002, and their last tune was released in 2018. Those 16 years have been very good to all of us, and we've all purchased so many compilations which had their songs on them. Hell. you could have even purchased a few mix CDs which they were involved in, like Hardcore Euphoria, Bonkers, Hardcore Heaven, or their own CDs called First Order and We Love Japan. I was looking for a new mix to listen to, and to share with my fellow Dutchmen on Partyflock, as there's a small communion of UK Hardcore/Freeform fans, and they like it when I share new music with them (I think?). I stumbled upon this mix (and a few others too), made by Dexx a year ago, and it's a tribute mix to one of our favourite duos, Dougal and Gammer. It's not the first, nor will it be the last mix I will ever hear. There's always a craving for more Dougal and Gammer, but unfortunately we can only wish for it to happen... but until that moment we have to make do with the songs they already made. Which isn't a bad thing to be fair, trust me when I say that. The mix is an hour long and it's got 15 amazing records in it. You want to see the tracklist? Dougal & Muttley - Get Hype (Scott Brown Remix) Dougal & Gammer feat Jenna - When I Close My Eyes Dougal & Gammer - Lifting Me Higher Dougal & Gammer - Don't Stop Go Dougal & Gammer - Trust In Me Dougal & Gammer feat Lisa Marie - Open Your Eyes Dougal & Gammer - Horns Of Jericho Dougal & Gammer - The Tunnel Dougal & Gammer - Expressions Dougal & Gammer - Rock This Dougal & Gammer feat Jenna - Lose Me Forever Dougal & Gammer - Guitar Hero Dougal & Gammer feat Jenna - Through The Darkness Dougal & Gammer - Xtreme] Dougal & Gammer - Fires In The Sky (Frisky & Hujib Remix) This is a very nice looking tracklist, and it's got the big hits you were hoping to hear/see. Dexx has made a very interesting looking mix, but it's all about the sound, and we are all eager to know how it sounds, right? It sounds great1 Really enjoyed the set, and it's got the big hits in it, and a few maybe less appreciated Dougal & Gammer tracks too, but they are worth to be mentioned, or in this case, played. Dexx keeps us on our toes, and his mix is a terrific ode/tribute to the legendary producers Dougal and Gammer. The main reason for me why I like Dougal and Gammer is their use of vocals. They loved vocals, especially female vocals, and they always worked extremely well! They always had the finest vocalists on their songs, and they just uplifted each song to the next level. And in Dexx's mix there's a few in here, which will certainly take YOU to the next level. The one track I really appreciate the most, is 'Trust In Me'. Those vocals are just blinding! So touching, so emotional, so beautiful! Is this the best Dougal & Gammer record ever made? If you don't care about vocals, you can pretend to be a guitar hero expert, and listen to Guitar Hero? A solid mix. I really enjoyed it a lot. Worth waiting a year to discover, and now it's going to go on repeat again! And there's also a second instalment, a second tribute mix to Dougal & Gammer1 How amazing is that? DJ: Dexx Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore Mix Info: Happy Hardcore Legends (Dougal & Gammer Tribute Mix) Length Mix: 01:08:48 Tracks: 15 (fifteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2022 More Information: Dexx - Soundcloud Channel

  • 90's Classic Trance set - volume 3 (2021)

    Roughly 9 months ago I reviewed a mix I found on Soundcloud, which was made by Edele Andaya. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. And a couple of weeks ago I went on the hunt for some new music, and there was yet another mix done by Edele, but this time it was the third mix in this mix series. So I jumped on it immediately, and have listened to it over and over. Well, not 24/7, but you know what I mean? My morning started with some Dutch Hardcore/Gabber, and I needed to hear something a bit softer, mellow, to soften my mood. But you might be wondering what is in this mix? Well, the title of this review/mix should give it away, really. It's 90s Trance music, and it's the third instalment. So there are a few other mixes out there by Edele which you should check out. But for now, let's focus on this third one, and see if it's any good, shall we? The reason I jumped on this mix, was because of one song. It always grabs my attention, whenever I see it, and I cannot let it go by without hearing it, listening to it, and enjoying it. To me it's the pinnacle of the Trance scene in the 90s, one of the best songs ever made, if not the best. But that's down to personal opinions, right? Not everyone might agree, but you have to understand the importance of this song, and it will become clear which song I am referring to. Pascale - Plastic Angel (Original Mix) Cygnus X - Superstring (Rank 1 Remix) Floyd - Come Together (Original Vocal Mix) Chakra - Home (Above & Beyond Remix) Atlantis vs Avitar - Fiji (Lange Remix) The Space Brothers - Heaven Will Come (Lange Vocal Mix) G.D. - Choral Reef Salt Tank - Dimension (Salt Tank Voices of Reason Remix) Quake - Mantra Forever (Original Remix) Spoiled & Zigi - More And More (Instrumental Remix) Travel - Bulgarian (Signum Remix Extended) Signum feat Scott Mac - Coming On Strong (Original Mix) Lange feat Skye - Drifting Away Boccaccio Life - Secret Wish (Lange Remix) CRW - I Feel Love (DJ JamX & De Leon Remix) A thing I've noticed, and only I would notice it, is the fact that this tracklist was nearly without any errors. Any spelling errors. It was close to perfection! And I like that! But it's all about the music, and the music is great. Edele has done a great job, and has selected really great tracks. Some you might have heard a billion times, but there's still a few in it, which I've not heard in a long time. The track I was referring to, was obviously Superstring by Cygnus X. You might have guessed it, right? Played at Sensation, and I was there, witnessing it all, hearing it coming at me through those massive speakers. I was in Heaven for a split second. The mix is tight, and the records are tight too. Really enjoyable, and a real trip down memory lane! A bit like the person in the image: looking at flyers/posters/covers, reminding themselves on how good the 90s music was, and especially how Trance has evolved, but has become timeless. DJ: Edele Andaya Genre/Style: Trance, Uplifting Trance, Hard Trance, Euphoric Trance Mix Info: 90's Classic Trance set - volume 3 Length Mix: 01:31:19 Tracks: 15 (fifteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2021 More Information: Edele Andaya - Soundcloud Channel

  • The First, Second & Third Decade | Thunderdome 2022

    I am a Thunderdome, baby, so why don't you kill me? If you know what I'm referring to, you are a Thunderdome freak too! But in all seriousness, I am a massive Thunderdome fan, and it all started back in 1993 for me. For ID&T it started in 1992, and guess what? It's been 30 years since, and to celebrate this, last year, they decided to give the fans something special. Something that I could not even see on the line-up. If you've been, can you let me know when these three ten minute timeslots occurred? And I know I am late to the party. These videos have been on Thunderdome's YouTube channel for quite some time, and already gained massive view numbers, and a lot of positive feedback from those that watched them, and those that were actually there. The event itself had positive feedback, but it came with a killer line-up, one that would put a huge smile on everyone's face! Unfortunately I couldn't go, as the tickets sold out so damn quickly1 Ophidian, Marc Acardipane, Nosferatu, Mad Dog, Promo, Dione, Panic, Catscan, Evil Activities, Bass-D, Buzz Fuzz vs Lady Dana, Rob & MC Joe, The Outside Agency, Dither, Angerfist vs Tha Playah, DRS, Drokz, The Viper, Endymion, Weirdo, The Darkraver vs Gizmo, Ruffneck, Vince, The DJ Producer, Detest, I:GOR, and the list goes on. If you aren't slobbering like Homer J. Simpson, you aren't Hardcore enough. But today it's not about those sets, which you might find on YouTube too, but it's about the celebration of three decades. As said, it all started back in 1992, and in 2022 they celebrated three decades of Thunderdome. Three ten minute timeslots of pure passion, pure Thunderdome. The videos are truly astonishing. Ravers just embracing the three decades, and what music came out of the scene between 1992 to 2002, 2002 to 2012, and 2012 to 2022. No one behind the decks, people just raving their arses off. Yes, mobile phones are in sight, but you have to record this special moment in history. We won't be able to witness something this great for another 9 years! These are special videos, and deserve more views. Acknowledge the importance of Thunderdome, and what they have done and achieved. The First Decade | Thunderdome 2022 Moby - Thousand w/ Catscan - Cr8tiv Counter (Lyrics) Diss Reaction - Jiieehaaa Turbulence - 6 Million Ways To Die Darrien Kelly & Scott Brown - Geleihoofd Marshall Masters - Stereo Murder Dr. Macabre - Poltergeist French Connection - French Connection Tony Ronald - Help (Vocals from Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Wonderfull Days) Bodylotion - Happy Is Voor Hobo's Cybernators - No Out Of Here... Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ (DJ Buzz Fuzz Remix) Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To Da Bone DJ Paul Elstak - You're A Hardcore Hooligan DJ Paul Elstak & Teenage Warning - Brohym 3 Steps Ahead - In The Name Of Love The Second Decade | Thunderdome 2022 G-Shock - Demons (Promo Remix) Promo - Patterns In Chaos Promo - King Of Pain (Mashup) DJ E-Rick & Tactic - Meet Her At Thunderdome DJ Bike - Bike's Drum DJ Sim - Simbiosis Catscan - WO III Meagashira - Through Inner Core The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul - Thrillseeka Unexist - Attack Noisekick - Ik Haat Trance! The Outside Agency - Backpack Wisdom Mad Dog - Welcome Down The Third Decade | Thunderdome 2022 Nicole - Een Beetje Vrede Angerfist & I:Gor - Gangsterizm Alien T - Hammer Of The Devil Art Of Fighters - Fuck You! Endymion & The Viper feat FERAL IS KINKY - Raging In The Dancehall (The Outside Agency Remix) N-Nitral - Crispy Bassdrum (Bombsquad Remix Edit) Noize Suppressor & Mad Dog - Bassdrum Bitch Furyan - Bass Journey Mad Dog - Reset Cryogenic - Basskick Paradise Three decades. Time has flown by, hasn't it? Did they realise back in 1992 that they were going to create something that would stood the test of time, and would still be appreciated decades later? Or did they think it was only going to be a one off, being pleasantly surprised there was a craving for more, and now 30 years later, it is still going strong? These three videos will raise another question to those die-hard fans: which decade do you prefer? Are you an early OG, a Millennium fanatic, or a present day raver? To me the answer isn't as simple as you might assume, but the 90s and the Millennium years have been the greatest years for me, but in the end you only have to choose one decade, and to me it's 1992 to 2002. The music was, to me, the best of the best. But before we dive into each set, let's focus on the video itself. It is GREAT! I seriously love how it has been recorded, and what an ode to the gabbers! You could not give the gabbers anything more than this. 30 years of Hardcore, and they loved it. They screamed their heads off when the music kicked in, and especially when certain songs came on. But which song of each video is my favourite? Shouldn't come as a surprise: The First Decade: Marshall Masters - Stereo Murder The Second Decade: DJ Sim - Simbiosis The Third Decade: Cryogenic - Basskick Paradise There's a few songs in these sets which I do not like, but they were part of the decade. And I also question certain songs: I thought 'Simbiosis' and 'Meet Her At Thunderdome' were released in the 90s, not noughties? But the experience had to be amazing. This was one of those moments you had to be there, to fully capture the power behind the Wizard and the music that came out of the early 90s, that still continues to this day, and still makes thousands of gabbers happy. Thank you, ID&T, for giving us Thunderdome, and for three decades of smiles. Smiles for miles! And also thanks for opening the set with Moby - Thousand. What a track! Artists: Various Artists Genre/Style: Hardcore, Uptempo, Oldskool, Happy, Millennium, Gabber Liveset Info: Recorded @ Thunderdome 2022 Length Livesets: +/- 30 minutes Download/Listen (via YouTube): FIRST / SECOND /THIRD File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2022 More Information: Thunderdome - Official Website

  • The Best Of The Energiehal (1997)

    I am not from Rotterdam. You might not be able to 'hear', but if you were to speak to me, you could hear that I speak with a softly spoken voice, and the emphasis is on the letter G, which is soft. Compared to the people from Rotterdam and that side of the Netherlands, their letter G is spoken a bit more harder, rougher. But I do have a connection with Rotterdam, as I have family who lives there. But I've never been partying in Rotterdam, especially at what is known to the gabber community, as the gabber temple of Europe: de Energiehal. I know of its existence. Well, before it was demolished. And I had a quick look on Wikipedia, and this place has got a rich history. Opened in 1995, closed in 1999, To the people who know de Energiehal, they know its history, but to me, a gabber, I know the place because of the music and the legacy surrounding this place. Especially the raves that took place there. But let's not underestimate the tunes that were made, which fit the atmosphere of the venue extremely well. A hall is always best to have raves in. The atmosphere and the reverberating sounds just makes the music stand out even more. According to a few documentaries I've seen, the sound was like a wall of sound coming at you. And the songs played at this location suited that feeling extremely well. Imagine having a wall of sound coming at you! That's just insane, right? It became the place to go to, if you wanted your Hardcore fix. It didn't last long, as it was demolished before the Millennium hit. But every story I hear and read, underlines the importance of this specific location to the raving community, especially those who lived in or surrounding Rotterdam, or who just went to this place to experience what ravers experienced. Word of mouth spreads quickly, right? I was too young, and only started raving in 1998. Before I had the chance, it was taken down. But at least we've got the music, that resonated in de Energiehal. This CD was released in 1997, and I have seen this one before. Someone only uploaded it onto Soundcloud the other day, so I thought I'd jump on it, as I really like the music that's on this disc. United Gabbers Of Rotterdam - The Intro Holy Noise - The Nightmare (Power Mix) Euromasters - Noiken In Die Koiken (Hoi) Bald Terror - Drummachine (Remix) DJ Rob & MC Joe - The Beat Is Flown (R'dam Most Wicked Remix) King Dale - Fuck Face (Too Fast For Mellow Remix) Lenny Dee vs DJ Paul - Anti-Procrastination Neophyte vs Bodylotion - The Mix Neophyte - Komen Wij Uit Rotterdam Neophyte - Recession Bodylotion - Mellow Moenie Mauwe Eraserhead - Life Is A Mystery (Forze DJ Team Remix) Darrien Kelly & Scott Brown - Geleihoofd Nightraver - We Are From Rotterdam Bass Reaction - Technophobia (Original Mix) Hardhead - Tu Tu Tu (Gabber Mix) Rotterdam Terror Corps - Megarave (Z-Vago Remix) Bass D & King Matthew versus Distortion & MC Raw - Raveworld Dr Z-Vago - Big Decision Rotterdam Terror Corps - In De Energiehal Mix Rotterdam Terror Corps - We're Gonna Blow Your Mind Rotterdam Terror Corps - The Horror Rotterdam Terror Corps - We Are The Gabbers Rotterdam Terror Corps - Sound Of Madness Rotterdam Terror Corps - Hardcore Motherfuckers United Gabbers Of Rotterdam - The Power Of Rotterdam I don't know what happened, but the tracklist didn't come out the way I wanted it to be. Click here to see the tracklist and the correct numbering sequence. I've been listening to this CD from 6am, and I'm feeling the Rotterdam vibes coming at me. I might not have been from Rotterdam, but you can clearly distinctively tell a record was released on one of Rotterdams many labels, or was hugely influenced by the sound coming out of the scene in R'dam. They had this sound, a bit rougher and tougher. A bit more on the Housier side. But yeah, it was distinctively Rotterdam-ish. I was a fan of the music coming out of Rotterdam, It wasn't always the finest kind of music, but it got people on the dancefloor. A great example of that is 'Noiken In Die Koiken'. Or 'Mellow Moenie Mauwe'. They were even known by those that didn't like Gabber music. But they were funny songs. On this disc there are a few mixed together records, and a few unmixed songs. I do love the Neophyte vs Bodylotion mix, and the RTC one too, but it's the standalone records that do more to me. And of course did I pick 'Raveworld' as my favourite. Come on, it's an easy choice. Not a fan of 'Fuckface' or 'The Power Of Rotterdam'. Or 'Tu Tu Tu'. Not the finest songs that came out of Rotterdam. That's enough Rotterdam for me. A nice CD to have, and it's got some classics on it. ''Komen Wij Uit Rotterdam''? You might, not me mate! Did they know the place was going to be demolished only 2 years later? Artist: Various Artists Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore CD Info: The Best Of The Energiehal Length CD: 01:15:29 Tracks: 18 (eighteen)+ Release Year: 1997 Label: E-hal Records Product Number: HAL 001 More Information: n/a

  • DJ Ben Venom - Kniteforce And Remix Records Showcase Mix. (2023)

    I am ashamed to admit that, even though I know of Kniteforce Records' existence, my knowledge about the labels and it sublabels is very limited. I wouldn't call it non existent, but it's certainly at a level that I'm not comfortable with. So you can imagine my enthusiasm after finding a brand new showcase mix by Ben Venom, who I've also never heard of, and after a quick browse on Discogs, it turns out the main label has got quite a few sublabels, So there's a huge change my knowledge is extremely limited, so I do apologise for that! There's limited info on Discogs and Soundcloud about the DJ/producer who goes by the name Ben Venom. The only info I could find is the fact that he's a DJ and producer of Breakbeat and Hardcore music since the early 90s, and he's played at Vibealite, Pleasuredome, and Helter Skelter. And he's 45. Well,that could be different, don't know when he got his Soundcloud channel, he could be a tad older now. The only bit of info that I can share, is that he's part of the Kniteforce crew. I'm not going to go into the details behind the label, because there's plenty for you to find out. But what I can say, is that the label is still active, alive and kicking, And Ben Venom has had a few releases on the label, and you'll find his mix filled with his own productions. And one stands out, and is already a classic. You'll figure it out, which one it is! NRG - Its Ruff (Ben Venom Remix) Ben Venom - That Boulder Track Ben Venom - Call Me Gnome Luna-C - Free As The Sky (Ben Venom Remix) Ben Venom - Heart And Soul Ben Venom - Stylin Like 85. Ben Venom - Kickin The Bass DJ Ham - Here We Go Again (Ben Venom Remix) Ben Venom - The Games You Play Ben Venom - The Dance Of The Kniteforce Ben Venom - Forever There aren't many records, but it's not about the quantity but the quality. And the quality is amazing! I've not heard of Ben Venom before, but he's gained a new follower! Especially after hearing that one track that made me smile and be happy the most. I wasn't expecting to hear such a diverse mix. From Hardcore to Breakbeat to Rave to Oldskool sounding Hardcore to Happy Hardcore: it's all in here. And the one track that got me excited the most, and reminds me of the UK Hardcore sound from the Millennium era, has to be 'Heart And Soul'. This is a new record, but a very strong and powerful record too. I have fallen in love before, but not this quickly! I heard this song once, and knew immediately that this was the biggest record in this mix. It is. Come on, what can compete with this record? I love the oldskool sound in each record! It's so happy, cheerful, and enlightening! We need that happier sound to return, and take over the charts. More Breakbeat, more Rave, more Happy Hardcore... It's a very cool mix. And it contains a record that should be on everyone's minds! Or on everyone's heart and soul. What a brilliant record, a UK Hardcore anthem that deserves to rock the dancefloors! Side note: I will delve a bit deeper into Kniteforce and its history and subsidiaries. Don't want to feel embarrassed anymore! DJ: Ben Venom Genre/Style: Hardcore, Breakbeat, Rave, Oldskool, Happy Hardcore Mix Info: DJ Ben Venom - Kniteforce And Remix Records Showcase Mix. Length Mix: 00:54:39 Tracks: 11 (eleven) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: BenVenom - Soundcloud Channel

  • Hardcore Forces (1997)

    The year is 1997. A lot of things are happening in the Hardcore scene, and an attempt to stay fresh and up to date with the current Hardcore scene, Arcade released a double disc album, which was called Hardcore Forces. And the title and the concept was interesting: the 5 biggest labels in the Hardcore scene, all on one album, showcasing their finest records released on their label. So, you've got ID&T, K.N.O.R. Records, PCP, Dwarf Records, and Rotterdam Records, all on one album. Not fighting for supremacy, but showing the labels capabilities, and what they have to offer, music wise. It was only 2 discs, but on this compilation each record company would have 8 records, to showcase their skills. ID& starts the race with 8 records, followed by Rotterdam Records, Dwarf Records, K.N.O.R. Records, and ending with PCP's 8 records. I don't know who was responsible in selecting tracks from each label, but it's a mix and match of wicked anthems, and tracks which are OK, but not the best of the best. But at least it was an interesting concept, right? It was not like these were exclusive records that no one has heard before, right? Not like they would have appeared already on a billion compilations? Nah, that would be a silly thing to say! Well, that was actually the case. The concept, getting labels all united, was a great thing, but the tracks already appeared on a thousand compilations I owned, so they weren't unique. And you would always have your favourite label anyway, depending on where you are from, or what your ears preferred more. For me it was ID&T, but over the years I started to appreciate other labels too. Before we dive into which records are ace, and which aren't my favourite, let me show you the 40 records you probably have heard many times over, and maybe even dislike due to the radio overkill? CD 1 DJ Buzz Fuzz - D-Leria 3 Steps Ahead - Motherfuckers You're Gonna Die Waxweazle & Guitar Rob - Spread Your Wings The Prophet - Pump Up The Volume Tony Salmonelli - Once Again (Original Mix) Cixx vs The Vinyl Junk - The Tough Guys DJ Promo - Bad Boy DJ The Stalker - Paparozzi Holy Noise - The Nightmare (Power Mix) Bald Terror - Drummachine Hardattack - Bonehead (Buzz Fuzz Remix) Neophyte - Recession DJ Paul & Lenny Dee - Anti-Procrastination Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To Da Bone DJ Paul & The Stunned Guys - Confusion DJ Paul & Teenage Warning - Brohym (This One's For Gabbers) The Scotchman - Mayhem Hyperact - House Agression Brothers In Crime - Let Me Suck Your Tiny Tot - La Bambolina (The Stunned Guys Remix) CD 2 Darkraver & DJ Vince - Intelligent Hardcore The Alternative Creators - Sound Creation (DJ Isaac Remix) Boombastic - Leaders Of The Newschool DJ Isaac - Another Dream Human Resource - Dominator Original Source Code - I'm Not A Number (Holy Noise Mix) Bazeman - Can You Feel The Baze Cyclopede - Bad Motherfucker Bazeman - Bazeman Innerchild - Who You're Fucking With Human Resource - In The Hall Of The Mountain King Zelator - Centre Of The Earth Rave Creator - A New Mind (Cold Rush Phuture Mix) Inferno Bros. - Slaves To The Rave (PCP Mix) Lunatic Asylum - My Beat Overlord - Master Of The Universe Nordcore GMBH - Nordcore Attack Tschabos - Ischgibdir Miro - Understand Steve Shit - C'Monyall See, I told you it looked interesting. And you even got free stickers in the album. They probably went straight onto my school agenda, which was the ID&T Thunderdome agenda. Or on my bike, or somewhere. To this day I did like this concept. Give the labels their platform they deserve, and let them show the world what they are good at, and what they've got in store. Some of the labels decided to go a bit oldskool, and added a few classics on it, while others added the most recent tracks, the ones that were demolishing dancefloors at the time. It's a nice mixture of old and new, and it does not become annoying at all. But what does become annoying, is the records themselves: they were already everywhere. To have them on one compilation was cool, but already done before, as such. And surely there were much better records released on some labels, right? Not saying these aren't classics, but each label had much better releases, in my honest opinion. OK, here we go, let's complain about each label, and which record isn't great: ID&T = Tony Salmonelli's 'Once Again'. Buzz Fuzz made better records. Rotterdam Records = Paul & Teenage Warning's 'Brohym'. Not Paul's finest work. Probably one of his worst songs ever. Didn't do a single thing to me Dwarf Records = Isaac's 'Another Dream'. This song was and still is boring. K.N.O.R. Records = Zelator's 'Centre Of The Earth'. Nah, not for me PCP = Miro's 'Understand'. One thing I didn't understand, was this song and its presence on this album. And now the greatest songs (on this album!) from each label: ID&T = Cixx vs The Vinyl Junk - The Tough Guys Rotterdam Records = Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To Da Bone Dwarf Records = The Alternative Creators - Sound Creation (Isaac Remix) K.N.O.R. Records = Bazeman - Bazeman PCP = Inferno Bros. - Slaves To The Rave (PCP Mix) Now, to reiterate, I do like the concept, and maybe it should be done with a fresh pair of eyes and ears, and redone properly? Get the five biggest Hardcore labels together and put out an album, bit like this one, and redo it all. Put better records on it, and do maybe one for each decade of Hardcore? It's not 3 decades of Hardcore, so there's a plethora of music, right? This had a prominent place in my collection, among the thousands of Arcade CDs, but it wasn't their finest release. This could have been executed in a better way. Hardcore was already in a bit of a turmoil, and this CD faded away into obscurity. Not the biggest album the label released, and as this was a one off, it seems to be a bit of a misplaced album: wrong place, wrong time. And there were more than 5 labels out there, so they could have done this much better. But, there were some amazing records on here, and over the years I have achieved a bit of a love for the early Rotterdam sound, be it from Rotterdam Records or K.N.O.R. ID&T has always remained my favourite label, but PCP and Dwarf Records closely followed these labels. But now all 5 are nearly equal to each other, in my eyes. But this isn't the right album to showcase these record companies' strength and diversity. Could have been better. But it wasn't. Another one to add to the pile of Arcade stuff that didn't work as much as they hoped it to be. Well, at least it wasn't as bad as that Formula One album, Hardcore and Formula One sounds... that was just appalling. Artist: Various Artists Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Techno, Happy Hardcore, Acid, Doomcore CD Info: Hardcore Forces Length CD: 02:29:31 Tracks: 40 (fourty) Release Year: 1997 Label: Arcade/ID&T Product Number: 9902327 More Information: n/a

  • Sickmode & Mish pres. RAVE LOVE @ REBiRTH FESTIVAL 2023

    From GPF to Sickmode & Mish, a.k.a. RAVE LOVE. How funny how that happened, eh? But yeah, I'm now listening to Sickmode & Mish's set at this year's REBiRTH Festival, which took place on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of April in Haaren, the Netherlands. 3 days of madness, who doesn't want to experience that? Probably one of the first big events held outdoors, but I think that's a good thing: it will get the people ready to venture from indoor events back to the 'outside' world. And when people do, they do get the full experience, the RAVE LOVE experience. I've not heard of Mish before. Sickmode I have, of course. I still listen to a lot of his sets, as part of The Gang. And when I initially listened to this set, I thought it was the Gang, as the sound just resembles the Gang a lot. I had to double check, as I thought Rooler had changed slightly. But no, it was Mish, who joined Sickmode on the stage for 30 minutes. But not did they bring the madness, they also brought the love! The RAVE LOVE. I don't know exactly what that means, but hey ho, who the fuck am I? Couldn't care less if they were called 'The Broccolis' or 'The Toe Fungus', as long as they play the finest Rawstyle anthems. But that's exactly what they did. A lot of their own productions, and they are really awesome records. You can tell the crowd were loving it, as they were screaming so much: toward the end of the set they couldn't scream as loud as they wanted to, as they couldn't anymore, as they had already given 1000%. And so have I! I wasn't there, sadly, but I could feel the awesome atmosphere come at me through the wonderful medium called YouTube, and you can watch it too, if you haven't already: Sickmode - Rave Love (Rave Love Edit) Sickmode - Hey X (Edit) Sickmode - Go Stupid Mish & Krowdexx - Time To Shine Henrik - Give it To Me (Rave Love Bootleg) Sickmode & Ciraw - Rock The Party (Edit) Joyryde - Fuel Tank (Sickmode Bootleg) Sickmode - Make It Pop (Edit) Sickmode & Mish - One And Only (Rave Love Edit) Sickmode - Klaplongen (Edit) Sickmode & Mish - ID Sickmode & Mish - ID Mish - I Go Hard (Edit) Mish - Into The Night Sickmode - ID Sickmode & Krowdexx - Lose It Sickmode & Mish - You And I (Rave Love Edit) Sickmode & Desudo - Shake It (Edit) Mish - Authority & Justice (Live Edit) Mish & Sickmode - We Burning The Dancefloor (Rave Love Edit) Sickmode x Mish - OH RiGHT (Rave Love Edit) Sickmode - FULL TANK (L4MBO 2.0) (Live Edit) Sickmode & Mish - One And Only (Uptempo Edit) Sickmode - Go Stupid (Uptempo Edit) If you were at this event, and you were in the Revelation area, you must have witnessed this set. This RAVE LOVE set. It was a shame that it's only 30 minutes long, but at least you get 30 minutes of Sickmode and Mish. And that's truly a blessing. They do bring the heat. And the tracks are so delicious: they do bring the stomp! You raise your hands in the air and stomp your feet so hard, you might have some blisters at the end of the set. Head wobbling too. You cannot forget about the head movement too. And ears bleeding, as a result of the songs coming at you at such a ferocious speed! I do love the euphoric vibe through most of their songs. They make you feel happy, cheerful, but when the beats and bass kick in, all hell breaks loose. They do know how to work towards a build up, a climatic moment, but within that lies the one complaint I've got... Their songs are too short, and the build up is sometimes better than the actual climactic moment. I need that euphoria to be longer, much longer. So much hype for 20 seconds of climax? Nah mate, I need more. And I get it: you only get 30 minutes, and you need to impress, but a bit longer please. A bit longer. But that's the only complaint I've got. Everything else is great. This set is as powerful as you want it to be, and it's very energetic. Both artists are enjoying themselves on stage, and the crowds reaction should give them the gratitude for what they are doing, and what they are causing: ultimate carnage and havoc on the dancefloor. Maybe they can get Rooler involved and call their new group the 'RAVE GANG', or 'GANG LOVE'...? DJs: Sickmode & Mish presents RAVE LOVE Genre/Style: Rawstyle, Uptempo Liveset Info: Recorded @ REBiRTH Festival 2023 Length Liveset: 00:31:23 Tracks: 24 (twenty-four) Download/Listen (via YouTube): CLICK HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Aggressive Records - YouTube Channel


    I went to the gym yesterday. That's not a spectacular thing to do, and many people on this Earth do the same, but they aren't like me. I am one of a few people out there who need their BPMs to be ridiculously fast when doing a workout. And when you think of a workout and fast beats, you immediately think of GPF. And if you aren't thinking of GPF, the big question emerges: why not? Maybe you don't like them, which is cool. Or maybe you've never heard of them. Let me introduce you to the wonderful world in which GPF exists. I wasn't there, at Harmony Of Hardcore, but it would have been a great experience. It's one of those events I've never visited, but should have. It has got big line ups through its existence, but 2022 was a big year, for them to have GPF on the mainstage. On the video you can see a sea of humans raving their arses off: there's roughly about 500+ people there! They must have had a wonderful time, pleasing the fans and those that think GPF is weird (which is a lot of them). They came with blow up penises, and cucumbers. I have witnessed them live, and it is still one of the weirdest moments in my life. But they are weird, different, and quite extraordinary. Their music, if you call it music, has been a huge topic of many debates: what is it, and is it music? According to the missus and my family members, it's just pure noise, but not the good noise. To those that appreciate their music, it's like a little angel peeing in your ears. Truth be told, sometimes the pieps are a bit too much, and hurt my ears. They did bring the funny to the mainstage. With their colourful outfit and blow up items and cucumbers, they entertained the people at the mainstage. Not all of them, there's a few not fan of the cucumber (as you can see on the video). But they also brought their records with them, and made sure they were played out loud, and as fast as possible. Was it pre-recorded or not? Queef feat GPF - We Will Fuck You GPF - Harmony Of Fuck (2022 Edit) Angerfist & Radical Redemption - Repercussion (GPF's Piepercussion Remix) GPF & D-Fence - Virgin GPF & D-Fence - NO MONEY GPF & S3RL - Cum Say Henlo GPF & MC Jeff - Cummin On Ur Face (Cummy Edit) (Pokemon Edit) Basshunter - All I Ever Wanted (GPF's All I Ever Fucked Remix) GPF - Cummy Bear GPF & J1zzy - Who's Your Daddy GPF - Left Right Left Right 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It (GP's Fuck It Remix) Marshall Masters feat Da TMC - Don't Touch That Stereo (GPF & Vieze Asbak Remix) Da Tweekaz - Moana (Cain & GPF Donk Fuck Duck Piep Kick Remix ) Acraze - Do It To It (GPF's Piep It To It Remix) Sickmode & Rooler - Too Cold (GPF's Too Fuck Remix) GPF & Riot Shift - Broccoli Fuck (Kimmercore's Rimmercore Piep Fark Remix) Rene Karst - Adje Voor De Sfeer (GPF Cum Edit) Yeah, this tracklist isn't shocking. Have seen most of the track already multiple times. But what did shock me, was the way the set was recorded: the GoPro camera views really messed up my head. The drone shots were cool, but the facial shots (see what I did there), they were awful! Reminded me of that bloke looking at trains and getting excited. Couldn't even watch that, but that's mainly because I don't like trains. Yeah, these tracks aren't shocking. But what did shock me, was their approach to already existing Hardcore classics, like 'Don't Touch That Stereo' and 'Drop It'. Some might think it's blasphemy, but to me it's just glorious. The 3 Steps Ahead song really works. And it's my favourite song of the set. What made me laugh, beside them being weird as fuck, is them asking the audience to sit down, and people are booing them! Wasn't expecting to see that! The set is funny, quirky, and you might like or dislike them. They bring something unique to the stage, and it's just blasting those beats through the speakers at max volume, as fast as possible, and as ridiculous as possible. While, at the same time, do it with a grin on your face. It isn't music that is timeless and will be remembered in 100 years from now, but at least those living in the present day/time can have a laugh, and stomp their feet as hard as possible, and wave their dicks in the air, as fast as they want to. And even suck on a cucumber when provided. It's a quirky one, that's for sure. Don't know why it's taken me a long time to discover this set, normally I am on these things. Fuck. Act: GPF Genre/Style: Piepcore Liveset Info: Recorded @ Harmony Of Hardcore 2022 Length Liveset: 00:44:35 Tracks: 18 (eighteen) Download/Listen (via YouTube): CLICK HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2022 More Information: GPF - YouTube Channel

  • Colin H - Piano Classics (Early 90's Happy Hardcore / Breakbeat) (2014)

    The other day I was on YouTube, and I spotted a video focussed on DJs/producers guessing titles and artist names of songs from the 90s. It's the blind test series, run by Telekom Electronic Beats TV channel on the Tube, and they've got a wide range of DJs on the show, and each episode is dedicated to a specific sound/genre, and the latest one was focussed on Breakbeat Hardcore from 1990 to 1993. I was bitten by the Breakbeat Hardcore bug, and I immediately went to my trusted source Soundcloud, and found this mix by Colin H, done back in 2014. This mix contains records from the early 90s, but the tone is a bit different. The vibe is slightly focussed on the happier side of Breakbeat Hardcore. And obviously a lot of pianos were involved during the making of these glorious anthems. A lot of them. But pianos and Breakbeat Hardcore go well together, hand in hand. When you do have a mix filled with these anthems that are filled with piano bits and bobs, it just make you happier! Colin's mix contains a lot of amazing records. You get 35 epic records by some of the finest producers in the Breakbeat/Happy Hardcore scene. And I'm not the only one that thinks this way: it has had positive reviews since the day it was uploaded back in 2014. And I have to join those comments. It's a brilliant mix, 2 1/2 hours long, and the tracks are just pure pleasure filled anthems which have become timeless. And the tracks are still highly recommended not just in mixes like this one, but at raves too. You need to hear these tracks, you just need to hear them anywhere, everywhere. But which ones am I talking about? Reinforced presents Nookie - Give A Little Love (94 Lick) DJ Slipmatt - My Own (Slipmatt Remix) Ramos & Supreme - Crowd Control Reinforced presents Nookie - The Sound Of Music DJ Seduction - Can You Feel It SMD - 1A (Slipmatt's Exclusive Album Mix) Seduction & Dougal - Better Days Seduction & Dougal - It's Not Over Sy & Unknown - Sudden Impact Billy Daniel Bunter feat Gem - Let It Lift You Seduction - Drop The Bass SMD - 3A Edit V - Sensation Seduction - So In Love Force & Styles - Dancing Through The Night Eruption - 12'' Of Love WE 3 - Groovy Dimensions Happy Rollers - '95 Style D-Zyne & Fury - The Horny Raver Happy Roller - Starjump Billy Daniel Bunter & D-Zyne - Ride Like The Wind DJ Fury - Soundflow Sunset Regime - Transducer DJ Chewy - Rock This Place Seduction - Hallelujah Billy Daniel Bunters & Seduction - Hop On The Dancefloor Seduction - Higher Now (Seduction & Unknown Remix) Seduction & Eruption - Bust The New Jam Sense Of Summer - On Top (Hixxy Remix) Ham & Demo & Justin Time - The Big Spill DJ Ham - Is There Anybody Out There (DJ Ham 1999 Remix) Ham & Demo & Justin Time - Here I Am Garion Fey - Can You Do This Slipmatt - Pure Release (Techno Mix) Quest - Spiritual Dawn Been a tad busy today, working from home, and I had to pause this mix so many times, I had to restart it at least 4 times. But it's been on since 6am, and it still is, many hours later. I really enjoyed this mix, and I thoroughly enjoyed each record. The mix is really good, and Colin has done his best to make a mix worth listening to. And it's got a shit ton of excellent Breakbeat/Happy Hardcore anthems, that have gotten the recognition over the years by the fans. Many years/decades since their initial release date, they are still loved, and danced to, all over the globe. I even forgotten a few of these records. But thankfully Colin H reminded me of their existence, and I'm now loving life. Being happy, WFH, living in my own bubble, remembering how awesome the 90s were for Breakbeat/Happy Hardcore, and how awesome life was in general (well, at least for me). I was a bit too young when Happy Hardcore was around, so I did miss on partying then, but now I'm old enough, and wish I was old enough back then, to have witnessed the music dominating the world and parties all over the world. A solid mix. And 35 amazing records. Don't have anything negative to say. 5 out of 5 stars, Well deserved! DJ: Colin H Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore Mix Info: Colin H - Piano Classics (Early 90's Happy Hardcore / Breakbeat) Length Mix: 02:27:58 Tracks: 35 (thirty-five) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 338 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2014 More Information: Colin HQ - Soundcloud Channel

  • DJ Casketkrusher @ Primeval (24-06-2023)

    Primeval, which was held on the 24th of June of this year, But I can't find any information about it. Been scrolling through Facebook for 10+ minutes, but there's simply nothing that stands out, which can give me a clue about the event and who performed. Well, at least I know one artist who performed there: Casketkrusher! And seeing as I'm a fan of his for a few years now, when his latest set was announced on Soundcloud, I jumped right on it. If there's one person who knows what I want to hear, it's Casketkrusher! So instead let's focus on the set, and the tracks used. 30% of the tracklist are tracks which aren't IDed yet, but at least one I do know, so the percentages are going down. But from what is showing on the list, it's a glorious one, filled with tracks you certainly don't hear that often! You don't see or hear them in other mixes, which is a pity , in my honest opinion. I am a fan of Casketkrusher, and his mixes have made their way to this website. We've even interviewed him a few years ago. He's one of the new generation who is keeping the early Hardcore/ Happy Hardcore sound alive, with his own label and many releases on it from himself and fellow early Hardcore fanatics. His Total Destruction Records is doing quite some damage on the dancefloors all over Europe, and it's good to see new music getting the recognition they deserve. But for this set he went all out, and dug deep into his collection, to find those forgotten and obscure anthems most of us have forgotten about. You have a look at the tracklist, and you will say the same thing. They are so underrated! ID - ID Public Domain - So Get Up (Jeremy Mix) Not-A-DJ feat Nathalie - Out Of Control (The Stunned Guys Remix) Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa (Prophet's Mix) Naughty Boys - Innocent Amusement (The End Mix) MD&A - The Cracken ID - ID ID - ID Technological Terror Crew - The Ripper Chosen Few - Ø Chøsen The Coalition - 9mm B.C. Kid - Smash The Guitar ID - ID DJ Sim - My Territory DJ Jordens - Koto's Revenge ID - ID ID - ID The Force Creators - Wheep & Howell Obituary H.C. feat Jonny B - First Time On This Phuture Nordcore G.M.B.H. - Welcome To Planet Hartcore ID - ID Delta 9 - Speaker Worship Somatic Response - Don't Fuck With An S.R. Nasenbluten - Cunt Face Ingler - Rkor Machine Neuwerk - Microbust This is a tracklist and a half, isn't it? Don't know where he finds these hidden gems, but yeah, these are forgotten records. I can honestly say that the majority of these records have not been heard by yours truly for at least a decade, if not longer! And that's a shame, it truly is. I do like it a lot, hearing those classic anthems again, and it's nice to see them all in one mix. There's plenty of hidden records out there besides these 26 anthems, but at least it's a start. We need to relive the 90s again, and blow off the dust of those records. DJ Casketkrusher's mix is certainly an entertaining one. And it's got a track in I adored when it initially came out, but it never got the recognition it deserved: 'Don't Fuck With An S.R.'. Such a fucked up track, but so damn hard at the same time. Love it. Oh, and I love 'Cunt Face'. Wicked track, awesome title! It's a wicked set. Wish the tracklist was a bit more filled, but hey ho, at least we get a free mix from Casketkrusher, and that's all we could wish for, right? DJ: Casketkrusher Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Terror Mix Info: DJ Casketkrusher @ Primeval (24-06-2023) Length Mix: 01:07:51 Tracks: 26 (twenty-six) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Casketkrusher - Soundcloud Channel

  • 80s Remixed Part 2 (2022)

    I am an 80s baby. Born in 1983, I grew up in the 80s. Yes, I might have been a young lad, not knowing what music meant, but when I was old enough, I was drawn to the early sounds, the sound of my youth. I did fall in love with music toward the end of this decade, but that didn't stop me from loving everything made in the 80s. I'm now nearly 40 (next year), and whenever I'm working from home with the wife (who was born in 1989, so she's only a 80s baby for a few months), we always play 80s or 90s music. Sometimes, when we do feel a bit frisky, we might go for 2000s music, but most of the time we are in the two decades that defined us. The 80s were glorious. A bit more colourful. The music was 'innocent' and fresh, and you could tell that people were experimenting with new technology. No more guitars and drums, but a drum machine that could do all of that and more. The technology grew, and so did the music scene. It was the start of a new era for music, and the 80s became a distinctive sound. You can tell if something was made in the 80s or 90s just by listening to it. I am always happy hearing music from the 80s. It's just so beautiful, 'simple', but efficient. Music was more innocent (with the odd track here and there talking about inequality, etc). And sometimes very cheesy. But the cheese fest would only happen in the 90s, and really flourished then. The 80s was a decade for great music. Some of the biggest bands in the world made their finest songs in this specific decade. Before I dive fully into my youth and what I used to wear (t-shirt with that 7-Up cartoon on it/ cheap sneakers/ colourful pants/ too brightly coloured jeans, etc) or what I used to watch as a kid on an old Philips TV set, let's talk about this mix. The mix in question was only uploaded a few days ago, and has already reached thousands of listeners. So what is this mix all about? Well, it's music from the 80s, remixed. Only slightly. Nothing really dramatic, and you can still tell who made the original, but it's slightly made more 'upbeat'. Some of the songs could have easily been released in 2022, but they weren't. A nice mellow throwback to the 80s, with some 2022s technology applied, to make them a bit sleeker, and at some stages, even sexier. The DJ in question had a mix like this a few years ago, and got positive feedback. Now, in 2022, he decided to do a follow up mix, and he used the following tracks to make it work: Junior - Mama Used To Say (Dr Packer Remix) Dr Packer feat Kenny Thomas - I Found Lovin' Kenny Thomas - You Are In My System (Dr Packer Remix) Pointer Sisters - Automatic (Dr Packer Re-Edit) Imagination - Just An Illusion (Dr Packer Remix) Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling (Pete Herbert Edit) Animation - Obsession (Dr Packer Acid Mix) SOS Band - Just Be Good To Me (Dr Packer Remix) Lisa Stansfield - All Around The World (Dr Packer Remix) Luther Vandross - Never Too Much (Michael Gray Remix) Mantronix - Gotta Have Your Love (Dr Packer Remix) Grandmaster Melle Mel - White Lines (Dr Packer Rework) Freeze - IOU (Dr Packer Remix) Colonel Abrams - Trapped (Dr Packer Remix) George Duke - Reach Out (Dr Packer Rework) David Joseph - Can't Hide Your Love From Me (Dr Packer Rework) Jocelyn Brown - Love's Gonna Get You (Dr Packer Remix) Darren Giles feat Suki Soul - Don't Turn Your Back BB & Q Band - Dreamer (Michael Gray Remix) Duran Duran - Girls On Film (Da Lukas Rework) Human League - Love Action (Dr Packer Rework) Chaka Khan - I Feel For You (Dr Packer Rework) Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls (Michael Gray Remix) Change - Searching (Dr Packer Remake Of Parkside Mix) Evelyn Champagne King - Love Come Down (Dr Packer Rework) Princess - I'll Keep On Loving You (Dr Packer Rework) Miami Sound Machine - Dr Beat (Dr Packer Rework) Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Around (Dr Packer Rework) Human League - Don't You Want Me (Dr Packer Rework) New Order - Blue Monday (Dr Packer Rework) Block & Crown, Paul Parsons feat Daniel - Smalltown Boy Sylvester - Don't Stop (Dr Packer Rework) Sylvester - Do You Wanna Funk (Dr Packer Rework) Laidback - White Horse (Dr Packer Rework) Prince - Erotic City (Dr Packer Re-Edit) Yello - Oh Yeah (Dr Packer Rework) I have to give the 80s some credit: I've typed many tracklists, but this is the only one with the least amount of 'spelling' issues. Words that Windows doesn't recognise, so credit for all the artists involved. But it's not just about spelling, but it's all about the music. Is it any good? The short answer to that is 'yes'. Me and the missus just came back from a few days in Clacton, and on the way there and back we listened to this mix, and both of us were pleased. Very pleased. And we even burst into a sing and dance. Dr Packer has selected the big hits from the 80s, that's for sure. Heavy hitters, as the kids would like to call them. Just look at the tracks and the artists who made them, and you know you will have a great 3 hours ahead! (yes, this mix is 3 hours long!). It's a trip down memory lane, but the trip has become a bit smoother, and more suitable for the dancefloors in 2022. We could get the younger generation on the dancefloor and dance to the tunes we grew up with. How cool is that? Unless they say something as dumb as 'who is Paul McCartney' and 'Kanye is going to make him big'. If I hear that, it makes me feel old, and it makes me cringe. The artists in this mix are certified, and are all amazing artists. They are already legendary, and this mix does their status justice. I am sitting here, smiling from ear to ear, and nodding my head up and down. Can't go too crazy, I am still WFH. But yeah, I'm feeling this mix, and it takes me back. Back to the golden years for me, when I was too young to understand the world, and was happy in my own bubble. Dr Packer did a marvellous job in composing this mix and adding his own reworks and remixes to this. I am really a fan of this kind of remixes: making a song sound slightly different, but still making sure it doesn't lose any of the original elements. Just a tiny bit of dance music added to it, and voila: you've got a dancefloor hit! Too many great songs to choose from, so I won't. But you should check this mix out, even if you weren't born in the 80s. If you don't like this, something's wrong with you. But I've got faith in you, and hopefully this will increase your craving for 80s music. You can thank me later, after you've checked this mix. DJ: Dr Packer Genre/Style: 80s, Dance, Electronic Mix Info: 80s Remixed Part 2 Length Mix: 03:06:59 Tracks: 36 (thirty-six) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Release Year: 2022 Audio: unknown Sample Rate: unknown More Information: Dr Packer - Soundcloud Channel

  • 80's Soul Classics (Remixed) (2014)

    Last year I found a mix made by Dr Packer on Soundcloud, and I reviewed it. And I loved the mix a lot. It was the second instalment of a mix series focussed on 80s Soul music, but it not being the originals but edits of all time classics. Where the second one had about 24k plays, the one you are about to listen to (if you haven't already), has a staggering amount of plays: 182k! But those were gained in 9 years of being on Soundcloud. And for good reason though! I've been listening to this mix for a couple of years now. It has made it's way into my own playlist, which is personal, but it's music the wife and I listen to. It is music we both appreciate. Most music genres we don't have in common, whereas I listen to the harder styles, and she's more into Pop, Rock, Ska, and more, and I'm not. So this is our safe mix. Dr Packer is an Australian producer/DJ, and he's very successful on Soundcloud. Just check out his Soundcloud page, and you'll follow him straight away. Tons of excellent songs and mixes, and this being one of the best out there. It's got the best reviews/comments, and I have to join the bandwagon. As said, I've listened to this for a few years now, and it's always a blessing to hear those familiar songs, be it edits of the original, coming at you through your speakers. Most of the songs selected for this mix were edited by Dr Packer himself, and that's a good thing. He didn't chop them up too much, and they do the original songs justice. Some artists do chop up a song too much, and it ruins the song, but not Dr Packer. Sometimes the edits are so small, you could even believe you are listening to the original, but you aren't. Let's check out the tracks selected for this mix: Change - Change Of Heart (Dr Packers Epic Voyage) Rufus & Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody (Derek Kaye Mix) Yarbrough & Peoples - Don't Stop The Music (Candy Dealers Mix) Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Else's Guy (Dr Packer Mix ) Sister Sledge - Thinking Of You (DJ 'S' Mix) Keni Burke - Keep Rising To The Top (Dr Packer Mix) Maze feat Franky Beverly - Joy & Pain (Dr Packer Mix) George Benson - Turn Your Love Around (LNTG Mix) Fatback Band - I Found Lovin' (Dr Packer Disco Dub) Stephanie Mills - You're Putting A Little Rush On Me (Dr Packer Mix) Loose Ends - Hanging On A String (Dr Packer Mix) Raw Silk - Do It To The Music (Dr Packer Mix) Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Dave Gerrard Mix) Hall & Oates - I Can't Go For That (80s Child Mix) George Benson - Give Me The Night (Dr Packer Mix) Change - A Lovers Holiday (LNTG Mix) Luther Vandross - Never Too Much (Fingerman Mix) Luther Vandross - Never Too Much (DJ 'S' Mix) Fonda Rae - Touch Me (Dr Packer Mix) Imagination - Flashback (Dr Packer Mix) Cherrelle & Alexander O'Neal - Saturday Love (Elias Tzikas Mix) Michael Jackson - Billy Jean (Fatneck Mix) This is a fantastic mix. One that will certain set the mood for the rest of the day, or even the weekend. You cannot escape this mix: once you press the magical play button, it will be on for hours! And yes, I do mean it goes on repeat, because the mix is tight, very tight! I grew up in the 80s, being born in 1983, but I was too young to understand the music. To me, music was just music. I never paid too much attention to the power of the songs, but only when I grew older, did I understand the importance of the songs, music, and genre. And Soul is just so damn gorgeous! It has become timeless music, still appreciates decades after the songs initial release. Dr Packer's mix isn't in your face. It is perfect. The songs are picture perfect, and right when you need them. Maybe to unwind a bit, or just to chill a bit, but when you need it, it is there. The other great thing about this mix is the fact that it's 2 hours and 6 minutes long, and you only have 22 records in it. So it's not a megamix, where all these are crammed in. The opposite happened here: you get full versions of songs you would never hear on the radio, and that is a blessing in disguise. Long versions are always better. This has got some amazing records in it, especially 'I Can't Go For That'. Love that record a lot! A fantastic mix, one that will set the tone for my weekend! And as I'm typing it, it goes back to the beginning. Repeat after repeat, and I don't care. I love this mix! Other mixes might take longer to compose a review for, but as I've heard this mix a thousand times already, there's no need to think too hard about it: I can dream this mix! Ps. the download function didn't work. Maybe it's just me, or maybe it was once available to download, but the link doesn't work anymore? DJ: Dr Packer Genre/Style: Soul Mix Info: 80's Soul Classics (Remixed) Length Mix: 02:05:51 Tracks: 22 (twenty-two) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2014 More Information: Dr Packer - Soundcloud Channel

  • Half Shelf Dubby Dip 1 [Old Skool Dubstep Vinyl Mix for Begrime] (2023)

    What most people don't know, is that I love myself a bit of Dubstep. Yes, I am openly admitting it. I love the oldskool Dubstep. And after a quick visit to a trustworthy website called Wikipedia, it gave me some more information. I didn't know it originated in South London back in the early 2000s, as an offshoot UK Garage sound, and its roots go back to the Jamaican sound system party scene from the early 80s! Well, you do learn a lot from going onto Google or Wikipedia! Pearsall, a regular contributor to this page, made a mix for Begrime SUB FM Radio Show, which aired on the 17th of May of this year. And it contains early Dubstep anthems. Some forgotten about, but also a few all time classics. And it's nice to go back in time, and hear the tunes I fell in love with, especially when 2010 happened: to me that was the greatest year for Dubstep music. It was obviously influenced by the sound coming out of the UKG scene. Hell, a lot of artists crossed over from one UKG style to the other. It was such a gorgeous sound, one that I still hold close to my heart. As said before, 2010 was (for me) a very important year. The music that came out of the scene was just everywhere. The sound of Dubstep dominated the charts and the dancefloors all over the world. From South London to the rest of the world.. It was a very underground, gritty, and very innovative, that's for sure. It paved the way for a new generation of producers and DJs, and have given us so many memorable tunes. And some you will find in Pearsall's mix! Om Unit - Searching Joker - Do It Benga - One Million Silkie - Hooby Kito - Cold Synkro - Angels Skream - Blue Eyez Digital Mystikz - Unexpected Matty G - 96 Style Smooth Breakage - Untitled Benga - Skunk Tip Cyrus - Mind Games 2562 - Embrace Goldie - Inner City Life (SBTRKT Remix) Seven - Sirens D1 - Trial Run L-Wiz - Strength Skream - The Shinein Digital Mystikz - Coral Reef Rusko - Go Go Gadget Skream - Exothermic Reaction Jakes - Justice La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream's Let Get Ravey Remix) One of the things I've noticed, is that early Dubstep records had short titles. Or is it just me who noticed it? Not just in this mix, but the majority of records I've heard over the years had very short titles. Well, it makes it easier for me to type the titles... much easier. Pearsall's mix is a glorious one. It contains the right records, mixed together nicely, and the hour flies by before you know it. You will be in awe throughout the mix, as the tracks are solid as a rock. I wouldn't say that these were the more commercial records, ones that would appear in the charts, but what I do know is that they were successful on the dancefloors all over the UK. He literally just went through his own collection, grabbed a handful of records from his Dubstep shelf, and made a mix out of it. That's the concept of this mix, and I love it. They are solid records, and all blend in nicely. But leave that up to Pearsall to make a splendid mix: this isn't his first mix, and certainly won't be his last. It's a splendid mix, and it shows us how awesome Dubstep was. It might still be, but I've lost track a bit of what happens in the scene. Hopefully it's as awesome as it once was? There are too many to choose from. I think the biggest hit in this mix has to be La Roux's song, remixed by Skream. It is still an awesome record. Could choose that one, but what is your favourite record? A solid mix to get us through the weekend! Enjoy it! DJ: Pearsall Genre/Style: Dubstep Mix Info: Half Shelf Dubby Dip 1 [Old Skool Dubstep Vinyl Mix for Begrime] Length Mix: 00:58:50 Tracks: 23 (twenty-three) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 134 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: Pearsall - Soundcloud Channel

  • Take #15 - HeartthRob Lowe (2023)

    I think I've said it before, but I'm really baffled by the mix you are about to listen to. Well, technically speaking it isn't this mix, it's this mix series. It is quirky, weird, and yet interesting. It has a few celebs in it, like Matthew McConaughey, Jude Law, Keanu Reeves, Sylvester Stallone, Dustin Hoffman, and now Rob Lowe. If I recollect, this will be the third review, and I'm still not 100% sure that I'm getting the message. But that's not up to me, that's down to the DJ, who is Rígur Lárus. Wouldn't even know how to pronounce his name, Rígur Lárus. But it's all about the quirkiness of this mix, and what this mix does to you. Once you've gone passed the introduction, the music kicks in, and the set takes you to another level. A level of euphoria. You might be a bit Lowe on energy before this mix, but you will certainly regain the lost energy once you press play. Just a side note: no Rob Lowe's were injured during the making of this mix. None were harmed. None were used against their will. Good, we've cleared that up, now let's talk shop. Most of these records are new to me, and the artists too. But that's the glorious thing about mixes like this one: Rígur Lárus brings not only the quirkiness, but the tracks and artists I've not heard before, blends it all together, and delivers a set you don't want to miss. Chicane & C-Systems feat Hanna Finsen - Let The Universe Surround You (Extended Mix) Fur Coat - You & I (Original Mix) Estiva - Via Infinita (Extended Mix) Hardt Antoine - Many People Dems (Adana Twins Remix) Sascha Braemer & 19:26 - Geiger (19:26 Remix) Skatman - Oldschool Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch (Space Motion Remix) Yet More - Walk With Me Jericho - Personal Reflection (Trance Mix) Cherry - Sirena (Extended Mix) Yet More - Brenda Bradley (Dub) Esoteric Circle - Moonshard (Original Mix) Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Cristoph Extended Mix) David Keno - When It Rains (Third Person Remix) Stil & Bense - Endorphine (Jill Tanner Remix) Human Rias, Just James feat Teya Flow - Don't Know What To Say (Axel Haube Extended Remix) 19:26 & Animal Picnic - XX (Original Mix) Artche - Bleed (Extended Mix) I have been sitting here, listening to this mix, in pure amazement. I have fallen silent. I have nothing to say, or even comment negatively about this mix. This is yet another amazing mix by Rígur Lárus, but this one I thoroughly enjoyed the most. Why? Not because of Rob Lowe (no offense, mr Lowe), but because of the tunes selected to make this weird mix. Well, I shouldn't say weird, because the mix ain't weird: it's the intro, the concept of this mix. The tunes are banging! And two stand out the most. Want to guess which ones they are? I'll save you the hassle of guessing which ones they are. 'XX' and 'Via Infinita'. Both epic anthems. Rígur Lárus has selected a very fine few records, and the hour flies by before you know it. Or Lowe it. I've not heard any of these songs before, but they will surely remain in my head for the rest of the day. Maybe even the rest of the week? Brilliant job, mr Rígur Lárus. DJ: Rígur Lárus Genre/Style: Trance, House Mix Info: Take #15 - HeartthRob Lowe Length Mix: 01:03:14 Tracks: 18 (eighteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 144 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: Rígur Lárus - Soundcloud Channel

  • DJ A.K. - 90's Euro Dance Rave Mix 08.07.23

    Am I European? Check. Was I alive throughout the 90s? Well, when it started, I was 7 years old, and when it ended, I was 17, so yes. And did I love the 90s? Sure. It was an important decade for me. It was important, as it defined my youth a lot. And yes, if you look at the image above, those were the colours and fonts of the 90s. A very colourful and happy decade for most of us. This was before the internet exploded, so we were still happy, and lived our lives to the max. Yes, TV shows of the 90s, some haven't aged well, but when it came to music, it has aged well. Like a fine wine. Every day I listen to this Dutch radio station, called Radio Decibel, and they play a lot of 90s music. And it makes me happy. Reminds me of the lost decade and the music it generated. Was it cheese? Yes, it was. But it was memorable music, and music that has stood the test of time. We are now listening to it, 20-30 years since the songs were released, and we are still excited to hear those classics. They put a smile on our faces, and make us remember a decade that has long gone. DJ A.K. made this mix, and it's not in line with his other mixes. But he gave it a go, and it has gained traction. A lot of positive feedback, so hopefully he'll do them more often, as there's clearly a demand for Euro Dance/Italo House music. I did buy everything in the 90s, but A.K. did find a few songs which versions I've not heard before. Which makes them more interesting. I'm not saying that they are better, but it makes the mix more interesting. Discover new music which isn't new. Can we all agree that the 90s was a dope decade? Can we? Kids who didn't experience the 90s cannot talk. It's us oldies. Well... old is a term I wouldn't like to us, but compare to those young kids I do feel old. Let's take a trip down memory lane with these records: Q-Tex - Power Of Love (Jon Campbell Remix) TTF - Dreamscape 94 Trotters Independent Traders - Love So Pure Corona - Don't Go Breaking My Heart Teez - Love Of My Life (Piano Club Mix) Billy Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms TTF - Real Love Tatjana - Santa Maria (Steven Tucker Vocal Club Mix) N-Trance - Set You Free (TTF Remix) Mary Kiani - I Imagine (Motiv8 Club Mix) Capella - Move On Baby Haddaway - What Is Love (12'' Mix) Corona - Rhythm Of The Night JX - There's Nothing I Won't Do Grace - Not Over Yet (Perfecto Mix) Love 4 Sale - Do You Feel So Right (DJ Joe Remix) Suburban Delay - Energy Rush 97 KOKO - Open Your Eyes Gigi D'Agostino - L'Amour Toujours Wow. You don't see and hear these anthems that often anymore. Well, there are a few you would hear on 90s radio stations, but for example the 'L'Amour Toujours' track. The version used by A.K. isn't the one you hear. Or what about the 'Set You Free' mix by TTF? Not the version I hear on the radio. It's a very nice mix, and not filled with too much cheese. Proper dancefloor classics. And a few he found were complete unknowns to me. The 90s were just so damn good. The present day dance music isn't my cup of tea, and won't be all time timeless classics like these tunes from the 90s. They just can't be. The 90s dominated everything, and to this day it dominates the music scene. Just play anything from the 90s, and people all sing along and wave their hands in the air. I do like this mix a lot, and have saved it as one my favourites in a dedicated playlist. One my wife would also listen to. (she's not a fan of 90% of the music I listen to, so it's nice to see a mix out there she appreciates too!) Only criticism I've got is the N-Trance song. The original has been played over and over. This song, as good as it might have been in the 90s, grinds my gears. On adverts, on the radio, in many, many mixes.. I've lost the love for it, and I had it once. It's just meh for me. Can't deny it's a classic, but I'd rather listen to the other 18 tracks in this mix. Radio overkill is to blame. I still give this mix a 5 out of 5 stars. Why? Because of A.K. taking me back to my childhood. And whenever someone does that, they get extra credits for doing so. I feel young again! And it's also a genre of music rather underrated on Soundcloud etc. Best record? 'Love Of My Life'. Can't deny the fact that this is an all time classic! DJ: A.K. Genre/Style: Euro Dance, Italo Dance, Italo House, Euro House, Euro Pop Mix Info: DJ A.K. - 90's Euro Dance Rave Mix 08.07.23 Length Mix: 01:05:05 Tracks: 19 (nineteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: DJ A.K. - Soundcloud Channel

  • ROD - HATE Podcast 342 (2023)

    I am in love. Well, yes, I am. And I have been for many years. I've eventually married her. But you can also love other things in life, like the mix you are about to listen to. I am in awe of this mix, and for good reason: it's probably the coolest mix you will hear in a while. And to prove to you how much I am in love with it: I had to Shazam the fuck out of it, and roughly 40-50% of the songs aren't even recognised on the app! I needed to have the tracklist, but unfortunately it came with none, so there was only one thing for me to do: make it myself. I was that determined to get a list, and now I have it, my life is complete. Well, as complete as the list is. ROD. You might know him as Benny Rodrigues. Well, that's how I know him, as I didn't know he had a new or different name. I scrolled through my timeline on Soundcloud, and there it was: the latest instalment of the highly successful mix series set up by HATE. I recognised the person on the image, and once I pressed play, I realised it was Benny, but that wasn't the only thing that I recognised. The music. OH MY GOD. How awesome is this mix? Have you checked it out already? Well, I have. And I've listened to this mix at least a hundred times over the last few weeks. This mix has dominated my life, and today especially. I've been hard at work , and needed something to boost my confidence. And something that has got such an energy level, that it would automatically increase my own levels to its own level. I'm sitting here, bouncing up and down, from 6am to 6pm. I am hyped beyond belief. This mix contains everything I needed to hear in life. ROD's mix is insane. I've had the pleasure to hear him play a few times, and I've always been highly blessed to have witnessed him. I do love his style, be it as ROD or Benny. This mix is a next level mix. And as said before, the tracklist isn't complete, but if you know the missing IDs, please enlighten me. Dimi Angelis - Sound Chaser Dimi Angelis - Purple Nightfall ID - ID Counterpart - Walkers On Water Dimi Angelis - Warp Drive ID - ID ID - ID The Subjective - Tremmer (Remastered 2022) Sleeparchive - Trust V.1 Subjective - Tremmer (Advent Remix) Cravo - Evo.03 ID - ID Surgeon - THX-1139 (Level) DeNiro - MPC Track A2 Monrella - Mandrel Monrella - Main Whipping Robert Gorl - Blue Sex Drops Ritzi Lee - Impact ID - ID ID - ID A&S - Xenix UVB - Quiet Life UVB - Ero ID - ID ID - ID ID - ID Reich War Ministry - Maestro (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix) Stanislav Tolkachev - Sometimes Everything Is Wrong ID - ID I don't know if this tracklist is correct. Hell. I could be completely wrong! I never compose track lists, as I'm very bad at names (and why I always ask for a tracklist). But I'm happy with the way it looks. And hopefully one day we will have a full list. But the music is what does the talking here. And the talking is great. I'm loving the mix a lot, and it's currently my most favourite Techno mix of all time, and that's a statement. Give it a couple of weeks and I'll find a new one, but for now, I'm happy that this HATE mix has entered my life. It is a mix, but it's more a liveset mix. ROD performed at MORD in Amsterdam back in February of this year. If I was there, I would have been all over it. The dancefloor I mean. What a set this was. An hour and a half of pure pleasure. Eargasms all over the place. ROD certainly knows how to please the fans, and there's no better way of entering the weekend than with this mix. There's not a single thing wrong with this mix. It's beautiful. It's perfect. It's everything I wanted to hear. And the tracks are all solid. I would have devoured the music on the dancefloor and they would have to sweep me off it, because I wouldn't want to stop dancing. Epic mix. There are hundreds of other HATE mixes out there, and I've listened to a handful, but this one to me stands out the most. What a blessing in disguise, this ROD. More of this darker sounding Techno please. Ps. at this specific moment in time, the download option isn't available yet. It's close to 10k plays, and once its reached that, it becomes available. But not yet. I might need to bump up the plays myself! And I'll happily do so! DJ: ROD Genre/Style: Techno Mix Info: ROD - HATE Podcast 342 Length Mix: 01:29:59 Tracks: 29 (twenty-nine) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: HATE - Soundcloud Channel

  • DJ Protocol - Sanctuary & Fastrack Hardcore Anthems Part 2 (2023)

    I've been quiet for roughly a week, but that's because I've been busy. But don't you worry, son. I'm back with a mix you really should check out, if you are into UK Hardcore, and remember the golden years of Milton Keynes raving. Unfortunately, even though I live only a few miles outside of MK, I've never been raving in MK. Especially during the heydays of UK Hardcore. DJ Protocol's mix contains records from the awesome years during which UK Hardcore was everywhere, and was at its peak. This is the second instalment, so if this isn't enough for you (like John Peel isn't enough either), go check out RSR Recordings' Soundcloud channel for the other mixes. I am a huge fan of the sound from that decade. DJ Protocol's mix contains the records I grew up listening to. I think I've mentioned it a billion times over the years, but as I'm from the Netherlands, UK Hardcore wasn't a huge thing. Hell, it wasn't a thing at all. This happy sound never reached Dutch shores, so when I found it by accident around 2002/2003, I got hooked on it, and I jumped in at the right time. The music was ace, and it got my attention rather quickly. And it turns out that this specific decade is loved, and cherished by many. Hurray for UK Hardcore and the Millennium years! This mix has been on repeat for multiple hours now, and even yesterday, when I was at HQ, I was listening to this. And guess what? The journey home, which takes me on the M25 and M1, which took me 2 1/2 hours... guess what I listened to? Correct, this mix. This is a very nostalgia driven mix. If you grew up with a love for UK Hardcore, you love this era, this decade. It's just so awesome, and DJ Protocol has selected a few of the finest tracks he could find. If you are missing a few records, check out the other mixes. Maybe they are in there? Aluna - All My Life (Breeze & Styles Remix) Breeze & Styles - Sonic Dougal & Gammer feat Jenna - Fires In The Sky Uplift - Midnight Resistance Dougal & Gammer feat Jenna & MC Smiley - Ordinary People Scott Brown & Hyperbass - We're Dropping This Billy Bunter & Jon Doe feat Fay Hendry - Round & Round (Breeze & Styles Remix) Breeze & Styles - You're My Angel Breeze & UFO - Take Your Time Dougal & Gammer feat Stefan B - Fall From The Stars Scott Brown - Flow Dougal & Gammer - The 6th Gate Deejaybee & Overflow - Sunrise (Dougal & Gammer Mix) CLSM - John Peel (Not Enough) Stargazer - Ultimate High (Breeze & Styles Remix) Angel One - Hold Me Tonight (DJ Pontos Remix) Breeze & Styles - Electric Organ Donors - Blackout (King Ace Hardcore Mix) DJ The Crow meets Arne Lil - The Speed (DJ The Crow Mix) Breeze & Styles feat Karen Danzig - Heartbeatz This is a seriously insane mix, with all the classics I adored when they were released. I remember nearly buying the whole Bonkers series based on my experience back in 2002/2003. I fell in love, but not with the earlier Bonkers, but with the Bonkers X, or if you can't read roman numerals, Bonkers 10. That's when my love just exploded and it cost me dearly. Cost me as in the money I've spent on getting UK Hardcore albums to the Netherlands. I feel young again, hearing these songs. And I need something to boost my mood at the moment. I've been flat out working from 6:30am, and haven't had a proper break. Work is now consuming everything, and the only escapism I've got, is this mix. But it's a solid mix, and it does take me back to the noughties. These are just the gems you need to hear. And we need to be reminded constantly how awesome the music used to be. A fantastic mix by Protocol. And it's yet another amazing mix to add to my music collection on Soundcloud. I've not checked the other two mixes in this series, but I'm going to do that right now. And maybe, hopefully, a new instalment will be released soon? Only time will tell. Best record? First one. Timeless classic. If this one doesn't generate some kind of feeling inside of your body/mind & soul, you aren't into UK Hardcore. DJ: Protocol Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore Mix Info: DJ Protocol - Sanctuary & Fastrack Hardcore Anthems Part 2 Length Mix: 01:33:13 Tracks: 20 (twenty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 85.6 MB File Type: m4a Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 126kbps Release Year: 2022 More Information: RSR Recordings - Soundcloud Channel

  • SCOTT BOND - 1999 REBOOTED (2013)

    The year is 1999. The Millennium was about to happen, and the world was anxious to know if the world would implode due to the Millennium bug. And wasn't 1999 the year Prince was singing about? It was a big year, especially for Trance music, because that was the year I fully developed a constant love and passion for it. Trance has been around for years, but when Hardcore was going through some problems, I needed something to fill the gap, and Trance was the one that embraced me, and told me that everything was going to be fine. And 1999 was also the year I started purchasing a shit ton of CD compilations. I've spent a lot of money at my local CD store that year, and the following years. And boy, was it a good year for Trance music. Scott Bond showed us ten years ago that the year 1999 was a great year. Scott Bond does know a thing or two about music, and if you don't know him, it might be the right time for you to go onto Wikipedia, and read a bit more about him. And while you are at it, why not discover some other bits of information you didn't know. Always good to educate yourself. Scott has been active in the scene for quite a while now, and also co-founded ''Gatecrasher'', and their Trance albums are still adored and appreciated to this day, so he knows a thing or two about Trance music, and it shows: his mix is nearly 2 hours long, but has got 18 excellent anthems in it. No short radio edits, but the full length versions. He made sure you did feel what the ravers felt in 1999. Pure bliss, and in pure ecstasy. I don't know why it's taken me 10 years to find this mix, but at least I'm not too late to join the party. If you haven't heard this one before, check it out right now, and join the festivity. Join the madness, back in 1999! BT feat Jan Johnston - Sunblind Art Of Trance - Easter Island JDS - Destiny Calls (Four To The Floor Mix) Joshua Ryan - Pistolwhip Vimana - We Came M3 - Bailamos (Matt Darey Remix) Heliotropic - Alive (Matt Darey Remix) Orkidea - Unity Photon Project - Illumination Mother's Pride - Learning To Fly (Mike Koglin Remix) Taucher - Child Of The Universe (Sanvean) (Phase II Mix) Moonman - Don't Be Afraid (Ferry Corsten '99 Remix) Sosa - The Wave (DJ Taucher Remix) Red Sign - Wonderland Kosmonova - Ayla (DJ Taucher Remix) Katcha - Touched By God (Alfie Conn Remix) Skip Raiders - Come Back To Me Lost Tribe - Under The Red Sea These are certified classics! My sweet Jesus, they are so freaking good! I remember hearing them at parties and raves, and even at some local clubs. This was such a great time for Trance music, and also for the fans of it. Give me late 90s/early noughties Trance any day of the week. Not that current style people seem to dig. Nothing beats the classics. And Scott has put 18 of those classics in here. He doesn't take any prisoners, this Scott Bond does. His mix is interesting from the first to the last track, and he keeps us dancing wherever we are. And it's a trip, a trip back in time. When Trance ruled the world. This brings back a lot of good memories. Me digging through the crates at my local CD store, seeing if I could find a hidden gem. And spending thousands of euros. That's the sad thing. But it was oh so worth it, as it expanded my musical knowledge, and gave me an undying love for music in general. Scott's mix is truly amazing. It's got too many wicked classics to mention, and I can't even pick one out, which I would consider to be my favourite. I like them all. Seriously, I like them all. The mix might be 10 years old, and the tracks roughly 24 years old, but they still sound fresh, and not outdated whatsoever. Trance is timeless. DJ: Scott Bond Genre/Style: Trance Mix Info: SCOTT BOND - 1999 REBOOTED [DOWNLOAD > PLAY > SHARE!!!] Length Mix: 01:56:35 Tracks: 18 (eighteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 266 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbos Release Year: 2013 More Information: Scott Bond - Soundcloud Channel

  • Early Hardcore #3 ('92'93) - The Hell Sessions (2018)

    Let's end the day with something hard, rough, and old. It's a series I already wrote about a long time ago, but I only rediscovered it a few hours ago, and thought I'd give it another go. In this series, which is called 'Early Hardcore', there were 5 mixes, starting back in 1991, going all the way up to 1995.The first time I saw this series and wrote about it, was the first mix in this series, dedicated to the years 1991 and 1992, and it was called 'The Full Moon Sessions'. And if you haven't spotted his name on the image above: the mixes were made by DJ Radium. If there's someone that can provide us with awesome Early Hardcore, it's DJ Radium. Active in the scene since 1994, first known as Micropoint as part of a project, and then creating his own alias, called Radium. He's been on the forefront of the French Hardcore scene, and to this day keeps Hardcore alive and well in France. His discography is an interesting read, so if you have a few minutes spare, go and check his info out, which you can find on Discogs. For those die-hard motherfuckers who know everything, we move away from his discography, and we dive straight into this mix. For this mix his focus was the years 1992 and 1993, which were still the very early years of Hardcore. Hardcore was still in development, and finding its roots. At certain stages it was fragile and very unstable, but a few records gave it the platform/base it needed to work from, and what they created was something glorious. But without those early years, we wouldn't have Hardcore in 2023. It would have been as dead as dodos. And we should pay homage to those forgotten and underrated records. Most DJ will go to 1995 as earliest, maybe even dabble in 1994, but before is a no-go. But why not? Give some love to the real OG records. The records that gave us Hardcore 4 life. Yep, I said it. Without 1991/1992 & 1993, we would have nothing. Synthadelic - I'm A Secretary Michael Whiteline feat Armageddon - Cocaine (Hardcore Club Mix) Juggernaut - The World Of The LSD User Wedlock - Bass For Your Face Juggernaut - State Of Mind Reanimator - Bigger And Bolder (CPR Mix by Maurice Steenbergen) Undercover Anarchist - Work It (To The Bone) Dyewitness - I Am The Creator Vitamin - The Point Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - Power Dominion Sigma 909 - Blow Your Mind Overboust - Lost In New York Influid - Push The Button Vitamin - Alice In Donderland Vitamin - Cosmic Trash Vitamin - De Woeste Man (Geb. 101 Mix) Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - Brain Confusion Hardsequencer - Feels So Good Sigma 909 - Power Surge SP 23 - Network 23 ID - ID Leathernecks - At War Sigma 909 - KNOR Bass-D - Blow Your Mind Sigma 909 - Stay Down With The Hardcore C-Tank - Nightmares Are Reality Sigma 909 - Power Of XTC Zekt - External If you are a regular to this page, you know I love my music hard, and this mix had got some hard hitting records in it. Especially toward the end, shit all goes down, and Radium cranks up the temperature. You will certainly need to cool down after this session. This is a very solid looking tracklist. It's beautiful. This is early Hardcore. Yes, very early. They certainly don't make Hardcore like this anymore. Which is a pity, in my honest opinion, as it was so freaking ace. It was everything and nothing at the same time. As said before, Hardcore was developing itself, growing from some disgusting creature into a beautiful butterfly, and around 1992/1993 it started to shed the cocoon it was in. But there were still some rough edges around it, which you can hear throughout this mix. The records are just pure pleasure for your ears. I really enjoyed it. It isn't flawless, there are some mixing errors in here, but nothing too major. Generally speaking, this mix flows well, and has got a few excellent tracks in here. I couldn't choose, so I picked these three as my favourite: 'SP 23 - Network 23', 'Hardsequencer - Feels So Good', and 'Zekt - External'. Those are really the best in this mix. A solid mix. If you want your Hardcore rough, tough, and blunt as possible, this is it. Hardcore at its finest. The finest years of Hardcore, am I right? DJ: Radium Genre/Style; Early Hardcore, Hardcore Techno, Acidcore, Industrial Hardcore Mix Info: Early Hardcore #3 ('92'93) - The Hell Sessions Length Mix: 01:04:34 Tracks: 28 (twenty-eight) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 148 MB File Type: mo3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2018 More Information: DJ Radium - Soundcloud Channel

  • Iridium DJ Presents The Golden Days Of Early Hardstyle - June 2023

    The Golden days of Early Hardstyle. That's quite a statement. But you know TCD could not just let this mix go by without writing about it? Well, truth be told, Iridium DJs channel contains more than 6.5k tracks, so if I do miss a mix here and there, it ain't my fault. But he kindly informed me that there were a few mixes on his channel, which he made, and thought they could be interesting for me to have a listen to. I gave it a thought, and decided to go with his June 2023 mix. Both were dedicated to the early Hardstyle sound, but the image of the June mix appealed to me more. Don't ask me why. By quickly checking the tracklist on Soundcloud, it does appear to be early Hardstyle anthems. The oldest being from 1998, and the 'youngest' from 2002. So he is staying true to his word. They are all early Hardstyle anthems. But are they good anthems? Were they anthems that got thousands of people on the dancefloors all over the world? Were they the ones that got people in some kind of ecstasy? The short answer is 'yes'. But so is the long answer. It's got some heavy hitters in it, by the big names from around the start of the decade. And the most frustrating thing about not just Iridium's mixes but all mixes dedicated to a sound that doesn't exist anymore, is that it is annoying as hell. Why can't we have the present day Hardstyle and the older sounding Hardstyle, all together in harmony, still being produced the way they did it 20 years ago? Why is it gone? Boy, I miss it so freaking much. Nearly brings a tear to my eye. But it also brings a smile to my face, knowing that there are kids out there who didn't dance to these tunes throughout the night. They never got the experience that I gained. But I do miss this specific sound though. Many would agree. Do you? The Prophet - Follow The Leader (Original Mix) Gollum & DJ Yanny - Shithead (Original Mix) Arne L II & Mirko Milano presents Picard - Assimilation (Original Mix) Melanie Di Tria & Kenji Ogura - Kreissage Typ A (Tracid Mix) Trance Generators - Never In Danger (Y.O.M.C. Remix) K.A.M. - Frequency (Direct Mix) Tamok - The City Is Out Of Control (Original Mix) Giada - Return To Forever (Tuneboy Remix) Megamind - Taub (Mauro Picotto Mix) Bison meets The Quakers - I Got Tonight (Original Mix) Blutonium Boy - Brainshooter (Club Mix) Klinisch Tot - Klinisch Tot (Wiederbelebungs Mix) Pro-Tech - Out Of Control (DJ Wag Club Mix) Tankis & Savietto - Octopus (Lost In Case Remix) Droid - Ce Ce Rhythm (Club Mix) Mellow Trax - Phuture Vibes (ATB Remix) Super Marco May - Hardstyle (H-Traxx) Arne L II - R.I.P. (Original Mix) Jimmy The Sound - L.O.G.I.C.O. (Black M Version) A trip down memory lane, right? Haven't heard most of these in at least a decade, or longer. I don't know how Iridium finds these gems. They are insanely good anthems, worthy enough to be played more and more. They deserve a stage, as they have become anthems for past, present, and future generations who adore the harder styles. This is a really good mix. Not that long, but within the hour and a half you do get 19 amazing records. And, as mentioned before, all from the early years of the noughties. Those were the glorious years, the golden years of Hardstyle. He's picked a wide variety of records by different artists, and blended them all together nicely. Really enjoyed a few records more than others, but the overall gist is positive. This takes me back, and with a smile on my face am I sitting here, thinking how awesome life was, 20 years ago. Normally I would select any Megamind track as my favourite, but it's Melanie Di Tria and Kenji Ogura's track 'Kreissage Typ A' which blew me away the most. A solid mix. If you are seeking for that early Hardstyle vibe, you have come to the right place. DJ: Iridium DJ Genre/Style: Early Hardstyle, Hard Trance, Hard Dance, Hard House Mix Info: Iridium DJ Presents The Golden Days Of Early Hardstyle - June 2023 Length Mix: 01:33:31 Tracks: 19 (nineteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Iridium DJ - Soundcloud Channel

  • BUNKER BEATS <004> Mafs (2023)

    Let's start off today with a cool sounding mix. And it comes with a rather weird and bizarre looking image. I'm not a kitchen expert nor do I cook, but isn't that a thing that mashes potatoes? A masher? Whatever it is called, it's weird to see on an image. But that's the only weird thing about this mix. From the start of this mix it is just pure bliss and madness, presented (and obviously mixed) by Mafs. I've never heard or seen the name Mafs before, but from now on, he's gained a follower, and you might see more mixes like this one on my website. Bunker Beats. Sounds so ominous. So dangerous. So underground. And that's what this is. A mix focussed on Drum & Bass and Jungle from around 1993, and the tracks are considerably darker. These tracks were mixed on 1210s, to quote Mafs : ''as god intended''. Don't know if god was a fan of 1210s or a fan of Drum & Bass/Jungle, but if he is, then he's definitely cool as fuck! Unfortunately I know nothing about DJ Mafs, but I do know a bit about Drum & Bass and Jungle from around 1993. I'm still learning though, as I was mainly into Techno and House and Hardcore back in the day, not DnB or Jungle. The only jungle I listened to, was the songs from the Jungle Book. But it seems that Mafs dug deep and found some hidden gems. Some commented on his mix stating they had never heard certain songs before, and that's what makes a mix more interesting. Dig deep and find those hidden gems, and get them into a mix. But you can imagine that the general gist of the listeners is positive, and I've got to add myself to the list of fans of this mix. 4 Hero - Angry People Foul Play - Open Your Mind (Foul Play Remix) Tango - Make Me Feel 93 Sound Of The Future - Fearless Wonder (Remix By Neil Vass & Jim Polo) Secret Squirrel - Coming On Dark Hopa & Bay B Kane - Hoppa Gwange & Spinback - The Execution Mad Dog - Monged Out Bizzy B - Total Amnesia Beyond The Future - Mystery Ride (Flatline Mix) Desired State - Killer Beat Douple Dipped & Dr.G. - It's Emerging FBD Project - Breakin Up (B Boy Remix) Intense - The Quickening (D.O.P.E. Remix) DJ Peshay - Gangster Secret Squirrel & A.J. Flex - Come Rudeboy (Remix) Smith Inc feat Simon Bassline Smith - Palomino This looks alien to me. I really don't know around 70 to 75% of the artists in this mix. Secret Squirrel? Double Dipped? Bizzy B? Weird and funny names, but it's all about what kind of records they made, and what kind of impact it has on those on the dancefloor or at home. So instead of focussing on the names of the artists, let's focus on this mix. And the mix flies by before you know it. DJ Mafs' mix is tight as fuck, and it flows very nicely. They are so damn cool, I've had this mix on repeat since 6am, and I'm still loving it. His selection blends all together very nicely, and the tracks are all super dope. I've never heard most of these songs before, so it's all new and exciting. And Mafs keeps me on my toes, dancing around my office. Couldn't care less if anyone sees me. I'm having fun. His selection is indeed a tad darker compared to most Drum and Bass and Jungle from around 1993, but not the darkest of dark. There are darker tracks out there, but not today: wanna keep it a bit lighter. His selection is great. Really enjoyed it. Bunker Beats, and DJ Mafs, you've gained a follower! More of this kind of mixes please. And to end the review with: what an opening track! Seriously mind-blowing! DJ: Mafs Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Jungle, Hardcore, Breakbeat Mix Info: BUNKER BEATS <004> Mafs Length Mix: 01:02:23 Tracks: 17 (seventeen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 142 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: DJ MAFS - Soundcloud Channel

  • Da RicO - Nederhop & Bubbling Classics Megamix (2023)

    Everyone knows I am Dutch. Hell, if you haven't noticed it, please check our website address: . Obvious that I'm Dutch. But obviously I've been living in the UK for quite a while, and I've grown accustom to a lot of British things. My way of living has changed, but sometimes I want to be reminded of the Netherlands, and their culture. Preferably the food from our chippy, but unfortunately there's no Dutch chippy near me. The next thing I would appreciate, is Dutch music. Nederhop, as it's called. Which is the Dutch trying to be a bit Hip Hop/RnB. It's a bit different, but sometimes it's cool to hear. Today is the day I am listening to Nederhop/Bubbling classics. Normally I would say that I dislike Dutch folklore music. And I'm not even lying. I genuinely dislike Dutch folklore/pop music. But the only exception is Dutch Hip Hop. It's because I've always liked R&B and Hip Hop. My introduction was around 1994/1995, and I grew up appreciating it a lot. Nederhop grew over the years, and for me it was around 1999 when I started to like it more and more. But if I'm honest, it would never be a genre I would put in my top 10 most favourite genre list. But it's certainly in the top 25. I grew up, listening to Nederhop, and before it became commercially destroyed, I actually appreciated it. And to find a mix dedicated to Nederhop, is kind of cool, and it reminds me of driving in the Netherlands, windows down, speakers blowing up.. and wearing clogs. (that's a joke, I certainly don't wear clogs or ever owned a pair, because why would I?). My connection with the Netherlands, that's what this is. And it reminds me of certain words I've forgotten about. Words I would not say here in the UK, because no one would understand them. Broodje bakpao? Watskeburt? Da RicO made this mix, and it's only an hour long, but it's got a lot of tracks I know, and also a lot I've never heard of. The bubbling side of Dutch music was never my favourite, but can't complain. At least it's danceable, right? Brace - Hartendief Yes-R - Uit Elkaar The Opposites & Mr Probz - Sukkel Voor De Liefde The Partysquad feat Brainpower - Non Stop Brace - Ik Ben Je Zat The Flexican & Typhoon - Bumaye Brainpower - Vlinders De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig - Hollereer De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig - Sterrenstof Dio & Sef - Tijdmachine The Partysquad - Wat Wil Je Doen Spookrijders - Klokkenluiders Gers Pardoel - Bagagedrager Yes-R - Me Boy Fouradi - Ping! The Opposites - Dom, Lomp & Famous The Opposites - Broodje Bakpao Darryl feat Soumia & RIO - Eejeejo! De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig - Watskeburt Gers Pardoel - Ik Neem Je Mee The Partysquad - Whoop Whoop Dio & Sef - Aye The Opposites - Slapeloze Nachten De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig - Get Spanish Brainpower - Dansplaat The Opposites - Hey DJ The Opposites - Me Nikes Fouradi - 1 Ding Yes-R feat Partysquad - Rampeneren Yes-R - Hey Schatje DJ Chuckie - Da Partycrasher IMMO - Billeshake DJ Madman - Meisje (Zo Lelijk Als De Nacht) Def P & Beatbusters - Bubbelbad IMMO - Billen Trillen K-Liber - Magnifico K-Liber - Dansen The Partysquad - Ik Ga Hard De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig - Shenkie The Partysquad - I'm Sorry Def Rhymz - Ze Zitten Me Achterna Def Rhymz - Ik Ben Niet Te Stoppen Ross & Iba - Ding Ding Ding (Faluma Mix) K-Liber - Viben Def Rhymz - Schudden Funana - So Cu Pe Aptijt - Boeke La Rouge - Als Je Weet Wat Je Doet I really find this an interesting mix. He keeps the entertainment level high, and it's hit after hit. I think that the majority of these songs did appear on the Dutch Top 40. I might be wrong, but I think that they did. They are radio friendly songs, and to be fair, you can swear on Dutch songs, and they are played out loud, from 1 am to 11 pm. Basically 24/7. There's no pre watershed rules and regulations. So all these songs could be played whenever, wherever. But I've been out of the Netherlands for a few years, and my main focus was never Nederhop, even when I lived in NL. I did listen to it, whenever it came on the radio, but would never go out of my way to listen to it. Only after seeing New Kids would I play 'Broodje Bakpao', or 'Me Nikes'. If you speak or understand Dutch, you might like this mix. It's different, funky, and very bubbly. I'm the least bubbliest person, so you might think that it doesn't suit me. But the bubbly is indeed not my most favourite, but I can still appreciate it, listen to it, and bounce my booty. A few of the tracks are too cheesy, even for my ears. But Da RicO has added a few classics I grew up, especially the ones made by Brainpower, Def Rhymz, The Opposites, The Partysquad etc. Some of the tracks are just so plain, boring, and maybe not my cup of tea. You might like them. It's mixed. Not a huge fan of the bubbly stuff, but when it's hard, rough, and it blows up your speakers (like 'Wat Wil Je Doen'), that's my kind of music. That era of Nederhop I really like a lot, and you can find a few of those tracks in here. Worth a shot. Especially when it's an unknown kind of music. Worth exploring, right? But come on, 'Shenkie', 'Meisje', 'Rampeneren'... they are really bad! Maybe it's time for them to put those songs to bed, and never to let them be awoken. Let them sleep forever! DJ: Da RicO Genre/Style: Nederhop, Bubbling, Europop, Dutch Folklore, Dutch Hip Hop, Dutch R&B Mix Info: Da RicO - Nederhop & Bubbling Classics Megamix Length Mix: 00:58:42 Tracks: 48 (fourty-eight) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Da RicO - Soundcloud Channel

  • DJ Jedi Live @ Calling The Hardcore Brighton July 2023

    ''Calling The Hardcore''. Well, I think I'm Hardcore enough, but unfortunately I've missed this event, which took place only 4 days ago, in Brighton. I was occupied anyway, so I had an excuse not to go. But after hearing one of the sets recorded on the night, I wish I went to this event instead. As you can see from the line-up flyer above, there are some big names on this list. Including the artist you are about to listen to, DJ Jedi. Not the first time his name appeared on this website, and certainly not the last. Maybe he played a trick on me, a Jedi mind trick? Who knows what kind of trick he played, I couldn't care less. The more of his music, the merrier. And his mix contains a lot of excellent anthems, all from vinyl. All these oldskool Breakbeat anthems. The kind of Hardcore they don't make anymore like they used to. I do love a bit of Breakbeat Hardcore, and his set is filled with excellent tunes by the biggest names. You will look at this tracklist, and you'll be amazed by the awesomeness of it all. You will not comprehend the power behind a few of these songs, unless you know of their existence, and you know that I'm not talking bollocks. Some of these records are genuinely amazing records that will stand the test of time. DJ Jedi did bring the heat. But what was on the decks throughout his nearly hour long set? Awesome 3 - Headstrong Rhythm Section - Perfect Love Psychoacoustic - Wot We Are Wishdokta - Teknoskitzo (Coming Up Mix) Liquid Crystal - The Power Within Sy-Kick - Nasty (Remix) DJ Phantasy's Mate - Edit Volume 1 (Side B) Bolt Upright Productions - Ultimate High Alieneye - Foundacafe The Charm - De-men-tation Tango - Factor 5 Force Mass Motion - Take Me Higher Ellis Dee - Do You Want Me Citizen Kaned - Set Me Free Blame - Feel The Energy Bubbles - We Can Ride The Boogie Nebula II - Flatliners 4 Hero - Cooking Up Yah Brain (Remix) Jay J & Devious D - Time Of Our Lives A fabulous tracklist. But there's one track in this set that made me stop doing what I was doing, and had to rewind just to get a clear understanding of what I was listening to, and play it over and over. I really loved the vibes coming at my through my speakers, but I'm guessing it would have been a billion times better, hearing it live. Standing there, on the dancefloor, hearing these tunes coming at you, at lightspeed. DJ Jedi does what he does best, and keeps people on their toes. There were two tracks I didn't find cool, maybe because I don't find the lyrics/vocals a bit meh. 'The Power Within' and 'We Can Ride The Boogie'. MJs least favourite song for me, and yes, I know the lyrics weren't MJ singing it, but another vocalist, but still. Never liked the boogie. Never will like the boogie. But what does get me on the dancefloor, and stomp the hardest? 'Feel The Energy' by Blame! Oh my days. Is this an insane track or what? The vocals just touched my soul, and I sat here, in awe, not realising what just had happened. Her vocals are insane, but the track in itself is also insane. Breakbeat Hardcore turned up to the max! I could listen to this track hours in a row, and it would still sound amazing. A wonderful set, and maybe I should pay more attention to the world around me. When they call out the Hardcore, I should listen. I should be calling the Hardcore too! DJ: Jedi Genre/Style: Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore, Rave Liveset Info: DJ Jedi Live @ Calling The Hardcore Brighton July 2023 Length Liveset: 00:57:50 Tracks: 19 (nineteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 132 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: DJ Jedi - Soundcloud Channel

  • Colosseum Rebirth Promo Mix - Classic 90’s Dutch Happy Hardcore - Vinyl Only (2023)

    Happy Hardcore. I do love it a lot. My love for it emerged back in 1994, and is still present. It's coming up to 30 years of Happy Hardcore in my life, which is a very long time, but I could not have lived through the 90s and not have experienced this madness. This cheerfulness. It was a warm welcome, a nice escape from the harder side of Hardcore. A bit of cheese won't hurt no one. And guess what kind of music is in the mix you are about to listen to? You've guessed it: Happy Hardcore! A mix to promote the Colosseum's Rebirth party, which takes place on the 4th of November at the Fed in Gateshead. And it's mixed by DJ Colin Bell, who's also on the flyer, as you can see! The line-up looks OK. A lot of unknown names, but that could be because I've never been to one of these Colosseum events. So instead of focussing on the event, let's focus on this promo mix. And the promo mix contains all the cheese you need. Well, not everything is cheese, but some tracks certainly are. But the good kind of cheese, not the smelly, discoloured cheese. The good kind of cheese we all love and appreciate! This mix has been on repeat for a few days now, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I'm not the only one who appreciates Colin's mix. It's a nice blend of the well known classics, and some lesser known anthems. And when I say lesser known, I mean that they don't get played that often, which is a pity, as they deserve to be played more. But yeah, this mix resembles my youth. This is what I listened to when I was a little lad. The only thing for me to do, is to close my eyes, and in a split second I am a teenager again, covered in spots and wacky hair, but enjoying Happy Hardcore! Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Live At London (The Big 'Bang' Mix) Obsessive - Tune In Turn Out (Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo Remix) Bertocucci Feranzano - XTC Love (Original Mix) Rave Nation - Going Crazy (Forze DJ Team Mix) Discofrisco & DJ Inferno - Happy Paradise DJ Isaac - Happy Hardcore Freak Stingray - Let The Bass Be Louder (Original Mix) El Bruto - Watch Me Dance Brothers In Crime - Hallucinating Lock Jaw - Reactor Phoenix - (Now) Who's In Control?1 Davie Forbes - Apocalypse Now Hyperact - My Best Friend (Dirty Mix) Twin Terror - I Feel Alive (Terror Mix) Mindtrust - The Key To Your Heart (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix) Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Your Smile (Happy Hardcore Mix) Infernus - I Want Your Love (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix) Highlander - Hold Me Now (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix) Diss Reaction - Jiieehaaaa I do love seeing a tracklist that contains these tracks. I grew up with these anthems, so it's nice to see them again. It's like meeting old friends again after a long time. You wouldn't have many stories to share, but the only thing you do share, if the past you all experienced. And this, to me, feels like that. Anyway, let's get back to the mix. And the mix is tight. It's got so many tracks in it, that will go down well at this rebirth event. Hell, if it works in my living room, it will certainly work on the dancefloor, right? Especially when I hear those Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo records, or records made by Bass-D & King Matthew. Boy, they were the top 2 duos of the 90s. But even though it's got one of my most favourite records in here ('Your Smile'), I've got to give the El Bruto record all the credit. 'Watch Me Dance' is such a powerful anthem! Were they all Dutch Happy Hardcore anthems? Not 100% sure? A solid mix. A good promo mix for the event. And a certain trip down memory lane. They don't make them like these anymore. Shame... DJ: Colin Bell Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Happy Rave Mix Info: Colosseum Rebirth Promo Mix - Classic 90’s Dutch Happy Hardcore - Vinyl Only Length Mix: 01:06:45 Tracks: 19 (nineteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: DJ Colin Bell - Soundcloud Channel

  • Hardcore Resurrection (2000)

    The term 'resurrection' means the following, according to several websites: ''Resurrection or anastasis is the concept of coming back to life after death.'' It is so fitting for what happened to Hardcore in general around the end of the 90s, beginning of the Millennium years. But was it really dead, and worth being resurrected? Was it as dead as the title of this compilation suggested? Something was indeed happening, but it wasn't dead. It became more underground, which it needed. But dead? No, not at all. And proof of it lies within the continued support throughout the early years of the noughties, and how it's still alive and kicking. ID&T released many Hardcore compilations, for example: 'Ravers Paradise', 'Thunderdome', 'Hellsound', 'Earthquake', 'Heroes Of Hardcore', and the list goes on and on. But these were the well known ones. They also tried to release new concepts, which failed, or weren't as successful as they hoped them to be. Hardcore Resurrection was one of those. Only two albums were ever released, one in 2000 and one in 2002, but it faded away into obscurity. The logo, as seen above, would still be recognised years after its initial release, but the concept just disappeared. Maybe to revitalise the 'return' of Hardcore under the ID&T umbrella, they thought they had something that might bring back the ravers that lost faith in the leaders of the genre. Those that went to MoH for their dosage of Hardcore instead. A few events were organised under the Hardcore Resurrection name, but to no avail. Maybe it was because of the fact that true Hardcore fanatics, also known as die-hard gabbers, would not accept that it ever died. As Ross & Rachel would use in their famous show Friends, 'we were on a break'. It never died. Never. Commercialism destroyed the scene, and we were deeply upset about the direction it was going toward. We needed to take it back to its roots, and decided to not let the commercial side take it and destroy it, but let it fade into the underground scene, and let it dwell in the abyss of darkness. Let it simmer, and see what happens. If it's really worth dying, only gabbers would let it die, not the media. But DJs, producers, organisers, and fans would keep it alive. We saw value in it being revitalised, but only at our own terms. Hardcore was still ace around 2000. Hell, some of the tracks released around the Millennium were better than anything we'd heard before! It gave new and well known producers the opportunity to come up with a new style, a new sound, moving away from the commercial side of Hardcore, and for some even moving away from the happier side of Hardcore. It was needed, and the result is a genre of music that is still alive and kicking, even to this day. Hell, it could even be bigger than before? But on this Hardcore Resurrection album, what was on this album? Was it worth your euros? Was it worth your precious time? Could it bring back the fans that were left disappointed by ID&Ts decisions to go a different path? Could this bring back the love? Catscan - WO III The Viper vs Mad-E-Fact - Control The Party DJ Bike - Pass Me T-Wisted - Come With Me 50% Of The Dreamteam - Open Sesame (Theme From Hell) Unknown - Fuck The Rumours DJ Promo & Trickstyle - What U Want The Masochist - Wanna Fuck Buzz Fuzz vs Bass-D & King Matthew - It's Alright (The Masochist Mix) Dione - In The Air Masters Of Ceremony - A Way Of Life The Headbanger - I'm In Your Head 3 Steps Ahead - Fever The Masochist - Antimix (Neophyte Mix) Catscan - Groundfactor Dione - Resistance = Futile T-Factor - How Many More Out There Dione - Mayhem The album starts strong, with Catscan's 'WO III'. And from that moment on it is a bit hit and miss. Some records are still going on strong on dancefloors all over the world, and some have just vanished completely. But unfortunately that was ID&Ts way of composing albums. It was never a 100% album, and by that I mean an album was perfect from start to finish. There were always shitty songs on it, and hell, even ID&T fucked up on composing the tracklists on the back of the CDs. It's like spotting the mistakes. I feel like there are errors on each album they've ever released. And by error, I mean a typo. Hardcore in 2000 was in a weird state of mind. It was trying to do new things, become new things, but it was still trying. But wasn't that a standard thing, even throughout the 90s? Compare the sound from 1993 to 1995, or 1996 to 1999, and they are completely different? Hardcore went through phases, and 2000 wasn't different either. It was trying to gain a new audience and retrieve lost respect from those that abolished the scene. I was one of those that decided to venture into other styles at the same time, but my heart still belonged to the scene. Was this album a good representation of what was going on in 2000? Yes and no. There were much better songs out there. A handful of those great songs are on this CD, but yeah, it's hit and miss. Not all are great, but some have transcended into timeless classics. But it obviously depends on your own views. You might adore this album and like each record. I do not. It's an OK album, like most albums released around that time. The concept I stood behind. And it's sad to see it never actually kicking off a new path for ravers to follow. As far as I can tell, there were 2 albums and 2 events, and that's it. What it did prove, was the fact that there's no escape from the Wizard. It is everywhere. 2000 was an OK year for Hardcore. It got better after. But this Hardcore Resurrection album didn't do much to revitalise the sound/genre/scene. It's a bit of a forgettable album. Did you ever own this album? Did you go to one of the two events (or even both)? What are your views on this album? Curious to know. Leave a comment below! Best record on this album? 'WO III'. Without a doubt. Worst record? 'Fever'. Not 3 Steps Ahead's finest work. Artist: Various Artists Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Millennium Hardcore CD Info: Hardcore Resurrection Length CD: 01:13:34 Tracks: 18 (eighteen) Release Year: 2000 Label: ID&T Product Number: 7003382 More Information: n/a

  • HARDCLASSICS festival warm up (13.07.2023)

    Next weekend, a party takes place in Alkmaar. A party you might know. It's called Hardclassics. A concept that started back in 2009, but still going strong. And this year's festival is going to be a big one. With an insane and mind-blowing line-up, you will certainly have a wonderful time. The main focus of this event is the harder styles, but the 'good old days' sound. So the classics. So expect Hardstyle, Hardcore, Early Hardstyle and Rawstyle to be played out loud. But is there an other way of listening to harder styles? I don't think so. You've got the Reminder area, the Hardclassics area, RAW Classics, and Nostalgische Deuntjes area. And playing throughout this whole event you've got a few names that you might recognise: Davide Sonar, A-lusion, Max Enforcer, The Pitcher, Frontliner, Josh & Wesz, Tatanka, Trilok & Chiren, Super Marco May, Dana, Luna, Pavo, Deepack, Thera, Alpha Twins, Jason Payne, Gizmo, The Masochist, Sequence & Ominous, and more. But those names should already get you insanely hyped up for the event, right? I am not going. You know who is going? The man behind this mix: Audioholik. What he tried to do, is a) get everyone ready, and happy for Hardclassics Festival, and b) take us back to 2004. The mix contains some Dutch, Italian, and German Hardstyle anthems from this year, and some are known, and some are a tad obscure, lesser known. Around 2004 I was still an avid fan of Hardstyle, and I do remember most records selected by Audioholik. Who doesn't recognise them, and who doesn't miss this sound? It is so glorious, and yet so underrated. But thanks to events like this one, the sound is kept alive and kicking, and gets people still going on strong, on this style from the mid noughties. Space Invaders - Anything Else (Dope mix) Miss Kitty vs Mystery - Party People Alpha2 vs Seizure - Rock The Sure Shot Punk Buster - What? (Sam Punk & Steve L Remix) Le Brisc - Keep It Hard (Rob Mayth Remix) Spacestorm - This Is The Storm (Hard Mix) Bassfillerz - Bring That Beat Back (Nightkiller Mix) Millo - Fuckin Trip On XTC (Second Trip Mix) Daniele Mondello - Commander (1st Mix) Chromo - Dark Reflex (Davide Sonar Remix) Fuckheadz - Fuck You (Upsynth Club Mix) Kai Jaxx - God's Child (Hardfox Remix) Rim Shotters - Rock This Party (Vortex Remix) This is a very good looking tracklist. But leave that to Audioholik to come up with a wicked mix. This ain't his first mix, and won't be his last. His Soundcloud channel is filled with excellent mixes, and they are so dedicated to the early Hardstyle sound. His page is truly awesome, and you should give it a visit. Hell, if you feel lucky, why not even give him a follow? I have, and I still stand by my decision. His page is truly awesome, and always makes me come back to Soundcloud, to check out mixes I've already listened to, or new mixes he's made. He keeps the entertainment level high. And he's going to be there, at Hardclassics. You might even be lucky and spot him among the thousands of Hardstyle fanatics. The mix is as tight as you would expect it to be, and the tracks are solid. Especially when 'God's Child' kicks in. I do miss the Trance sound in Hardstyle anthems. Or just Hard Trance in general, from around 2004. Boy, I mis that sound. If you purchased a ticket, have fun! But why do I already know you will have a wicked time? DJ: Audioholik Genre/Style: Early Hardstyle Mix Info: HARDCLASSICS festival warm up (13.07.2023) Length Mix: 01:00:45 Tracks: 13 (thirteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 139 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: holik Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: Audioholik - Soundcloud Channel

  • Colin H - The Bass X Mix (Part 1) (2023)

    Bass X. I was always under the assumption that it was Scott Brown's alias. It is, but he wasn't the only one running this act. It turns out that it's led by four people, and one of them being Scott's brother, Stewart! I genuinely always thought it was Scott Brown on his own. You learn something every day! I grew up, listening to Bass X, but never discovered who was behind the name. Well, today is the day I discovered that, and also that my knowledge of Hardcore is not as wide as I thought it was. I had to go and quickly look at their history on Discogs, And they've been active since 1993, with their first release being the 'Hardcore Disco' EP, on Shoop! recordings. But from that moment onward, Bass X were everywhere. Not for long though. Their success story only lasted until the end of the decade, but their legacy continues to this day. Scott Brown kept the sound alive by releasing tracks under his own name or one of his thousand aliases, by building on what Bass X created back in the early 90s. The sound became synonymous for the Scottish sound that started to branch into the rest of Europe and the world. The Scots had this bouncier sound, a tad happier sounding view on Hardcore. Give it to the end of the 90s and the start of the Millennium for Scott Brown to become the most prolific artist in the UK Hardcore scene, but during the 90s he and his fellow colleagues dominated the Hardcore Techno/Gabber scene with the Bass X alias. I knew about their existence (not who was behind the name, which has become apparent that my knowledge is just bad beyond anything I could ever comprehend), and their songs did appear on albums I purchased throughout the 90s, but never have I found a mix with Bass X songs only, so Colin H's mix is a very pleasing one. A trip down memory lane, and one that will give us the opportunity to relive the 90s. Especially the early years. Bass X - Experience Bass X - Quartz Bass X - Xcelerator (Outerspace Mix) Bass X - Hardcore Disco Part 2 Bass X - Atomic Bass X - Bounce Bass X - Chubby Round Bass X - Bass-X Bass X - Exterminate Bass X - Don't Get That Bass X - Get Up And Jam Bass X - Bass Nation Bass X - Psychopath Bass X - Overdose Bass X - Morphine Bass X - Hardcore Creators Bass X - Xceleration Bass X - Time For The Underground Bass X - Motherfucker Oh wow. As familiar as I am with Bass X, I didn't know all their tracks. Only a handful of records did appear on compilations I purchased, so there's still a whole new world out there, for me to explore. And as this is the first mix, or first part of this mix series by Colin H, I expect more excellent music to be uploaded onto Soundcloud soon. This will only enhance my knowledge, which I desperately need. This distinctive sound is so familiar, and still exciting to hear. The Scots did master the bouncy Hardcore sound, and they did it extremely well. It might sound slightly dated, but I do appreciate it a lot. In short, they don't make them like this anymore. The mix is a short one, but it packs a punch. It keeps the entertainment level quite high. And it shows how awesome Bass X were, and still are. On Facebook I see old flyers every day, stating their names on the top of the flyer, and it makes me wish I was old enough to have gone to a party during the early 90s, and maybe even witness Bass X myself. That would have been ace. 'Motherfucker' is obviously a great track, but the one for me that got me bouncing the most, has to be 'Don't Get That'. Don't know why, but it is still a great track. A solid mix. Really enjoyed it. Can't wait for part 2! DJ: Colin H Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore Mix Info: Colin H - The Bass X Mix (Part 1) Length Mix: 00:58:14 Tracks: 19 (nineteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 133 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: Colin HQ - Soundcloud Channel

  • Delicate Soundz - Old School Industrial Techno Acid [1990-1993] (2018)

    I'm 99% sure I have reviewed this mix before. I must have done. I've been doing this for 10-15 years, and I remember listening to this mix, but I can't find the review anywhere. Maybe it's lost? Maybe it was on my old website, but I do remember this mix. But who cares about the review, it's all about the mix. And if you've seen or heard this one before, you know it's done by Negative A, which I associate with Hardcore Techno/Gabber music, but he does so much more. He's used many aliases over the years, but he's been an influence in the Hardcore scene. But don't let that scare you off. Please, don't. Just focus on the mix he made 5 years ago, which already got raving reviews on his Soundcloud channel. It's filled with Old School anthems, from around the beginning of the 90s. Techno, House, Acid Industrial, you name it: it's in here. And it's the music I grew up with. I was still a young kid, not knowing the importance of this new style of dance music, but I knew it made me move. And sitting with a big ass headset on in our living room, listening to these on CD and vinyl, nothing could make me happier. I'm now 39 years old, and I'm still in love with the music from 1990 to 1993. The music that shaped the future. This is what dominated the underground scene and dancefloors all over the world, and slowly (and surely) it started to become bigger, better, and bolder. It was already rough and tough, but it grew into this wonderful thing. I obviously know Hardcore Techno well enough to determine this kind of music being at the base of it all. And Negative A even put in a Hardcore anthem that some might consider to be the first one ever made! In most reviews I talk about how eager I am to go back in time, but after re-discovering this mix a few days ago, I felt the urge so badly. Nothing, and I do mean it, can beat the early 90s sound. It's so brutal, so ugly, but so beautiful. If I could, I would relive the 90s again, but this time as a late teenager, being able to experience everything most adults did do during the early 90s. But what did Negative A put in this mix? Well, these songs: Fuck The Industry And Motherfuck Radio Man! - This Is Bug Joey Beltram - Energy Flash The Ambassador - Deduction Joey Beltram - My Sound Ramirez - La Musika Tremenda (Fabrice Remix) Set Up System - Fairy Dust (Blastomania Mix) Brain-e - What A Bassline Underground Resistance - The Punisher 80 Aum - Stronger Than Steel Meng Syndicate - Sonar System (Speedy J Mix) Adam X - Lost In Hell (Remix) EX 4 - Possessor Two Pieces - Magic Bells Equitek - Stylus Flight Strongheads - Frequency Test Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived World Power Alliance - The Seawolf Brain Storm - Do I Feel Lucky Trashman - Cosmotrash (Industrial Trash) Edge Of Motion - Set Up 707 Cybersonik - Trashing Dr. Fernando - Stomach Substance Crowd Control - Tranzformer Turbulence - Whurlstorm Bountyhunter - The Bountyhunter Tellurians - The Navigator Test - Overdub Circuit Breaker - Trac K Insider - T.O. 001 (A-Side) Overdrive - Limited Brain Storm - Cybernatic Noisefly (Part 1) Cybersonik - Machine Gun Mindscape - Sugar Trax Holo Graphic 4th - Tranzluzent I.S.Q. - The Mosquito Circuit Breaker - Trac-X X-Buzz - Overload 2 Uninterested - I Don't Care (Lenny Dee Remix) Hard Attack - Resonation Knight Phantom - Basic Terror The Agressor - I'm Coming This is an insane mix. 81 minutes long, 41 records. Yes, it does say 40 on the original tracklist on Negative A's Soundcloud channel, but he's got two number 9s on the list. But hey ho, who gives a flying fuck about numbers? It's about the selection of tracks, and they are glamorous! If you want to be transported back in time within a few seconds, press play on this mix. So many classics are in here, it's going to blow your mind away! Proper old skool feels throughout, and very carefully mixed together. It's a blend that works well. An absolute fantastic job by Negative A, and for that he gets a positive B! Some of these tracks you would have heard before, especially on those compilations that commemorated the early 90s, but some were so obscure, you would only find them in mixes like this one. And some are seriously underrated, which is a pity. Not deserved, in my honest opinion. There are so many amazing songs in here, which have stood the test of time, and still deserve it to be played wherever, whenever. Not just in a mix, but at events where they play old skool music. We need more of these mixes in our lives. This is seriously one epic mix, and probably the best early 90s focussed mix ever made. And yes, a statement you weren't expecting, but this mix embraces everything I love about the early 90s. The music was so damn good. And Negative A has made a mix so damn good, it's just breathtakingly beautiful. It's like he went into my head, had a look around, and knew exactly what it is I liked. And when Equitek's 'Stylus Flight' kicked in... boy, did I loose my freaking mind!? Yes, I did. Speakers on max, and I let myself go completely. 41 records I all adore and love, and hope will all get the recognition they deserve. They've given us the music we listen to today, and have become classics that outshine most dance tunes made in 2023. Quality over quantity, that's what they did back in the 90s. And these are of such high quality, you want to put them in a frame and place them in a museum. A fantastic mix. You NEED to relive the 90s. And if you weren't alive in the 90s, go and enjoy this mix, and listen to what we used to listen to. DJ: Negative A Genre/Style: House, Hardcore, Oldschool, Acid, Techno, Industrial, Rave Mix Info: Delicate Soundz - Old School Industrial Techno Acid [1990-1993] Length Mix: 01:21:21 Tracks: 41 (fourty-one) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 186 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2018 More Information: Negative A - Soundcloud Channel

  • Hardcore Til I Die (2008)

    Driving in my car does give me plenty of opportunities to scroll through Soundcloud and Mixcloud to find hidden gems. Of course for UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore the place to be has got to be The History Of Happy Hardcore channel on Soundcloud! And they uploaded a CD from 2008, which I nearly forgot about completely! Hardcore Til I Die, does that ring a bell? This was the only CD of the compilation series I bought. They did 2 follow up mix albums, but I never got round to buy them. Maybe I'm not that Hardcore enough? (or my wallet isn't filled with thousand pound notes?). Whatever the reason, it remained the only one. And it packed a punch! Bloody Nora, this was so sick when I listened to this for the first time. Blew my mind away! This was released during UK Hardcore's golden years. I'm not having a go at the present day Hardcore sound, but it's so damn different. You cannot beat the sound coming from those labels that ran the mid 2000s to late 2000s. Early 10s it all changed. It's not the same anymore, is it? Just listen to this album and compare it to the current sound. It's so different. Boy, I miss the old sound. Anyway, this mixed (and one unmixed CD) compilation was mixed by Re-Con and Squad-E. I've not been following what goes on behind the scenes, but what has happened to these legends? They used to throw bangers into the scene on a regular basis. And now they've gone quiet? Anyway, I've said anyway now three times. But let me show you the tracklist. It will bring a tear to your eye, on how quickly things have changed in just 10-11 years,. CD 1: Mixed By Re-Con 01. Mike Di Scala - Intro 02. Styles & Breeze vs Re-Con - Love Garden (LoveSick Crazy) 03. Re-Con & Unknown - Show Me Now 04. Re-Con - Bam-Uchi 05. N-Force vs Darren Styles - Right By Your Side (Re-Con Remix) 06. Re-Con - The Power 07. Ultrabeat vs Darren Styles - Discolights 08. Re-Con - God's Child 09. Beatplayers feat Laura McAllen - Piece Of Heaven (Re-Con Remix) 10. Mix Factory - Take Me Away (Re-Con Remix) 11. L&S - Get Laid (Re-Con Remix) 12. Hypasonic vs Jorg Schmid - Doesn't Matter (Dougal & Gammer Remix) 13. Re-Con & Gammer - Live On & On & On & On 14. Manian - Hold Me Tonight (Re-Con Remix) 15. Ultrabeat vs Hypasonic - You Will See (Re-Con & Squad-E Remix) 16. Bass Bumpers - Music's Got Me (Re-Con Remix) CD 2: Mixed By Squad-E 01. Squad-E & Whizzkid - Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet 02. Re-Con & Squad-E - Can't Buy Me Love 03. Alex K - Long, Long Way From Home (Squad-E Remix) 04. Cascada - What Do You Want From Me? (Squad-E Remix) 05. Rezonance Q - Sweetheart (Squad-E Remix) 06. Discotronic - Tricky Disco (Squad-E Remix) 07. Ultrabeat - I Wanna Touch You (Squad-E Remix) 08. Squad-E - Turn It Up 09. Squad-E & Storm - Operator 10. Killa Deejays feat Sarah - Lucky Star (Squad-E Remix) 11. Breeze & Squad-E feat Justine - Another Smile 12. Hypasonic - Get-A-Way (Squad-E Remix) 13. Dave McCullen - Rave Heaven (Squad-E Remix) 14. Sy & Unknown feat LouLou - Just Can't Get Enough 15. Squad-E - Lost Without You 16. Squad-E - Stay CD 3: The Best Of HTID 01. Hixxy - More And More 02. N-Trance - Set You Free (Hixxy Remix) 03. Paradise - See The Light (Styles & Breeze Remix) 04. Re-Con & Squad-E - 1000 Kisses 05. Love Decade - So Real (Styles & Breeze Remix) 06. Hixxy & Styles - The Theme 07. VooDoo & Serano - Overload (Hixxy & Re-Con Remix) 08. Re-Con - Right Here Right Now 09. System F - Cry (Re-Con Remix) 10. Apollo - Dance (Re-Con Remix) 11. D:CODE - My Direction (Squad-E Remix) 12. United In Dance feat Jenna - Shining Down 13. Clear Vu - I Adore (Styles & Breeze Remix) 14. Styles & Breeze - You're Shining Come on. You cannot hide your enthusiasm for this compilation! I know it's an golden oldie, but still holds a lot of memories for all of us ravers. This is what made me love UK Hardcore, and I nearly made love to it. Just look at the records, and say you don't feel nostalgic! Come on, try it! The CDs are nicely divided, so it's easy to talk about each of them. The first one was mixed by Re-Con, and he used a lot of his own productions (so did Squad-E), and I get this 'Clubland' vibe from the records. Happy and cheerful, and a bit Clubland-ish. Lot of melodies, and vocals. Especially the record he made with Gammer. Bloody hell, can't stop singing (or skip this record), it's just that good! The next disc was mixed by Squad-E, and he starts off with a banger. His mix contains the most appealing records to me, especially Cascada's song, Sy & Unknown's mega record, but it's the one he did with MC Whizzkid that destroys you completely. I get the 'after sex' feeling with this record when its done. Delighted, that's the word I was looking for. The last disc is just the classics. HTiD's finest records (up to 2008). And what's not to like? Clear Vu, Apollo, Paradise, N-Trance, Hixxy, etc. This CD is fire. I can only give Squad-E, Re-Con, and HTiD credit for this mindblowing album. Memory lane? Yep, I've arrived there. If you want to join me there, just check out the three CDs here (under the info section!). DJs: Squad-E, Re-Con Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore CD Info: Hardcore Til I Die (2008) CDs: 3 (three) Length CD: +/+ 3 Hours Tracks: 46 (fourty-six) Label: Universal Music TV Product Number: 1781171 More Information: ----------

  • Gabber of the 20’s Vol. 4 (2023)

    J.O.E. Good old Joe. The channel on Soundcloud that never disappoints. A new mix was uploaded less than 24 hours ago, and I'm already all over it. I do love Gabber/Hardcore Techno, and grew up listening to it, and it's amazing to think that this kind of music is still kept alive. Still sounding awesome and really dope. It's a sound that we all love, appreciate, and wish never would go away. The 90s were simply the best, and the revival of Gabber from that decade is just simply amazing. The more mixes I find, the more hope I gain, with this music remaining as vital and as important as it was during the most important decade of our lives. So what can we expect from today's mix? The same as the other mixes I listened to. New Gabber/Hardcore Techno anthems, but all made in the present decade. And some of the names you might recognise. Unless you are a full on 20s Gabber fanatic and known them all! I'm still new to this scene, so I'm still discovering new names that are getting my attention and recognition. And in general, they are awesome for keeping it all alive and kicking. Hearing the first tune start, it immediately takes me back to the 90s. It's funny when you actually think about it. How can a new song take you back, in less than a micro second, to the 90s, without it ever being made in the 90s, or released? It's the sound that you hear, that is so distinctively 90s. You might think that's outdated, but to me it will never be outdated. The mix is 70 minutes long, so what can you expect to come at you through your speakers? Project XTC - Energise Stormtrooper & Project XTC - Back To 1994 DJ Mad Dog - Energy 96 Lenny Dee & Stormtrooper - Totally Rave Muzik DJ Salvo - In The Club Arvid & Davro - Synergy (Alternative Mix) FuckEar - Inner Rhythm Predator - Da Way We Rock (DJ Haze Remix) Dr. Zombie - Dracula Zazemzazem - Wake Up, Early Bird (Detachment 1 Remix) Dark Union - Face Your Fears RE.T.R.O. - Back From 97 Painbringer - Words Of '95 Dr. Zombie - I Want To Be The Only One Extacion - Fuck The Beat DJ Chosen Few & DJ Pila - The Break (Wicked XXX Remix) Extacion - The Delirium Dr. Zombie - Bring On The Wrench DJ Chosen Few - Chosen Paradise (Formek Remix) Dark Union - Getting To Know Your Shadow Genetic - The Energetic Zone Dark Union - Mind Control Method Extacion - Good Old Days Rodox Trading - Mind Opener Scoobix - The Fabulous Destiny R. Wagner - Listen Carefully (The Bloody Deamon Remix) Scoobix - The Masochist Rabbit Oh, this is some next level powerful shit! I don't know roughly 75% of the artists, but who cares? It's all about the music and what is does to me. And to me, it touches my soul and makes me a very happy Dutchman. I feel rejuvenated again! You cannot get rid of the 90s sound. You simply cannot. It's just too damn awesome. And there's still a craving for it, even 23 years since it ended. And if there wasn't a craving, I would know the world would have lost their mind. How can you not want to hear something new, exciting, and it reminding you of a time in your life when all was well? This is all new and exciting music, and I love it, to see a mix by J.O.E. appear on Soundcloud. You will instantaneously know that shit is about to go down, and you will be pleased for however long the mix might be! He never disappoints, always delivers. And especially when R.E.T.R.O.'s ' Back From 97' kicks in. Brilliant record. What a mix! This makes me proud to have lived through the 90s, and still alive to hear the music being made! This is awesome stuff. Smiles for miles, that's for damn sure! Quality mix, but I would not expect anything else from J.O.E.! DJ: J.O.E. Genre/Style: Gabber, Hardcore Techno, Downtempo, Early Hardcore, Rave Mix Info: Gabber of the 20’s Vol. 4 Length Mix: 01:10:24 Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: J.O.E. - Soundcloud Channel

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